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 Your past characters.

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Character information
Character Information: Owner of Cedric/Erynn/Serephene.

PostSubject: Your past characters.   Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:36 am

Yes, I apologzie for this being so long of a subject, but please understand I did what I could to recover each of them. Please, don't use anyone elses character- I will be checking.

Name: Augusto Kamex

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 13


Background: Augusto Kamex is a 13 year old boy who was born in the city. Augusto was born prematurely which is the reason for his skinny and fragile exterior. Augusto was also born to a wealthy family. Augusto never really had a family as his only sibling died when born and his parents were way too overprotective of him so the love seems odd. His father is a Wizard who is trying to teach him magic which Augusto is kind of good in. This training started when Augusto was 5 years old and he has certainly gotten better as he doesn't need a wand for spells anymore. In a fight with some other humans, Augusto's father died and his mother developed depression so Augusto felt like he was an adult now and had to take care of his mother. One day his mother left Augusto as she thought she was only bringing him down. This happened when Augusto was 12 and now he lives on the streets, looking for a home and for a family but also finding things to steal.

Personality:Quiet,Shy(At Times),Kind,Sarcastic,Somewhat Mature,Intelligent,Rarely Cruel, Honest, Sneaky,Sleek

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):

Phantom Hand: The weapon the user grips in their right hand turns invisible for three posts, takes two posts to recharge.

Shadow's Reign: The user can grab hold of their shadow, and rip pieces off of it. The pieces can be formed into objects. The user's shadow is limited to fifteen objects, the objects being decently sturdy. Shadow fully recharged after seven posts of no-use.

Sleight Step: The user can leap or step onto air itself up to twice, and the platform lasts until the user leaves it. After both steps have been taken, one post to recharge.

Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare): Concuclare

Name: Temran Zarks

Race: Seraph (dark Seraph)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


Background: Temran was once a great Seraph warrior, fighting to vanquish evil along with his other fellow Seraphs. But one day he fought a certain somebody and lost, badly. He was in a near-death state, but that person showed mercy, allowing Temran to live.

But Temran was not happy that he was alive. No, he was devastated. For once in his life, he had felt the feeling of defeat, something he never ever wanted to expirience ever again. And he would mke sure of that. Secretly, he would go around to the mortal world, killing thousands of innocents and eating their souls to become stronger. But something like that was hard to hide for long. Indeed, the higher ranking Seraphs noticed this and banished from the heavenly realms. After this, he was hunted by his former comrades, but he was able to defeat them and eat there souls. His corruption turned him inot what he is now, a monster who wants only one thing. Power.....

Personality: Temran has a monstrous personality, not hesitating to kill anyone, even without reason. He is also very mysterious, as almost nobody knows about him.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):

Dark Bolt: Temran shoots a bolt of darkness at his enemies, or at anything.

Dark Scythe: Temran sends a blade of darkness flying at his enemies which will cut anything in its path. It is extremly sharp, sharper than most swords.

The Sword Of Umbra: The sword of Umbra is a legendery dark blade which feeds off the the wielder's dark emotions, often making them mentally unstable. This sword gives the wielder the power to transfrom-the form they take is determined by the wielder's thoughts and emotions. Upon entering this new form, the wielder becomes twice as fast and twice as powerful. The strenght of the wielder's darkness magic is also increased slightly. This transformation only lasts for 5 posts, and after it runs out, it cannot be used again in the same RP. Temran's transformation gives him an extra, smaller, pair of black wings, aswell as curved spikes on his elbows. His toe-nails are replaced by large black talons, and his finger-nails become claws. He also gains two black horns on his head and his robes gain blue orbs on the shoulder and knee areas, filled with black energy.

Faction: None

PostSubject: Vinvent Yukon Tue 12 Nov 2013 - 16:06 Select/Unselect multi-quote Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster
Name: Vinvent Yukon
Race: Antitheus
Age: 21
Appearance: Vinvent is known for wearing a robe which has a v-shape in the chest. He wears chains, which can double as weapons
Background: He came from the deepest depths of hell, with on intention to harm
Personality: Mild-mannered, calmer than most Antitheus

1. Etheral Control - the user's body generates four ghost-like arms of steam from their body. Also, the user can solidify these arms and have complete control over their motor functions. So, extremely adept at hand to hand combat, and triple the amount of whips you can hold. Also, they can be turned to gas again to pass through someone's body if they're close, and solidify behind them so you can attack with arms around them. Lasts for three posts, takes three posts to recharge.

2. Pressure Cooker Bomb - The user channels their energy into one pressurized shock which can blow everything away within ten feet - Can be used once a post, takes two posts to cool down.

3. Malleability - The user can can change the whip-physics of stringed objects such as chains or whips into solid structures. So wrap chains around someone, solidly then, and it's like rings of solid steel, or swing a chain at someone and solidify it to become a massive rod or put several chains in front of you and solidify them into a shield. Can be used fully within two posts, and takes two more posts to recharge.

Name: Akkilion Itzil

Race: Caelator

Gender: Male

Age: Forever 19

Non armored Appearance: imgur.com/kVdmoZD

Armored Appearance: imgur.com/2YZisMm

Background: Initially born in the Imbera Rain Forest to a clan of simple people. He left at the age of 12 to live and train with a prestigious martial arts master in a for a foreign land. Learning the way of the tiger, and the cheetah he developed his own martial arts style called Way of the Panther. Soon after finally surpassing his Teacher they were both murdered in their sleep. He was then reborn as an Caelator of Darkness. Upon his rebirth he spent the next year searching the world for the killer. Unable to find him he eventually gave up his search. He now uses all his spare time trying to figure out why an how he was reborn. He has recently found friends in the Concuclare and aids them in battles often. But has not officially joined their ranks.

Personality: Intelligent calm and calculative. His emotions often get out of hand, and are very noticeable in his eyes.

Purple Eyes: Content
Red Eyes: Anger
Blue Eyes: Sadness
Green Eyes: Happiness
Yellow Eyes: Confused

His blade is named Oathkeeper.

His Shadow is always a deep purple. The same tone as his attacks.

