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 Classroom of the Velvet Blade

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PostSubject: Classroom of the Velvet Blade   Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:59 am



B-B-B-B-B-BE THERE! MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY! SUPER HARD-CORE CLASS ROOM THAT WILL Teach you how to define, calculate, and prepare literary concepts to practice and insert into daily writings, to overall improve your mentality, creation, and BAD ASS FIGHTING SKILLS.


BE THERE: http://titanpad.com/noZnF120g0
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PostSubject: Re: Classroom of the Velvet Blade   Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:21 pm

*Class I*

Classroom of the Velvet Blade

*Strolls into the classroom, setting his hat and coat upon the rack*

Ohayo mina-san!

Okay. First. For everyone that's here, type your name on the main board. Guys. Stop being you. I

Let me set some ground rules.
1. Never type on the main board.
2. Make sure everyone has a different name colour.
3. Keep chat in the chat bar to a minimum. Huge minimum.
4. If you have questions. hold them. They will be addressed.
5. If I suddenly go AFK, it means my music stopped, or I needed to do something.
6. If there is any arguing or horseplay outside of directed, you'll be asked to leave.
7. Most importantly. Remember to... Have fun!
8. Don't be a douche.

Okay, so. Gajeel and Hibari are late. Fack them.

As class starts, every beginning we will have a small session to decide the topic for the day. Sumaru, I'm always looking. Like I said. Keep the jokes to a minimum. And the chat.

Lesson I: General Writing!

Lesson II: Ability Creation!!!

Lesson IV: Character Creation

Lesson VI: Combat!!!

Lesson VII: Magic Creation.

Lesson V: Race Creation

To pick and choose your vote, put a "!" next to the one you want to learn. And no. Magic*.

Combat I

Combat in RP is the essence of why many of us even chose to participate within role play sites. Outside of the canon or original references, combat is what really drives a site to success. The satisfaction of beating someone's face in, or slicing them into four slices. Is lovely.

As for combat, it's also the most feared aspect of RP. When you can die, when you can fail. All of your hard work and dedication goes down the drain, right?

The death of a character within combat is never something to be afraid of, or detest. It's the new birth of a scar, that becomes the new muscle.

Now. Combat is separated into three sections.

I. What you know

II. How to use what you know

III. Create.

I: When in combat, it's obvious knowledge to take what you know about your opponent, and yourself. As well as the stadium you're in. However, when taking into account your knowledge, as per obvious knowledge, what you DON'T know, right?

An example of this is, how many of you have seen the fight between Zechs and Naga? That's fine.

In the battle, Zechs came to victory in a very profound way. He was at an obvious disadvantage with very little time left in his abilities. What would you do, if your ability lasted one more post, none of the other abilities in your arsenal can break through, and the enemy can shred you their next post? Well, the answer to that comes in III. However, you must always take what you do and do not know. Pardon the cliche.

You know that feeling you get when you're fightning an opponent, and they constantly know the perfect way to avoid and block your attacks? It's a bother. People quite often do what I call "Half-Meta" They read up on the opponent, and learn the perfect ways to counter them. However, this is knowledge the character cannot know. People always pass it off as "Heh, my character would have done that anyways". I've seen it happen in more topics than I care to admit, as it would embarrass quite a few of you.

There is no way to actually stop Half-Meta unless we hide all of the topics, which can't happen. The way this matters in battle is, it's a simple answer. Take a third party, and have it intervene. If you don't understand, you will here in a minute.

*Pause* Questions? Type them in the main board.
So its illegal to read up on a char and know there strategies when your gonna fight them?
Is Half-Meta really that bad, amount of being done wise?

Sumaru: No, it's technically not illegal. However, when that knowledge turns a tide in battle, effects something, it's breaking the rules. If you want to get nitty-gritty. But, it's almost impossible to make yourself forget useful information when you need it. Half-Meta isn't something we can stop, but there is a way to fight it.

I think that's Dann: Yes. It's been done in almost every single topic. One thing that people do ALL the time. Something really dumb. Is they discuss in the CB their battle strategy. What they're going to do next. How they're going to counter you. IF YOU DON'T TELL THEM, THEY CAN'T COUNTER YOU. LOGIC?!?!?!?!?! All of you do this. All of you. The only time you discuss these things in the CB is when a conflict that cannot be surpassed via RP arises.

II: Using what you know.

Here's where it'll start to make sense to some of yo. You remember when I said "Third party" to intervene? Well, that ties in with a section of "What you Know". It's both environmental, and personal. A perfect example again is the fight between Naga and Zechs.

