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 Sysira Ahri

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PostSubject: Sysira Ahri   Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:12 pm

Name: Sysira Ahri

Race: Paradigm - Fox

Gender: Female

Age: Nineteen

Appearance: Sysira is garbed in silk in satin, the soft fabric hugging her slender body to provide both maximum dexterity and fervent beauty. Her hair flows with caramel and crimson, dominated by the sapphire that grows within her hair every year. Her eyes, dazzling gems of aqua and silver with an icy flow of mesmerizing beauty that captivates the heart.

Background: (Due to this character's back story being so ridiculously long, it will be shortened immensely. Sysira is from a book of mine, but the back story will be changed to suit the site).

Sysira was born in light, and raised in darkness. A child blessed with love living in one of the smallest Paradigm Breeds. However, Sysira's birth was riddled with mystery. A child born within her Human state is a unheard of, as all Paradigm are bred into their Animal form, taught and instructed into Human form. However, Sysira was born fully human, with no tail, no ears, with only sharp claws to show for proof of birth. However, even this did not deter the love and care offered to her by the village of her youth.

At seven, Sysira had grown into her standing. After seven years of complete to partial deafening, Sysira's ears finally grew onto her head, following by her retracting claws. Within the same year, her tails grew full shape, the instance of nine which was a scarce blessing within the Fox breed.

The following year, Sysira's world crumbled beneath her.

Upon branching onto a three front war, the Fox Breed fell in a matter of months. Between the Human poachers, the Elvish hunters, and the Tiger Breed Paradigm. It was a brutal world within the year, as Sysira and her clan had virtually no means of escape. The Humans were nearly endless, the Tigers were ferocious, and the Elves couldn't be seen. After the battle had been deemed lost, the Fox Breed retreated to their last village in the forest. At first, the Tiger Breed invaded, their claws and fangs glittering as steel and dripping with blood. Next, the Elves arrived to clean the rest. Sysira watched as her family and friends were all forced into their animal state, skinned and gutted. Lastly, the Humans arrived. However, there was nothing left, as the chest had been pilfered days ago.

Only a handful of the Fox Breed survived as the war raged on, and they had fled the last village as it burned. Sysira, however, stayed. As the Humans walked away, she emerged from her hidden cove. What the Humans saw was a little girl, beautiful and mesmerizing with eyes that hold the soul. She was entrancing, captivating the hearts of whoever saw her. The Humans took her, and sold her to the slave trade.


Month after month, Sysira traveled the Slave Train to different owners, each as horrid as the last. She gained and lost friends aboard the train as often as the sun and moon rose. However, Sysira swore she would survive where so many die every day. As she traveled, Sysira began to noticed a strange magic at work. Whenever she would leave her current placing and owner, the master would completely and utterly forget who Sysira was, and never remember owning her. It was something that Sysira acknowledged, but never worried for.

Upon the last night of Sysira's journey on the Slave Trade, time began to turn in Sysira's unconscious favour. Upon the last night, the world went silent. A group dressed in silver assaulted the train. There was absolutely no noise. No screeching brakes as the train stopped. No screams as the slave raiders were killed, no yelling warriors or frightened children, not even the sound of wind blowing. Every car was checked and emptied by a different rogue in gray. As Sysira sat, wide-eyed, dirty, and afraid, slowly the door to her car opened. Instead of a mask or hood, she saw a face. A man with gentle features, and piercing silver eyes. Despite the softness, this man scared Sysira to her very core. Everything about him was devoid of emotion.

This man took Sysira, a young fifteen year old girl, and brought her to a glittering city of diamond, moving at such speed, she couldn't comprehend the information being sent to her, as everything she saw were flashes of glistening crystal as the last winter solstice glowed from the eclipsing moon. After she was freed, Sysira learned the name and standing of her savior. She now travels the world of Ire, mastering her new-found power. Her newest goal, is to search. Searching for something to be passionate for.

Personality: Sysira is a double-sided coin. In public, she is masterful, graceful, beautiful, and confident. She is deadly intelligent, wielding a silver tongue. She uses her beauty not to be a victim, never for another person. She is sneaky, clever, and frightful, as well as mesmerizing.

However, alone, Sysira is calm, quiet, and harmless. Her real personality is a gem only shown to the most trusted individuals. As of right now, only one person has ever truly met her. She is filled with tender passion, and inspiration for discovering something new to love. Sysira traverses from heaven to hell, moving at a rate that transcends speed.

Kingdom: Concuclare (Obviously) Passive

Magic Vein

Base: Space

Vein: Space,Darkness

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Character Information: Owner of Cedric/Erynn/Serephene.

PostSubject: Re: Sysira Ahri   Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:18 pm



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Sysira Ahri
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