1. Dark Rampart: Using his shadow he cloaks himself in a deep purple veil that will block any attack. He must stand still while using and you can hold it for ten seconds. If anything comes in contact with my body during the 10 seconds it is blown back. (Once per post. Four post cooldown.)
2. Able to shapeshift his cape into a number of things. Ex. Wings, shield, self clone, many other things. (Lasts 3 posts, then turns back into his cape. Takes 5 posts to cool down.)
3. Fires a beam of deep purple dark magic from his sword Oathkeeper causing damage. Impossible to block for it fazes through anything other than it's intended target. (Can be used three times then takes two post's cooldown)

Faction: None at the moment

Name:Rairyu Dreyar




{He also has a sword sheath on his back with a sword in it}


Background:Rairyu once had a family. Rairyu once had a real name. His parents were slaughtered when he was only 2. But they were not slaughtered by anything normal... They were killed by a dragon. As he grew up he knew not of his real name nor of his family. He was always alone. He began to learn magic. He took a liking to thunder and began to get stronger with it. He can bend lightning to his every whim. When he was 11 years old he was almost killed by the same thing that took his parents from him. He had been practicing his magic one day when a dragon soared from above. The dragon landed on a piece of land in front of Rairyu's home. The dragon began to charge up a beam to hit him and wipe him off the face of this world. Then Rairyu's true power had awakened. Electricity became to poor out of his body covering him and Rairyu for some reason knew what to do. He opened his mouth and electricity was pouring out of it and closed his mouth. He puffed his cheeks out like a chipmunk and when he opened his mouth he yelled "ROAR OF THE THUNDER DRAGON" a huge beam of lightning shot out of his mouth shooting straight at the dragon colliding with his beam. Of course at the time Rairyu was absolutely no match for a dragon so the explosion of the 2 beams sent him flying back into his house. His house fell to the ground and when he came out from the wreckage he was bleeding from his eye and when he removed his hand there was a scar that over lapped his right eye that looked like a lightning bolt. He created his own name after that day. He was now known as Rairyu the thunder dragon. {He can not use dragons force as of now}

Personality:Rairyu is nice but if you piss him off theirs no holding him back.

Lightning control: Rairyu can control lightning to his every whim and there's lightning soaring through his veins. He can control all lightning to a extant. He cant control thunder clouds he can only control lightning thats near him like if lightning struck down in front of him he could eat it. The only draw back to this power is he is always hyperactive and can hardly get any sleep so he is tired yet energetic most of the time. There are 3 versions of his lightning. The color of his lightning is yellow but he can eat other color of lightning and he can use it for a short period of time. There are 2 other types of lightning he can use but he hasn't achieved it yet. There is Heavenly lightning which is pure white. Then there is Hell Shock which his black lightning. He can achieves Heavenly lightning by being at peace with in himself. He achieves Hell Shock by being plunged straight into darkness.

Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic: This magic allows Rairyu to use thunder magic that can destroy a dragons internal organs. It does serious damage to a dragon but it is also stronger then his regular lightning control so he can use it against any enemy. With this power he can eat lightning thunder and electricity and if he eats one of those elements he gets revved up and usually gets stronger. The drawback to this power is after using it his muscles stretch so he feels a lot of pain afterwards.

Dragons Force: Dragons Force is a upgrade to Rairyu's dragon slayer magic. He enters dragon force if his life is in danger or if he gets super charged by lightning. {Which is something that can only happen if he eats a combination of Heavenly and Hell lightning } Dragons Force allows him to take on some of the properties of a dragon such as dragon scales, dragon fangs and thunder wings. {literally thunder wings}
The drawback to this upgraded magic power is Rairyu will be very tired and an hardly move.He can not use this ability as of now.

Faction:None as of now

Name: Exsolus

Race: Caelator (Darkness)

Gender: Male

Age: Nineteen

Appearance: Exsolus wears the armour of darkness, clad in black steel and crimson plating. The tendrils of darkness that manifest his armour are tough, and light. Their substance smooth, silk-like and soft to tough. Yet powerful, and contort. This material of pure darkness, manifested into clothing is as tough as armour, yet still bends to the touch. Much like the toughest of leather or netting. Like every armour, while being resistant to stabbing, cutting, and such, is is not invincible. His helm wraps around his head in a tinted orb of black crystalline, that fully covers his head. Outside of his armour, his body is as pale as snow, glowing with a veil of black over his skin. The runes that cover his body are limited to those that stretch around his chest, back, and slightly over his neck. A singular rune in the appearance of numbers has etched itself onto the palm of his left hand as well, completely solitary. His eyes glow commonly the same, and his hair pigments to match the glow of his skin. A jet black, shaggy and messy.

Background: Exsolus was a boy of eighteen, just becoming a man through title and expectations. His first life was cut short during the day of his nineteenth birthday, sacrificing himself to settle a debt his poor family owned. In return, they took his life. As his soul floated away, he noticed his family was not withered. His family was not crying, or honouring his death. They were at the table, counting their money. Within his next life, his lover killed him while he slept to be with another man. The next, he was blamed for the assassination of his own best friend, and put to death. Innocent. Another life, another, another. Each leading to the same end. One life he died at sixteen, another at thirty. Another as an infant. He led lives throughout many Races, all of them ending with darkness. Instead of falling into the darkness, Excul set to conquer it. His final rebirth as that of a Caelator was exactly what he needed, and now, the secret as to his memory retaining throughout lives remains shadowed, but Excul has cast that aside. Now, he has his own agenda.

Personality: Exsolus is a Caelator of Darkness, and his personality hasn't fallen too far from that blackened branch. Exsolus has a darkened heart, created from the never ending abyss of the lives he has led. He is a unique Caelator, as he has lived within several bodies before his soul was swallowed by darkness, somehow retaining his memories throughout each life. Or maybe, he swallowed it? His casual demeanour is cold, yet changes to a smiling, warm expression whenever needed. Excul's real emotions stay veiled, as it seems he is never being truthful. His sadism knows no bounds, as the deep fire within him burns. It burns for a passion for anything he deems. Whether it be killing, protecting, creating, or destroying. Excul is ruled by his passion. His heart remains in darkness, and his true intentions lie hidden...

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):

Morbid Veil: The user's weapon is wrapped in a cloak of shadows, and its reach extends. When the user slashes, or stabs the sword, it can send a swift wave of black energy in the direction stashed or stabbed.