Sorry, I had a friend walk through my door. He's going to watch me teach. *Not nervous*

In the fight between Naga and Zechs, this situation occured. "obvious disadvantage with very little time left in his abilities. What would you do, if your ability lasted one more post, none of the other abilities in your arsenal can break through, and the enemy can shred you their next post?"

In order to win this fight, Zechs introduced a third party. Within the fight, Zechs had an ability that gave him an ally to keep the focus cut in half between him and his Servant. Naga, however, had a massive twister of razor steel shards around him. Zechs' Servant was out of time, and about to vanish. After that, Zechs had no way to escape the storm, since his Speed ability can't beat AOE. Zechs had almost lost the fight if he couldn't survive THAT post.

Now, one of Zechs' abilities is Flash Freeze. It's taking water from the jugs tied onto his belt, freezing it, and creating an object. But, how will making ice items defeat a steel twister, AND give him the win in one post? Third party. What Zechs did, was physically throw the jugs into the steel storm, both of them being shredded on impact. This also sprayed water everywhere. Using Flash Freeze, Zechs got all of the water in the tornado discretely, and used Flash Freeze to stop the tornado. The thing was frozen. Then, using his Speed ability with his Servant, they both stabbed their swords into the tornado now of ice, and pinned Naga between two blades.

That is introducing a third party. When people Half-Meta, this is what happens

Enemy's ability-----------------------------Answer

Enemy's ability-----------------------------Answer etc, etc

THIS is how you beat that.

Your ability being Half-Meta------------------Answer
> This little mark, means to "Differentiate". The big theme here is... Take your ability, and use it in a way it's not supposed to be used. Another example is, in my recent fight with Naga, I used the Quantize Sicarian ability, useable for all Sicarian meant for avoiding damage, to instead use it to travel a distance, and give me a surprise attack even though we started off facing each other (I did this to Nikolai too on LegendsR and insta-beat him
This is the single biggest tool in combat that will grant you an advantage. You make your abilities with a purpose. However, this right here is going to be in "Ability Creation" as well. Your abilities need to be keys to multiple doors, allowing you to do multi- Okay, we get it. It's funny. Allowing your abilities to do multiple things. THIS is a separating line. When you master being able to take your abilities, and use them in ways they're not supposed to be used, you've already gained an advantage.

*Pause* Questions? Type them below.
How could I use my Pain Packer in a way its not supposed to be used? One thing that makes Pain magic so OP, is that's it's one of the few magicks that are... How we say. A straight line. A very solid one. Pain magic like that is meant to do exactly what it's meant to do, not differentiate. Because, whatever situation occurs, it can still be used efficienty. However, on specific abilities like Rising Sun, you can use Rising Sun as a means to stop a charging attack, since it burns away magic. Which is rare without Fyre. It can also be used as a shield, and a way to stop someone from flying and dodging every post. RS is created IN the sky, and is invisible before created into the mini-sun. So a flyer would get burned beyond flying capabilities. Ever seen Kid Ikarus the movie or read the book? Read the book.
Could we use NPCs to stop attacks/avoid deaths legally? In my case, the NPC spectates most of my main character's matches.Octo, yes and no. In topics, important topics, there will always be a topic leader. This topic leader decides if NPCs can join, and or if they can engage in combat. In topics without a leader, it's free reign. In real life, a two-on-one person scenario usually stays like that. Honour only goes so far.

So, The main idea of this last little bit, was to say, We should use our abilities differnetly then we often do? What they were made to do? If so, we should make them with that idea in mind? ~Dann Again, yes and no. If you make an ability with another use in mind, that will show. I never create my abilities with other uses in mind. One part of skillful combat, is being able to come up with crap on the spot to suit the situation. Imagine if you made an ability meant for multiple things. What if a scenario arrives when you can't use these? That means the ability is TOO defined to actually be manipulated into other uses.

Would an example be shooting a fireball at a rocky hill, causing the boulders to fall down on the opposition? -Tybalt Kind of. That's rather basic, but the idea is on the right track.

Hibari: Like I said to Nikotybalt. Yes and no. Again. I suggest going a bit deeper into it. Find uses a Half-Meta gamer won't see coming.

All good? Good.

Part III: Create

This is the most complicated section, since it's already been explained above, but still needs its own little section. Everyone still here? Where's my CB Mod <-< Great.

