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 Taraius' abilities

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PostSubject: Taraius' abilities   Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:38 am

Name:  Ferrux Eques

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc):  Steel/Fyre

Effect:  Instantly coats the user in a (bad ass) suit of knight's armour, a broadsword, and shield, also coating their wings. The steel that created this armour is infused with Fyre, giving off an aura that looks like steam. While in this state, the user can deflect magic with the shield, and the sword gains piercing properties that do not gain the downside of piercing, leaving it at full power (Piercing is the ability to cut through solid objects/armour/shields. Also allows the user to fly faster, so fast, they are a blur.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Lasts six posts, takes four to cool down.

Name: Steel Storm

Type: Steel/Fyre

Effect: The user manifests a swarm of sparkling steel blades which rain down from above. Infused with Fyre, these shards can be controlled with the user's will. The shards are razor sharp, and can also conjoin together to create large objects such as a shield.

Limits/Costs/Cooldown: Lasts four posts, cooldown is three posts.

Name: Irroro Sae

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc):  Steel

Effect: The user creates a rain of liquid steel (does not touch the user). Whatever the rain touches, it will instantly harden and begin to weigh down whatever it touches. If the opponent cannot stop the rain in four posts, they will be fully coated in steel, unable to escape. Also, the user can choose whether to make the solidified steel back into liquid or stay solid. Expands over a mile.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Lasts five posts, takes three to cool down.

Name: Avarium

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc):  Steel/Fyre

Effect: Creates a massive dome of steel around the area (Quarter of a mile). The walls of the dome deflect magic. (Pair with Irroro Sae, and you're golden. Er, silver. Steel?).

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Lasts six posts, takes four to cool down.

Name: Steel soldiers

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Steel/Fyre

Effect: Taraius can summon creatures made of steel to fight for him in combat. (This takes up one ability slot, the ones below are a description of the creatures)

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Only one creature can be summoned at a time. Creatures last five posts, four posts cooldown

Steel Knight

Description: This is one of Taraius' basic creatures. An unintelligent knight which only knows how to follow orders, this soldier of steel has a powerful armor, a shield capable of blocking most physical attacks, and a powerful blade. Though it's offence is incredible, it is clumsy and often lowers it's defence when attacking. Summoning this creature summons two Steel Knights. STeel Knights last six posts, and have a four post cooldown.

Steel Spider

Description:  Unlike the Steel Knight, this creature is intelligent and knows how to fight without orders. It, like all Steel Creatures, has a strong metallic body, and attacks using it's eight razor-sharp legs. It is capable of shooting metal webs at foes, webs with the power to hold an elephant at bay.

Steel Falcon

Description: This powerful metallic bird is the only creature in Taraius' arsenal capable of flight. It has razor sharp wings, allowing it to swoop down and cut it's foes to shreds. It can also shoot metallic feathers at it's foes which travel a bullet-like speeds. When summoning this servant, the user summons two falcons instead of one.

Steel Rat-Mines

Description: Taraius can summon five tiny rats made out of steel. Though they do not attack the opponent, they dig underground upon being summoned, storing energy whilst underground. If steeped on, the mines will release the energy in an explosion, but can also be detonated manually. With each post, they store more energy, increasing the power of the explosion. If, by the fith post, they have not been detonated, they will automatically explode, the combined explosions large enough to destroy a small village.

Steel Abomination

Description: This is the most powerful creature that Taraius is able to summon. Though hard to control, this mad creature boasts immense strength, and incredible speed. It's defence is also great, as it is a "conducter" to all magic attacks, meaning it's only weakness is physical attacks. It's metallic tail can be used to jab at it's foes, impaling them with great power.

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PostSubject: Re: Taraius' abilities   Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:15 am

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Taraius' abilities
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