Negative: Can only be used from the user's left hand. The user erects a barrier that projects itself like a sphere around the user. The barrier is defensive, and is meant for blocking attacks. However, when used, the barrier is solidified, and does not travel. This means, the user has caged themselves until they release the barrier. Can only be used once every other post.

Oblivion: The user's body is covered in an aura similar to hazy black flames. The user can wrap this aura around their feet, and propelled by jetting black flames with no essence, They do not burn nor produce pressure. Similar to an opposite magnetism effect. If the user wraps the aura around their arms, it increases their strength. However. When increasing in strength, the user cannot move from the spot they are in. The user cannot use both of these at once, or loses the ability to use Oblivion for the rest of the fight. The user also cannot use both within the same post, and must wait two posts after using one, to switch to the other. And then, there is a one-post wait before the other ability takes effect.

Name: Aaroniero Alaude Klaus (Prefers to be called Alaude Klaus)

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Age: 110 (Looks to be about 25)

Appearance: Young man about the age of twenty five, 6ft and 160 pound. He has a light cream skin tone with a blonde hair with a sandy brown tent. His eyes use to be a sandy brown until he transform into a vampire and they became a shiny purple tent. His clothes consist of black dress slack with a dark gray button up shirt with a black tie and his detectives coat. (https://2img.net/h/i827.photobucket.com/albums/zz192/murasakisora-/KHR/192-2.jpg)

Background: Alaude was as one to fight for the right things. He knew sense he was little that he wanted to become a detective. So when he graduated high school he went straight into the police academy where he quickly rose into detective status. Throw out his jobs he even created a personal fighting style which involved handcuffs. He called it, "Tejō dengeki." One night he was called in for a mysterious murder. It was reported in a strange animal attack. When he arrived he discovered a corpse ripped open. The strangest thing is that there wasn't an once of blood anywhere. He received a lead from a neighbor which to anyone didn't make sense. They said he saw a man about the same age and build as Alaude rip open the victim and the man shot the "Animal" and he sprinted away with the speed of a car. Alaude wasn't very superstitious but he certainly knew that there are things out there no one could explain.

That same night as Alaude was making his way home he decided to take that path the "Animal" took. As he was driving he stumbled upon a trail of blood. This blood was different it was thicker then human blood and the feel to it was cold. He continued to follow the trail deep into the woods. The further he traveled the more fresh the trail grew but the less the blood. It was then the trail stopped and Alaude suspicions grew further. It was then he found himself idly walking forward without pay attention to his surroundings at all. It was then that he started to wonder how could the trail go missing if the "Animal" lost so much blood earlier. It was then that he heard something lunge forward but when he turned around it was to late.

The "Animal" no longer seem to be what it was when he pounced on Alaude it was clear that this "Animal" was a pale man with ruby red eyes and three inch fangs covered in what seems to be human blood. As the man attacked him, Alaude flew back into a tree and was pinned down by the man which possessed incredible power. He then bit into Alaude's neck draining him of his blood and slowly his life. It was then he grabbed a huge branch and whacked the man upside the head allowed him to escape back to his car. He still heard the man following him so he grabbed his gun and waited patiently. And as the man entered the crossing Alaude fired three shots. Two to the chest and one to the head.

It was then that he realized what this man was and what he would soon become. So he put the man into his car and drove it off the mountain cliff to fake his death. It was then that the bite marks on his neck spontaneously healed and his senses heightened. He decided to stick to animal blood which would cut any power he has in half and to be in the sun would weaken him further.So he ran he disappeared for 100 years continuing to help out the innocent.

Personality: Alaude usually is a laid back person with a serious look to him. But when he's pressured he can become sadistic and unruly.


Cold Touch

Effect: Alaude uses he super speed and strength to quickly hit his opponents pressure points paralyzing them temporarily using a chilling sensation. (Paralyzation Time: One Post)

Tejō dengeki

Effect: Basic fighting style but with the addition to handcuffs to subdue an opponent without killing them.


Effect: This should be self explanatory... but anyway has the power to move small to medium sized objects with his mind.

Faction: Suibete

Name: Stirym Shult

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Stirym has, like all Elves, very pointy ears-but his aren't as big as those of other Elves. He is quite short for his age, only standing up to 5"6, and he has long, black hair along with dark-blue eyes. He is often wearing a grey vest below a dark shirt, with black pants and white shoes.

Background: Stirym comes from a special and rare Elven clan of herb-users and healers. When his clan was nearly wiped out by the Anthithues, he was left in Conculare territory. After a while, he was found by Conculare and raised to be their healer.

Personality: Stirym is the optimistic type of person, always trying to crack a joke even in a dire situation. But, if needed, he can become very seriouse.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):

Anti-poison powder- This is a type of herb that was made into a powder. By placing it in a poison-infected area, the herb will cure the poison within 2 posts.

Pain-easing Powder- this powder, unlike the previouse one, does not heal you. Instead, it eases any physicall pain or any cut and allows you to continue fighting, even with the wound.

Circle of healing- This is where Stirym makes a cricle using a special healing powder. The powder will send aromas into the air, curing anybody inside it of any poisonous or internal wound. Th healing effect takes 3 posts to happen, and the one being healed must remain inside the circle for all 3 of the posts for it to heal. lasts 3 posts.

Faction: Conculare

Name: Narcon Ciruela

Race: Antitheus

Gender: Male

Age: 198 In human years. 22 In Antitheus years.

Apperance: My picture.

Background: Upon his birth he was thought to of been very weird. He never liked deliberate violence. And wasn't as athletic as the other children. He however made up for this in his intelligence. around his 14th birthday he was banished from his home world and sent to live with the humans for challenging another and losing. Being banished couldn't have been a better thing. For he was able to figure out why he was like he was. Narcon was born with a rare genetic trait at where he has a special ability known as the red eye. He has since only been able to figure out what it's recessive ability and one other ability known as Oniojo. He was recently found by the leader of the Suibete Faction and was promoted to head military advisor and strategist.

Personality: Strong silent type. Cunning and Clever. Strategic and aware of most things going on. Likes to be in charge and is very proud of his power. Can be too cocky at times.