Creation is creative thinking. Like I said, it was already explained above, but still needs a little painting. To create is to manifest specific scenarios. When RPing in combat, you need to actually be smart, believe it or not. People tend to make actions they cannot do, or do not actually go along with what happened. People become desparate to dodge or block, they begin to create scenarios in their head of what to do that will get them out of a situation. Now that's all fine and dandy, but it starts to break the rules. What Create turns into, is Confidence. With a capital "C". When you're RPing, you must... MUST. MUST ALWAYS read every part of an opponent's move. The information they forget to add, you can manipulate. "He shot a fireball". "I dodged, rolling under it". They start to say: "No, the fireball was too big. You'd roll into it.". However, they never actually SAID how big the fireball was. It's not your job to go read their abilities. You're not even supposed to. Create, Confidence, and Control. This is Control. Manipulate the situation to your benefit. Create scenarios that can benefit you, and work them out. Also, always practice Confidence. If you look at ANY of my fight, I always explain like a thousand times WHAT position I'm in, and how. If I KNOW you can't avoid an attack, I will literally type crap like: "It would be nearly impossible to dodge BECAUSE-" then I EXPLAIN why they can't block or dodge. I explain the situation they will have to t- WELCOME BACK, GAJEEL. I explain the situation they will have to live through. However, you still have to follow ALL of the rules. Make sure your entire post is legit, but still make it aggressive. I literally want you to push the rules.

*Pause* Questions?
What about when Naga tried to bloock your scythe, but didn't know it would go through his armor/blade? Let me interrupt. What I did was TOTALLY illegal. It was BS. It was actually to teach Naga a lesson. ...And to show off a little*cough*. But mainly to teach him a lesson. Considering the fits he kept having in the CB. Now, he knows what real power is. Never do what I did. It was indeed illegal. I should have included what my scythe does.

I have 2. 1st. What is being smart exactly? 2nd. Correct me if I'm wrong, It's not always possible to manipulate the situoso to your benift. Even in the lowest kind of detail in a post. ~Danny boy. It IS possible. In every single situation. Even if you're going to die no matter what, there is always something to turn into an advantage. Even if that's making the opponent reveal a way of attacking they weren't going to, and hell. If you get weird enough, you can get out of a sticky situation. For being smart, smart is taking what you do and don't know, and applying it to the situation. Mainly, it's what I explained above. Third parties, using abilities in ways they're not meant for.

Okay! That's it for today's class. I hope you guys all learned at least SOMETHING.

However. You do indeed have homework. This homework is TOTALLY optional. You don't have to do it.

Your homework is actually kind of interesting. In any topic, including story, type up a post within combat, or find one that's already been done "Not the Zechs/Naga or Me/Naga fight". Grab it, and remember it. You'll be showing it and introducing it on Wednesday.

Alright, thank you all for attending the class. If you have any further questions or concerns, or even critiques, please P.M me. If you loved it, hated it, thought it was too long/short.

Homework is: In any topic you are currently in, including story, in the next post where you have the chance to engage in combat, use an ability in a way that it isn't supposed to be used. Alright.

Now get the hell out of my classroom.
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PostSubject: Re: Classroom of the Velvet Blade   Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:07 pm

Classroom of the Velvet Blade

1. Never type on the main board.
2. Make sure everyone has a different name colour.
3. Keep chat in the chat bar to a minimum. Huge minimum.
4. If you have questions. hold them. They will be addressed.
5. If I suddenly go AFK, it means my music stopped, or I needed to do something.
6. If there is any arguing or horseplay outside of directed, you'll be asked to leave.
7. Most importantly. Remember to... Have fun!
8. Don't be a douche.
9. Don't try to correct anything on the board. Teacher will make typos. Don't laugh or touch the board. You will be removed.

Lesson I: General Writing!

Lesson II: Ability Creation!!

Lesson IV: Character Creation!

Lesson VI: Combat

Lesson VII: Magic Creation

Lesson V: Race Creation

To pick and choose your vote, put a "!" next to the one you want to learn.

To turn in your homework, type your name on the main board and paste the HW there. Keep it to a minimum. I didn't plan on reading any essays. And don't bullshet me. Guys. The HW was completely optional. It doesn't matter in the slightest. Unless, you know. You're a good student. I don't accept late work.

*Update* Class has been postponed until further notice.

*Update* Class will resume in 10. Seconds.

Yosh! Welcome, my friends. To the Classroom of the Velvet Blade. I trust you have all voted for the subject today? You have thirty seconds to vote. Voting has ended.


Today's topic will be: Ability Creation.

How long awaited this has been. I'll be actually splitting this subject up. It'll be separated into three sections. Tier I Magic, Tier II Magic, and Tier I & II Magic. This class will be separated. No one speak in the chat box until I've finished. Next person to say anything is removed.

Today's class will be short, as Tier I magic is easy to explain. First, I will explain magic itself You have to understand magic before you can even think of creating abilities. I'll go down the list. Some details will be shorter than others.

Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Steel, Lightning. Here are your best friends; the Tier I Magicks.

Fire: Fire is one of the Big Three elements, meaning it originates as itself and retains all of it's own capabilities. Fire magic can be used in several ways, namely the signature way of it's design. Burning everything to ash. Ignition. Fire can be solidified without any second aspects, meaning you don't need Fyre to make a fire sword. Fire is simple. It flows like air, can be solidified, ignites, and burns.

Ice: Ice is rather stand-alone. As a branch of one of the Big Three, Ice does not work well with other Tier IIs. Only recently was the best team mate to Ice discovered, making a deadly combo. Ice is tough, but not as touch as steel or earth. Ice is strong, but not as strong as say, Fire. Ice isn't exactly capable in offensive standards compared to Steel, or defensive compared to Earth. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a niche. Ice is a better counter to Water than Lightning is. Ice is also the only magic that can reform itself into three different forms, meaning if you wield Ice, you also wield basic water and steam/mist. Ice also has the deadly aspect of Dry Ice, meaning it melts through nearly any substance, even the air itself, hence the steam. Ice can be crafted, as well as animated. It's hard to use, but when used right, it's fierce. *Points to Zechs*

Water: One of the big three. Very basic, small details. It's very malleable, more so than any other element, even Wind. Water is offensive, defensive, and over all the most balanced element. It doesn't require much detail. Water can become a jet stream to slice through rock, or an invisible layer to reflect light. It has so many uses.

Lightning: Feared as the fastest element next to Wind. It's OP. Lightning is powerful with a deadly second effect of both singular and area effects. It can paralyze and even control magnetism when paired with Steel. Lightning itself is ferocious, usually used to increase speed or reaction or... Okay. Lightning Release Armour. Bam. Best example. Lightning is fast, strong, and hits like a truck from space. Also, it has a secondary effect of hardening items, giving them piercing power, and the always-loved stun.

Okay, any questions so far? If you guys don't need this explanation, let me know so I can go ahead.

What do you mean by the "always-loved" stun? Does that mean electrifying the item? -Tybalt I was being sarcastic saying that... Stun is a piss off, and people like abusing it. And if you electrify your own items, even your body, they become tougher. Harder. You can punch steel with no damage.

Can you combine things like Water and lightning without electirfying yourself ~DannyBoy I'll be getting to that.

Sorry for the unrelatedness, but can we still submit homework? Nope.

Okay. Do you guys want me to explain all of the Tier I's? Or skip ahead.

Yeah, explain them.
All the Tier 1s. I'd rather have all the knowledge rather then just some.~Danny.
I'd like to know their possibilities.

You guys suck.

Okay, next is... Wind.

Wind: Wind is usually passed up for Lightning in terms of speed. However, Lightning and Wind are actually evenly matched in speed. Wind, however, is more deadly in my opinion. The only thing that puts Lightning over Wind is Lightning can travel through substances, stun, looks cool, and, well. It's Lightning. However, Wind has an attribute to it that makes it very deadly. Invisibility. Wind can make your abilities nearly invisible. While not retaining as much damage as Lightning or Fire, invisible attacks keep the opponent on their toes, while also giving all the aspects of Wind. Sharp wind can slice, pressure wind can make explosions, heavy wind can produce blasting gusts. Wind is severely under-rated for how strong it is. Wind also shares the property of Fire of pressure. One thing Wind can do that Fire can't do without Fyre, is suck away momentum. Water can do that too.

Earth: Earth is more and less defensive than steel. If you punch a stone/dirt wall and a steel wall, the steel will be more resiliant. However, bring a sword to the walls, and you'll find yourself with Earth. Earth can't suck awa momentum but it can redirect it. Earth controls all non-organic forms of earth including crystalline, not including ore. Earth is very basic, as it's mainly stone, dirt, etc. Mixed with Fire, it becomes maga. Mixed with water, mud. However, Earth magic can access mud without water. Earth also includes sand, so all of you Gaara's can have a blast. Earth is more resistant than Steel in terms of deadly attacks, where Steel is more defensive against smaller attacks. If you were to put Earth and Steel on a scale, you would find Earth users taking more damage, but surviving longer. Steel users would take less damage, but are less defended against lethality.

Steel: Steel was explained decently in the topic above. Steel is deadly, as it's razor sharp, hits like a truck, and can block a massive majority of attacks. Steel is powerful, but it does have flaws. Lightning can travel through Steel, and Fire can melt it. Also, Steel is lacking in terms of options. You can only do SO much with it. However, what you CAN do is very strong. Storm of blades, massive shields, instant access to an unlimited armoury, including access to ore such as gold. Paired with Fyre, Steel can reflect magic as if a mirror. Steel can also slice magic. With Fyre. However, not as well as Fyre itself.

