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 Veata Pom's magic

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2014-04-01
Age : 23
Location : Heaven

PostSubject: Veata Pom's magic   Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:08 am

Name: Feint arrow

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Wind

Effect: Veata fires an arrow in any direction but it is quickly carried away on a breeze. The arrow is lifted high into the sky and held on the breeze for one post. In the next post (the very next post after firing the arrow) the arrow is brought down in unexpected direction and takes the opponent by surprise.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Takes two posts to complete. Limited to 5 per topic.

Name: Shurry dive

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Darkness

Effect: Veata's falcon friend soars high above the battlefield and dives down at speeds nearing 250 MPH. Empowered and strengthened by Veata's Darkness magic he crashes into the opponent and lashes out with his sharp beak and talons. He will continue to attack until he kills the enemy or until he is struck with a blow, if he is hit he will not be harmed but will retreat from the fight as the magic wears off.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: 2 per topic. 2 post cooldown. Shurry is somewhat ineffective against heavily armored opponents.

Name: Flora frenzy

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Nature

Effect: All vegetation in the area lends help to Veata and lashes out at her enemies. Trees will whip there branches around, vines will grow and attack, and anything around will shield her from attacks for a limited time. Last one post, has a range of about 75 yards around Veata.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: 1 per topic. Decreased effectiveness against fire magic.

Name: Bird of prey

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Nature/darkness

Effect: Massive wings of shadow and vine explode from Veatas back. Initially this works as an AOE, violently knocking back anyone standing too close to Veata. It does little damage but is effective for putting distance between her and her opponent. After the initial blast she can use the wings to fly, but only for a short duration at a time. She can leap into the air and hover in one spot raining down arrows for about ten seconds before gliding back to the ground. Then she can repeat this as needed. The wings can be used for travel but will still only keep her in the air for no more than fifteen seconds at a time.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Lasts 3 posts. 2 post cooldown. AOE effect has a range limited to 10 feet around Veata

Last edited by Evee on Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:09 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Posts : 235
Join date : 2013-11-21
Location : Majesty

PostSubject: Re: Veata Pom's magic   Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:43 pm

I would suggest changing Shurry Dive to "Lasts five posts, takes three to cool down". Two per topic is very limited. Also, the ability that calls animals to you isn't fully useful this world is filled with unique creatures that you do not know of, and some are too strong to control. You should also contemplate abilities for close combat, as that will be a struggle for any ranged fighter. I suggest a Wind/Darkness ability that creates a burst of blackened wind like an explosion, throwing everything around you away while also eating away and severely hindering magic. So anyone with body augments would have their augments cut in half.

Or even a Darkness/Nature technique that wraps your body in thick vines and wood in seconds, coated with black tendrils, giving you protection and sucking the life force out if whatever touches you, forcing close quarters fighters to back away. These are just suggestions, as ranged fighting is rather difficult when someone's in your face.
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Posts : 235
Join date : 2013-11-21
Location : Majesty

PostSubject: Re: Veata Pom's magic   Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:44 pm

All approved except the animal calling.
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PostSubject: Re: Veata Pom's magic   

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Veata Pom's magic
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