1. Seismic Emission. Using the designated pressure pores located in the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. He can emit high pressure bursts of air. These bursts can be used for a variety of things. Such as repelling objects. Increasing the power of his open palm attacks, and straight kicks. He can also use the bursts as a boost to dash through the air, move faster on the ground, and faster in the water.

2. Red Eye. His vision is obscured in a way that certain objects he targets become red color while everything else is in a Black & White color tone. It also gives him a danger sensor ability. But he can't avoid the danger if he isn't physically quick enough to avoid it.

3. Oniojo. Looking into the opponents eye he gives them a slight hallucination of their worst fear. This can potentially put the opponent in a state of slight panic, making it hard for them to focus and keep track of what is currently going on.

Faction. Suibete.

ZER0 (real name is Kyle J. Morgan)
Human (with cybernetics)
stuck at 23
6'2, Left Eye is green, right eye is red , slim, Brown hair all like can't post links Sad
Zero is from a different dimension (and the future!)
His parents were scientists for an organization known as CORE. CORE had two purposes; Biological engineering and Finding new sources of energy. (they were not government-funded or approved) When he was 15 his parents were killed and he was basically thrown off a cliff (fuzzy on the details, some versions have him being hit by a truck, no-one really knows) and his body was horribly damaged, a scientist from a rival company took him in and funded the operation, he had both of his legs, his left arm, his right fore-arm, part of his heart and half of his face replaced with crystal-powered cybernetics overlayed with flesh cloned from his father's DNA. After this he was trained under the scientists (mainly his money for a lot of tutors and S***) in Archery, technology, biology, Firearms, and sword-fighting. (don't bother trying to suspend disbelief)
Anyways, after that, alot of shit goes down that he doesn't talk about and he ends up as a scientist for CORE researching the possible applications and new technologies of crystal energy. Him and his team find a way to punch a hole in the very fabric of time and space to time travel/ teleport. after many successful tests with in-animate objects, he himself decides to be the first living test. shit goes wrong, he ends up in this universe and his goal is to find a way to go home (it's a gigantic clusterf***, I know)
Brave, Calm, Quiet, Anti-social
Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):
Super Strength (robotics make him stronger and faster and he doesn't get tired)
Near-perfect memory (the robotics are hardwired into his brain, so they can reproduce anything they've done (the eye that's red is the one that was replaced))
Energy Blade (Katana powered by crystals(like a lightsaber, but a katana)(not an ability, OP enough to be one))
Faction: Suibete
nyeh nyeh nyeh

Name: Nikolai Forge
Race: Sicarian
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (He was in the Seventh Plane before he came to Earth)
Appearance: Nikolai has always been tall for his age. He has black hair, followed by gray skin. He is usually seen wearing a pair of denim jeans, a work shirt, and a belt which looks like it was made out of Buckyballs. Nikolai is 6"4
Background: Nikolai comes from a a city in the slums of A small city, Not much is known about him though, as he doesn't like to tell anyone anything of his past life.
Personality: Nikolai is calm and collected. Rarely does he get angry or yell.
1. Control Placement Distortion - The user punches and kicks, and a bullet-like force of pressure strikes the target.
2. Invisible Storage Unit - The user can store weapons outside of existance, and take them out whenever he chooses. (User can only store 20 items/weapons)
3. Mind Games - The user creates illusions of himself to mess with the opponent's head.

Name:Kisorgi Rindar (HES BACK BABY!)

Race: Sicarian



Appearance:At 6'5, he has neck long brown hair. Most of his skin is rough. His eyes are a silver, and drain of color when he uses his Sensory Switch.

Background:Time has mad him what he is. He's expirenced enough that he has wisend up and not complaining about hardships and things like that.

Personality:Stoic and wise

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation): Sensory Switch- A fancy name for the ability to shut down 1 sense and power up the others. Like, shutting down his hearing powers up his sight and touch. This takes a post to do but can only be done for 5 posts before it damaging something forever. This doesn't mean powering up his strength or speed.


Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare. For information on Factions, click here http://legendsreborn.forumotion.net/t2-factions):Concuclare-Cause.

Name: Vellon

Race: Gresa

Gender: Male

Age: 35 years

Appearance: Vellon is like many of his race; greenish, smooth skin, no hair, but instead the veil flows from his head, which usually is a calm blue. His eyes are a rare mutation and are completely black, which renders him blind. He wears a cloak of dull brown over a set of leather armor, outfitted with several knives and darts.

Background: Vellon came to this land from across the sea which was racked with war. It people had been cruel and hate filled; hunting down different races not part of their ideal civilization. In flight from this organization he traveled on a ship to where he was now and what he saw frightened him. He saw the same problems arising as in his home country. He decided then and there to make it stop, to make a change. Together with a few others he founded the Suibete, to bring together all races and unite under one flag.

Personality: Vellon is a reserved person, preferring his own thoughts, then the words of others. He is calm in everything he does and never angers when possible. If angered he remains in a air of calm, but becomes unpredictable lashing out with his mind violently. Otherwise his mind rarely wanders from his goals, never thinking of what if's or ever's.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation): Psychokinesis: The ability to push and pull with the mind. The force and distance depends on the mind. (in the case of vellon, the force is equivalent to being hit by a truck, and the distance comes in at 25 meters.)

Mind Sight: Being blinded, vellon has learned to see with his mind. The distance of which being around the same distance as a human. However, he can see in a 360 degree sphere around him, and react much quicker to threats thanks to the speed of his mind.

Psycho-shield: Vellon can create a shield of kinetic energy around his body that absorbs damage for him. It is not indestructible and takes almost a half-an-hour(7 of my posts) to recharge.

Faction: Suibete leader

Name: Sumaru Amaya





Background:Sumaru was with his family late at night. They were driving in there car when a mysterious figure jumped in front of the car. Sumaru's dad hit the brakes and hit the stranger. He stepped out the car but all that could be seen after was blood. When his dad stepped out the mysterious man bit into his fathers neck draining him of his blood. The man then stepped into the car and did the same to his mom killing her aswelll. Sumaru looked in horror and the man grabbed Sumaru and knocked him out. Sumaru woke up hours later with no heartbeat and he was in a cave in the woods. He had been turned. He can only use 2 of his 3 abilities for he is a fresh vampire.

Personality:Sumaru is a very chill and relaxed person. If he feels endangered he fights and then disperses into the shadows to hide.


