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 Tybalt Dixon Moveset I

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Tybalt Dixon

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PostSubject: Tybalt Dixon Moveset I   Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:36 pm

Description: Funneled fire magic was created by a wizard who thought to use the natural explosive reaction when fire and wind magics meet. The question, how to use this reaction to his advantage. The answer, controlling when and how the wind met the fire. The result was an extremely volatile and destructive magic that to this day is still questioned as to its safety and sanity.

Abilities/Powers: -resistance to wind, fire, and concussive damage
-weakness to water ad earth style magics

Name: Grenade

Type: Fire/Wind

Description: The user first creates a small bit of flame in the palm of their hand, then creates a sphere of contained wind around the fire. Around and yet sperated. The user then throws this volatile little orb at his opponent. When the orb makes contact with any surface, the wind orb 'breaks' adding wind to the fire, which then explodes. Five foot radius, dealing fire and concussive damage. May toss opponent. Range of twenty feet.

Effects: -good for taking out groups of foes
-can add shrapnel damage in right environment
-useful for opening doors or taking down normal walls (aka wood or thin stone)

Limits/Costs/Cooldown: -cd of one post
-will damage any allies in area of detonation
-can be set off early, which will harm caster

Name: Rocket-Powered Explosion
Type: Fire/Wind
Description: The use of this spell is really quite simple. The user shoots fire from the soles of their feet to start moving, like a normal fire mage might do for an enhanced jump. The user then adds a shot of wind magic to create a powerful explosion, used to launch the caster about twenty feet up and forward.

This spell is good for movement, and closing the distance, but is a bit innacurate. On top of this, the explosion created by 'launching' has a tendency to destroy your launching point unless it is very sturdy, like a stone street. Launch explosion creates a five foot radius of low d rnk fire and concussion damage.

Effects:-good for quick escapes or closing the distance on an opponent
-can damage enemies to close to the launch point with strong fire and concussion damage
-Faster than most movement spells

Limits/Costs/Cooldown: -Will harm any allies near the point of launch
-not always accurate
-will destroy all but the sturdiest of launching pads
-3 post cd

Name: Explosive boxing
Type: Fire

Description: The user first envelops his hand in a thin sheet of flames, before then enveloping his fists in a contained, and separated, sphere of wind magic. Using this, whenever the caster punches, the wind and fire are compressed, and then channeled forward, away from the fist, and at the opponent.

The effectiveness and real damage of this spell relies mostly on the users skills. The explosions do not diminish in strength or slow down, however keeping up this kind of display of power tends to drain magic power faster.

Effects: A continued output of fire allows the strikes to deal more damage. Also, the explosions can trip walls if powerful enough. Third, it is one of the few Funneled Fire spells that does not hurt the user.

Weaknesses: -Due to the continued output, each strike weakens the attacker per strike
-If the user is unskilled, this spell is useless
-2post duration, 4 post cd

Name: Time bomb
Type: Fire/Wind

Description: The user creates this spell the same way he creates grenade, by creating a small bit of flame inside a contained, and separated pocket of air. The difference though is this spell does not go off when thrown, but after a time limit of two posts. During this time, the spell can be placed almost anywhere. But it will go off, there is no stopping that.

Unlike the grenade, this spell is designed to take out large areas and is not recommended for use with allies, as the resulting explosion covers an area of fifteen feet in radius and is powerful enough to drop smaller buildings.

Effects: -Due to the time delay, can be hidden and used for ambushes
-much more powerful than grenade
-can be stuck to walls or under chairs

Limits/Costs: -Goes off after two posts, no ands ifs or buts.
-can hurt user and allies
-2 post buildup, 5 post cd
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Tybalt Dixon Moveset I
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