Nature: The newest defined magic. Nature is similar to Earth, but it is mainly, or actually it is only bio-organic. Grass, trees, wood, anything nature. Nature is best defined by those of you who watch Naruto, being Wood Style Wood itself is powerful in the sense it embodies three amazing traits. Raw power, heavy defense, and options. Nature offers a plethora of options, even giving you the ability to grow new kinds of plants with specific uses, I.E = Make a fruit that explodes, or increases your hearing. Nature effects everything alive. Also, just imagine using all of those crazy Wood Style powers!

Okay! Any questions?
What do you mean with "gaining momentum"? Where? Water lets you gain momentum, as you said above... IN the Water section?No. Let me see. At the end of Wind. Maybe it's just an English word I don't know?... "Water can do that too"? Suck away momentum? Yeah. What is this "momentum"? Momentum is the force generated by, well. Here's an example. You know how when you're in a car and it comes to a sudden stop and you jerk forward? That's momentum. So if someone throws a rock at you and you suck away the momentum, it has no force of being thrown, and will just fall to the floor.
Can I ask you something off topic or should I wait till class is over? Wait.Is class almost over? Maa naa (More or less)
On an unrelated note, how many basic magics and Humans learn? I would like to take on the Steel magick on note of it's OPness with Wind and Lightning. Humans have four slots.

Now. When creating abilities with Tier I magic, it is almost completely needed to combine two Tier I's. That is when they truly shine. Tier Is are building blocks meant to create something strong. Tier Is by themselves ARE strong. Tier I.V (1.5) magic like Nature, Steel, Lightning, Wind are powerful alone, but become even strong with something to help. Wind + Fire = GIANT ARSE INFERNO. Water + Lightning = surging current. Steel + Lightning = Surging current. Earth + Fire = magma, and so on. Combinations are very much needed with Tier I's. However, always take each magic and consider... What can I do with this and what can't I?

Now, onto the actual ability creation. There's a secret of how Xixas makes so many OP abilities that are still fair, and well thought out. It's mainly understanding, and confidence.

When making abilities, you have to consider LITERALLY every LITTLE thing about that magic. Remember, these are abilities, not spells. They're meant to do multiple things. However, when making multiple things, they all have to be connected. Look at Xixas' scythe. Fyre itself is meant to slice magic. So, the Fyre gives a connected power of passing through, and slicing. "Fyre can only slice magic" "Steel slices skin so easily". Put those together, and you have your ability.

Confidence in your abilities is needed. You have to be able to know that this ability is strong. Go a little overboard! Try this experiment. Next time you make an ability, try to make it as strong as facking possible while still staying within the rules. Also, make the multiple effects connect! They have to have to have to directly connect. The way strong abilities are made... You have to consider. What situation do you NOT want to be in? Always take into account the situations that will screw you over. Also, when making an ability MEANT to counter something specific, always make sure you can use that ability in fights other than the thing you're trying to counter. If you make a spell to stop a spell that causes ice flowers to fall from the sky and freeze you solid every damn second, make sure the way you counter it can ALSO be used to counter something else! Options! ALWAYS. HAVE. OPTIONS. Always. Always always.

Okay, any questions?

How can I really know what situations would be bad to be in? And how would I know if one of my abilities I already have can counter it? D: The best way to do that is to take a second and tell yourself what you will accept as a counter. Like, if you have an ability, always make it in mind to cover enough options. However, that'll never actually happen. You need to literally look at your abilities, all of them, and sit there. And ask, what will send me flying into an ocean full of purple dye? You technically already are. The way I do it is, in all of my ability posts, it's always "This was well thought out!" Because I sat there, staring at my screen. Thinking what can kick my ass and how can I avoid that? Once you run out of scenarios, you're golden.

Okay, we'll end class here.

For homework, this is something I really want you guys to do.

Homework: Go make Abilities. Don't post them, it can be any magic, any combo, anything at all. Just make abilities, and practice making them stronger than usual, while still staying within the rules. Literally start shoving the rules. Also, BE. CREATIVE. I don't want to see blatant dumb abilities that just melt someone. Be creative. Abilities that can counter a crap ton of scenarios.

The second and third class will be much better. Tier Is are very simple. Alright, thank you for coming! Again, P.M me any questions you have, comments, concerns, anything. Have a good afternoon!

Now get the hell out of my classroom.
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PostSubject: Re: Classroom of the Velvet Blade   

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Classroom of the Velvet Blade
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