Shadow Lurking: Sumaru can hide in shadows. He can travel in them and he can also use them to fight. He can be inside a shadow and then pop up behind someone and attack them with the element of surprise. He can hide in Shadows for up to two posts, but if he attacks, he's forced out of the Shadows. And he can use it every two of the user's posts,he can only hide in Shadows within a quarter-mile radius. The drawback to this skill is when he uses it he is fully colorblind.

Pain Packer:If Sumaru gets pain in one spot it makes him more efficient. For example if he feels pain in his legs he runs faster. If he feels pain in his arms he gets stronger. Can only be used on a singular efficiency boost once every other post.

Pain Packer -Evisceration: After Sumaru's body has felt enough pain to the point it cannot withstand anymore, where using Pain Packer would cause him to pass out, he can activate Pain Packer: Evisceration, and only at this point. All the pain in his body is swarmed into his hands and is launched in the form of a giant black dragon. If it hits, your opponent is blasted with all of your pain doubled, which can physically and mentally damage the body severely. If it misses, he lose the ability to Shadow Lurk for five days, and his body begins to bleed at a rate double that of before. Also, the pain doesn't go away.

Faction: Concuclare

Name:Aster Coliar

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 23


Alys Coliar

Aster was born into a small family of blacksmiths. Just him, his sister, and his parents. His family's long line of blacksmiths are because of their inherited ability, Blazing Fiocina. He is an expert fighter with just about any weapon, but prefers his buster sword. After his parents decided to close their business, Aster and his sister Alys, set up their own business in Oppidum. Their ambitions to make any weapon requested with their limited materials, meant having to steal certain items, which made Aster a well known thief and swindler with a 25,000$ reward.

Aster is laid back and doesn't take a lot of things seriously, he usually exaggerates foolish characteristics to make people feel unthreatened and to hide his identity. He sees no need to kill anyone, but seeks out battles whenever he can, for the fight itself, not the winner. His business with his sister is what he is determined to do, he strives to make every weapon perfect.

Flame Manipulation: Able to put an outer layer of fire to any object, but only one object at a time.

Blazing Fiocina: Creates fire around his hands, it has up to three levels and was originally for blacksmithing, but his fighting style applies it to close quarters combat.

Limit breakers: Taking the metal limit breakers off his gloves, he is able to increase his manipulative abilities, allowing him to shoot waves of fire. And allows the 4th level of his Blazing Fiocina for a short period of time.


Aster is in Kakusu. *Throws up Gang Signs*

Name: Corren Astius Gray

Race: Seraph

Gender: Male

Age: Appearance of Fifteen

Appearance: Corren Astius Gray could be considered average by standard. From the top down, he stands at a rough six feet even. His hair, a prudent oak wood brown, is commonly singed by his own misuse of magic. His skin is lightly tanned, sometimes burned by the sun he flies close to. Corren's physical demeanor can be easily described by the smile on his face, which never lies. His eyes, a stately silver have a habitual tendency to change color throughout the time of day. Corren is clad in bright white garbs, similar to rogue robes, close and meant to provide maximum dexterity and agility.

Background: Corren left the warm haven of Heaven kicking and screaming. His birthright, his power, and his Seraph's wings, have deterred him from the love and tender embrace of the holy. Corren was cast from Heaven, as a Seraph, incorrectly born, the six-winged creature of mistake. His entirety was cast from the light, by accordance to the written judgment. Corren flew with six wings, and without anyone beside. The number six was considered heresy, the sign of the Devil. Corren was called one of "Lucifer's Saints", the outcast that flew from Heaven, barred from its doors. To current day, Corren does not know why he was born this way, or what he even is. His eyes have cleared, and his smile has shattered the cloud over his existence. Alone, and warm, he has flown the world for a hundred years, watching it turn.

Personality: Corren can easily be read by the smile on his face, a staple he wears proudly. He smiles, he laughs, and he loves to meet new people. Somewhat of a deviant, he loves to pull pranks, make jokes, and make a fool of himself and others. He wants nothing other than to make friends and have a laugh. He is the most adamant fool of a boy he can be, and he enjoys it. He has a short fuse he can never succeed to hide, and he has a curiosity that would cause a genocide of the feline population. He will always fight his hardest, and never stop. Such a boy, he never feels special. He doesn't feel love, but he would really like to.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):

- Fires of Purgatory: The user has control of shimmering fires that manifest from the body, almost seeming like white silk. These purgatory flames are imbued with the ability to change temperature from hot as fire, to cold as ice. At the coldest, freezing water is possible at a very slow rate. Can be used to manifest solid items for one post, creation takes one post to recharge. (Amount of Fire controlled is that of a gallon of milk).

- Waters of Purgatory: User has control of glistening waters that manifest from the body, almost seeming like pure white glass. These purgatory waters are imbued with the ability to heal slowly, create a veil to hinder sight from 17%-50%, depending on environment and movement , and create a defensive wall similar to gelatin. (Amount of Water controlled is that of a gallon of milk).

- Heart and Soul of the Silver Realm: The user clashes their hands together, and slowly pulls them apart to reveal a single weapon set of choice. Once wielded, the user is bathed in a silver light that transformed their hair, eyes, and clothing to silver and white, their skin glowing. This ability greatly increases the user's strength, speed and agility, however harshly lowers their defensive power. Any hit that would come in contact would deal twice the amount of usual damage, and the sensation of pain is doubled as well. Also, any magic, or shields held or manifested through other means with defensive properties, are also cut in half in their efficiency. This forme lasts for three of the user's posts, and has a cool down time of five of the user's posts.

Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare. For information on Factions, click here http://legendsreborn.forumotion.net/t2-factions): Concuclare

Name: Serephene

Race: Seraph

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Long, deep golden hair, with light streaks of platinum. Her eyes are a deep amber, gold when in light. She wears a white dress, with thin straps.

Background: Not really known, as she's the Seraph of Will and Life.

Personality: Loyal to a fault, sassy, sometimes rude, but if you're a role model to you she does everything short of worshiping you.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):

Rain of Life- Pure white light attacks the foe, following them for 30m. Can be out ran if your character is fast.

Pillars of Life- Eight pillars erupt from the ground, made entirely of white light. they then travel out from her by 10m, proceeding to lock her and her opponent in an Octagon-ring. Damaging if not avoided.

Sword and Shield- She stands still, letting her sword and shield battle for her. She can attack with Rain of Life, or minor attacks like it. If hit with long range, her sword and shield return to her immediately.

Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare. For information on Factions, click here http://legendsreborn.forumotion.net/t2-factions):


Name:Gidori Vandor




Appearance:Avatar Dummy! Smile

Background:Let's start when he was a kid. It was when something rather important happened. He was sitting at home, about 9 at this point. He heard the door open and his father stumble in. His father had been impaled by a horned animal. He does not know the animal to this day. His father kept knocking over things which was very unusual as he kept the house clean.

He heard his mother shreik out in horror. He had no idea what had happened. He ran in and saw the blood on his fathers shirt. His mother said to grab a few things and he did. His father was bandeged up and managed to survive THAT day. It wasn't often that an elf came back impaled from a hunt.

It was a few weeks later when it actually happened. His father came back, not impaled but an arrow in his back. His mother stood there in horror. He went to a corner and hid. His mother called for help and they arrived. His father had been shot with an arrow in the heart. This was no accident. This has been part of his mission in life, to find his fathers killer.

In his teenage years Not much happened. His mother was fine and dandy and safe. He had learned archery a bit by now. He was stronger then some elves, as at this point he was starting to practice his wood smithing. It allowed him to gather money for he family besides the normal meat at the market. This allowed him to buy a bow he rarely uses. It was a bow made of metal and the string very tense.He wasn't used to this. (TBC)

Personality:Laid back, his ear tense when he feels danger. When he is needed to be serious he becomes Very serious.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):

Naturia Augmentation: The ability to tap the tip of an arrow, in exchange for a dab of blood, the arrow becomes enchanted. The enchantments can vary from burning, to triple, to wired, to chain link, to glass, and so fourth. Arrow specialization. This ability can be used once every two posts, and when an arrow augment is chosen, it is the only augment usable until the next two posts where it can be changed. If the same augment is chosen after the two posts, its efficiency is halved.

Forest Eruption: The user temporarily manifests earth into wood, and eight pillars of thick wood. These pillars are pushed up from the ground in random locations within a quarter-mile. Each pillar is ten feet tall. Can only be used once every ten of the user's posts, and the amount of pillars can be doubled in exchange for losing the ability for the rest of combat.

Guardian of the Forest: The user can melt themselves into thick wooden substances, and travel between the range of a quarter mile. The user can emerge from the wooden substance and travel at will. Can only travel up to once per post, and must emerge within the post traveled, or the post after.

Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare. For information on Factions, click here http://legendsreborn.forumotion.net/t2-factions): Concuclare

Name: Dust

Race: Erant: Were-fox



Image: [/img] http://i.imgur.com/FEdfqLS.png [/img]

Appearance: Dust is a blue furred fox, a product of abnormal parentage. He wears a flowing cap, V-shaped tunic and cotton pants. He prefers to stay in a mid-transformed state, half-fox, half-man. He wears a old Japanese style hat which obscures enemies view of his eyes. He wields Ashune, A mystical blade which cannot be broken and has strange properties.

Background: Dust was born in a small village near the coast. Most of the community were Erants, but he was singled out and bullied for his blue fur. The village protected an ancient treasure, Ashune, the fabled blade. Running from several other children, Dust took refuge in the shrine, hiding from then. It was then that the blade flew from it's resting place to his hand. The villagers took this as a sign, and began training dust to be a warrior. However, dust resented this, he wished not to fight. However, he could not leave the village, so he stayed and trained. The training was harsh, his masters brutal. They broke his back, tore his muscles and ravaged his body, but they never took his soul. In every battle he was merciful, every enemy given amnesty. Eventually he was deemed a failure and told to leave, but he must leave the blade. After all his training, all his sacrifice they were going to cast him away. He left, taking the blade and the life of any who stood in his way. his path was clear to him now. They had molded him to kill, that is what he would do, but not for them.

Personality: Reserved and quite, dust prefers to be alone in his thoughts. It take little provocation to get him to fight, though he is rarely angry instead keeping an aura of calm collection. Other than fighting his interests include poetry and music, carrying not only a sword, but a guitar, a strange instrument from across the sea.

Abilities: Dust storm: Dust unleashes a flurry of blows on his opponent, nearly to fast to dodge. Downside, he has to remain motionless to pull it off. Range: up to 6 feet.

Blaze: Tossing several fire orbs into the air dust uses his dust storm ability to slice them causing the to erupt into pillars of flame. up to 15 feet depending on space.

Blizzard: dust uses his dust storm ability in conjunction with ice orbs to create and swirling, cutting, freezing wind. Range up to 25 feet effectively, lesser effect up to 60 feet.

Faction: Concuclare

Name: Sontar Temor

Race: Anthitheus

Gender: Male

Age: Takes the appearance of a 16 year old, but is actually 560 years of age.


Human Form: (Can't put image so i gotta describe it) In his human form, Sontar has short, spikey, orange hair and wears black jeans, white shoes and a grey coat.

Demon Form:

Background: Sontar was born and raised in the depths of hell like most Anthitheus', where he would train in the ways of archery and hope to become a powerful warrior. However, UNLIKE most od his race, he was kind hearted. Because of this trate, Sontar was outcasted to the world of the living, where he would later join the Kakusu faction and fight for peace. After 80 years of fighting in the Kakusu faction, Sontar returned to hell in order to try and stop his race from attacking the world of the living. He fought the king and became the new leader of the Anthitheus race, changing their ways for good.

However, some of the kings former servants have began torebel against him, aswell as attack the faction of Kakusu (Which Sontar is still allied with).

Personality: Sontar is very kind hearted, and he often refuses to kill another living thing, no matter how angry he is. But, sometimes he is known to go berserk during battle because of his Anthitheus blood, which is a major problem for a member of the Kakusu faction.

: Weapon teleportation. A common type of magic for weapon users, Sontar stores his bow and arrows in his home and uses this magic to teleport them to his current location.

Demon mode: This is where Sontar transforms into his demon form, unlocking his true power. Because he rarely uses this form, Sontar becomes extremley exhausted after using it.

Green flames: Upon entering his demon form, sontar can create and control green flames, a type of fire which is 10X stronger than regular fire. This can only be done in demon form.

Faction: Kakusu

Name: Xixas

Race: Sicarian

Gender: Male

Age: Appearance of Twenty

Appearance: Xixas appears to be twenty, despite his actual age of time's recess beginning. Xixas is equipped with special rogue's grays, which have all stained brown throughout the years, the velvet trim faded. The scarf he wears around the commons of the town is actually the sash he wears, holding the arsenal of weapons that lie across his body. Xixas has a head of shaggy, oak wood hair that stays spiked nearly all the time. His head it always a mess, and he can be seen constantly blowing at it to rid his eyes of the hair. His eyes are a stately silver, known to change colour throughout the day. Excul is usually shrouded in a gray cloak, covering his entire body, including the sheath of his massive scimitar, since such a sight doesn't bode well for those faint of heart.

Background: Xixas gained consciousness as time began to turn, a simple, barely existing being. He watched as the world turned, and viewed as it continued its suicidal tendencies, polluting and destroying itself. Many times, Xixas gained hope as he watched few entities within the world of existence fight to make the world right. Very few succeed, and such success barely lasted an inch of time span. After such a long time, Xixas finally manifested a tiny feeling. This tiny feeling was known as "will" gave Xixas the ability to exist, and so he did. He appeared onto Earth, and experienced it. He tried to replicate the actions of the beings he had watched in the Seventh Plane, and he manage to help the world. He fell in love, become Solid, and decided to give the world a chance. That was, until everything shattered. Something corrupted him, a parasite that every second, demands control of his body. This entity is powerful, and has more than once taken control. It held Xixas awake, as it used Xixas' own hands to murder his lover, and his daughter of seven months. After that, his country lost to war and control, and all the years of existence were destroyed. Now, Xixas is corrupted by this parasite, taking half of his mind to control, and changing his thoughts. However, this does not mean this parasite is evil. To cleanse the world, to re-create it, this is what they now both want. Xixas fights against the parasite every day, but this doesn't mean that the world is correct in its ways. It needs to change, and such a change can only happen through one way. A new beginning.

Personality: Xixas, Six as as those who know him refer to him as, is a stoic man. He keeps calm and posed under even the most trying of circumstances. He is severely adamant, with a will strong enough to bend steel. He can be described as intelligent, but lacks the talent for hiding his emotions. Xixas is never easy to read, simply veiled by the staple smile across his face. He has a long fuse, and is almost never upset. However, when this stoic, calm smile is shattered, hell hath no fury like Xixas scorned. Within, barely poking at the surface is the abyss of blood lust, deep within Xixas. When his temper has been lost, he changes somehow. Something breaks, and reforms into a being of new heart. A much, darker heart. And this being, will not allow the feeling of hope to exist anymore.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):
Regnum Corda: The ability to give augments to weapons. Ex: Increase the reach of a sword by a few inches. Make an arrow fly further.

Fyre: A more passive ability that includes energy manipulation. It can act as healing, a defense mechanism, and other non-aggressive attacks of control. The main asset being the user can sacrifice aspects of relation for another. Such as, losing attacking power for speed, or losing defensive power to increase strength. This manipulation itself is limited to the amount of aspect the user can actually have. A defense mechanism would include a shield that can block nearly any attack, but shatters after one use. A small flick or a giant hammer would both break the shield after it defends. Also, a healing format that allows the user to take the pain of the other entity being healed, yet the actual act of healing does not occur until a little while after, and even then, it requires time. Also, Fyre healing mechanisms cannot be used on the weilder of Fyre (Cannot be used on self), yet the generic recovery of healing can. Only, outside of battle. This cannot exchange lives, but is in some cases more efficient over traditional healing. Despite the simpleness of the ability, it requires a lot of energy.

Seventh Plane: A defensive mechanism that allows the user to phase out a section of their body to avoid a potential blow (Lasts for 1 second) (Can only be used once every five posts).

Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare. For information on Factions, click here http://legendsreborn.forumotion.net/t2-factions): Concuclare leader

Name: Durango Riley
Race: Vaium
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Background: He used to be a big-time thief before being gunned down. He has decided to give up his life of crime and be normal
Personality: Calm and collected, not one to be angered easily
1. Resolute Form - A physical embodiment of Wind Energy, boosting his attacks
2. Elemental Hero - He turns into an Absolute Form, making his attacks cleaner
3. Hurricane Charge - Uses energy to turn into a hurricane

Faction: Suibete

Name: Temran Zarks

Race: Seraph (dark Seraph)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


Background: Temran was once a great Seraph warrior, fighting to vanquish evil along with his other fellow Seraphs. But one day he fought a certain somebody and lost, badly. He was in a near-death state, but that person showed mercy, allowing Temran to live.

But Temran was not happy that he was alive. No, he was devastated. For once in his life, he had felt the feeling of defeat, something he never ever wanted to expirience ever again. And he would mke sure of that. Secretly, he would go around to the mortal world, killing thousands of innocents and eating their souls to become stronger. But something like that was hard to hide for long. Indeed, the higher ranking Seraphs noticed this and banished from the heavenly realms. After this, he was hunted by his former comrades, but he was able to defeat them and eat there souls. His corruption turned him inot what he is now, a monster who wants only one thing. Power.....

Personality: Temran has a monstrous personality, not hesitating to kill anyone, even without reason. He is also very mysterious, as almost nobody knows about him.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):

Dark Bolt: Temran shoots a bolt of darkness at his enemies, or at anything.

Dark Scythe: Temran sends a blade of darkness flying at his enemies which will cut anything in its path.

Faction: None



Gender: Male

Age: 19

Background: Takumi grew up the son of a woodsman. He was taught the values of intelligence and observation. He was taught every herb and berry as well as the natural elements and their uses. His father was killed in a fight with vampire, blood crazed and hungry. The sight has never left his mind and he is not very open to that race.

Personality: A deep set hatred to vampires due to his fathers death, He hunts those that prey on the weak and helpless. He believes himself a defender and protector often rushing into frays to pull out wounded and dying. He is quiet and often shy, though bold in action he is soft in words.

Abilities (Maximum Three): Alchemy: The ability to manipulate the world around him and change substances. A skill passed from his father, Takumi has taken it and cherished it for the memories it preserves.
Archery: Being a woodsmen has given Takumi excellent ability with bow and arrows. He carries a yew bow with oak shaft barbed arrows.
Tracking: Years spent among the wood's creatures has given takumi a greater understanding of tracking, learning from the predators of the woods.

Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare: Kakusu

Name: Jack Box

Race: Erant

Gender: Male

Age: 13


Human Form:

Octopus Form:

Background: Used to spend his babyhood on a small rubber boat until he learned to transform into an octopus. He then departed into the sea, finding a community of merchants housed on the sea coast. Finding the small child, the merchants took care if him and trained him to become a good merchant and sea navigator. One day, on the boy's 10th birthday, a giant tornado took the community away, leaving them all separated. He learned to live by himself in a small shanty next to the ocean.

Personality: Confident and optimist. Can emotional at times. Tries to be nice with everyone, especially with different races, but fails sometimes.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):
Blue-Ringed Octopus full transformation: Transforms completely into an Octopus, having increased strength, evasion, and the best underwater performance of all forms, along with natural abilities of the species, such as poisonous saliva, color-changing, shape-shifting, and ink jets. Unable to breath on land due to lack of an appropriate respiratory system. In terms of battle effectiveness, partial transformation is better.
Blue-Ringed Octopus partial transformation: Transforms partially into an octopus. Increases strength, speed, evasiveness, perception, and intelligence, even more than the complete transformation form. Includes "nerfed" versions of some of the regular octopus abilities: The poison takes more time to make an effect and ink clouds are smaller. Stealth skills work fine, however. Also provides underwater breathing in addition to the human form's air-breathing skills, being more versatile in terms of terrain. Out of all the forms, it's the best in battle.

Faction: Suibete

Name: Aurelyn

Surname: Valkyrie

Race: Seraph

Gender: Female

Age: Old Enough

The Valkyrie:

Background: Leader of the Seraphs, Aurelyn has many duties to fulfill. She mostly makes sure that nothing comes to break the balance of good and evil in the Realms, mostly on the Mortals'. Although she is the leader of the entire Heavens, she is also a fine strategist and never stays away from battles involving her people or friends. While most leaders would stay far from them, she willingly joins the melee to bring hope and courage to her allies, as well as fear and despair to her foes.

Recently, she decided to leave the Heavens, as everything was peaceful there, as always, and went to the Mortals' Realm in search of something to bring her out of her rather boring routine and spice her life a little.

Personality: Loyal and proud, the Valkyrie is all but a coward. noble and respected by all, she tends to look at others as equals, unless they are evil or displeased her greatly. Respectful to others, she will never let a friend down unless she has a very good reason.

Abilities :

Blessing of Heavens: Aurelyn calls forth the Holy energy of the Heavens to grant her allies a Blessing, boosting their abilities for a short duration, or heal their wounds.

Armament Invocation: Aurelyn calls upon the Holy Armory to get Armors and Weapons. Depending on the items she calls upon, her appearance might change, depending on her feelings and the situation she's in.

Wrath of the Skies: Aurelyn calls forth all the Celestial Might for herself and sends a beam of pure Holy Energy at her targets, inflicting on them the Heavens' Fury. Dealing great damages to both the Body and the Soul of the Wicked, it will instead heal and purify the Pure, allowing them to continue their fight agains Evil.


Name: Sorin Markov

Race: Vaium (of Darkness)

Gender: Male

Age: Old Enough


Background: Born with the World itself, Sorin Markov has always been the Incarnation of Darkness in the Realms. For all these years, he lived amongst the evergrowing Races of the Realms, gaining many names, each different depending on the Race*. He mostly stayed passive, but never hesitated to take the arms to defend the righteous. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding led to the people thinking of him as a monster when he ate the Shadow of the woman he once loved, accidently causing her death. Ever since, Sorin has lived away from others, alone in a Castle that he turned into a hotel inorder to have some company from time to time.

Personality: Although he tends to keep his Dark reputation on, he really is a gentleman, putting the others before himself. Always there for friends, he tries to find redemption for his dead love, still regretting his acts.


Shapeshifting: Self-explanatory... Sorin can transform into anything he wants.

Darkness Magic: Calling upon the powers of his Vaium origins, Sorin can manipulate, create, destroy and do whatever he wants with Darkness of all forms, from a little shade to the Void itself.

Dark Invocation: Calling to the Void itself, Sorin temporarily Summons a Voidling to do his biding. Voidlings are as different as there are grass blades in a field, so each is suited for a special task.

Faction: Kakusu

Name: Dare Styll

Race: Sicarian

Famale c:

Forever 21

When she created her human form, she made herself have white hair and blue eyes.


She was created during creation. She's got WAY too much for this site.

Naive. Adorable.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):
Phasing- The ability to phase when outside of battle. Good for spying. When in battle, it just turns into a good amount of speed.
Crystallize- Can turn her body into refracting crystals, extremely hard and great for battle. Can be shattered if hit in the same area repetitively.
Kakusu- The art of Veiling. She puts on a mask or veil of what she would like to turn into, and can turn into this. Unless she was wearing loose clothing, she has to return into her ethereal form so as not to be indecent/unarmored.

Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare. For information on Factions, click here *Going to be a Link once Ryan makes the Faction page*):

Kakusu Leader

Name: Azumai Yukiyho

Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: Was turned when she was 23.

Appearance: Black hair, white iris's, and pale skin. Wears sunglasses and leather.

Background: She.. Was turned. She was in a cave waking up to a young vampire, smiling at her before disappearing. Having no memory of the time before she was a vampire, she slowly went blind. While she IS blind, she sees outlines, but no color.

Personality: Arrogant, curt, and calm. She doesn't exactly want the world to burn. But she wouldn't mind watching it.

Abilities (Maximum Three with explanation):
Invisibility: AS long as she can be still, she's invisible.
Lock: She can put a talisman paper on you, and it'll lock you. If you can find the talisman, or have the willpower to break it...
Astral: She can project her being elsewhere, as long as it is night and she is sitting still. If you find her... She has to make it back to her body in time NOT to die.

Faction (Suibete, Kakusu, Concuclare. For information on Factions, click here http://legendsreborn.forumotion.net/t2-factions):
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