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 OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...

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PostSubject: OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...   Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:14 pm

Three years have gone by since the Stars Fell. Xixas is dead, the world is in shambles, and all the surviving OVB natives are either in the city ruins of an unknown area, barely staying alive off of the land, or Flagless, all alone or with a small group trying to survive and escape the Crafters.

What about you?

What have you been doing these past three years?

Tell us what your characters have been doing since then? Have they been working with Zechs who alongside the other old nation leaders help lead the Remnants? Have they been off alone with some of your other characters? Or with the characters of another person, keeping each other alive?

Are they dead?

Did they die to save someone or die in the initial battles? Did they die fighting your Crested character or one of the famous Crafters like Orlahm or Sysira? Did they die to buy time to let someone else escape? Or were they brutally butchered in front of the world like Xixas?

Tell us what happened?

Have an idea as to what happened that involves another person something story related? Want to have been training personally with Zechs? The current strongest man in the world after Xixas died, since he is the only person to have mastered the Final Release, the only level of power capable of competing against Crafters? Have they been working to create their own kingdom or own organization with other characters in it? Have they been tracking down the infamous Corren the Seraphym who is rumoured to have connections to Xixas? Have they been captured by the Crafters? If it's something along these lines, message me and we'll talk about it to make it legit.
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PostSubject: Re: OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...   Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:49 pm

Sumaru watches as his teacher, no the person he idolized most was murdered right in front of his eyes. The war they had fought for Xixas all went down the drain as the arrow struck his heart. He had never felt so hurt in his whole life. This man brought him into the world of Concuclare and showed him how to use his powers. He became one of the strongest members alongside Zechs and Xixas himself but none of that mattered now. Sumaru's strength was inferior to this new age that had dawnede upon the world they fought so hard to take over. After Xixas fell Sumaru was blood thirsty and he knew not of the true power of the crafters. Without thinking he flew straight towards where the arrow had came from. He was then stopped by his girlfriend Celestia who held him back against his will. After he had calmed down he saw so many of his comrades get slain by this new threat.

After the death of Xixas, Sumaru was so lost. He didn't know what to do with his life and he felt as though he was powerless. He heard rumors of this fabled Final Release which is an ultimate power obtained by only a few. He knew Xixas had obtained the power and he heard that he taught it to Zechs. Zechs himself could not teach the power of Final Release due to him only being human. After months of pushing himself to the limit he had given up. He scarred his body so much trying to push himself he was immobile for two weeks. After he was ready those who survived begged Sumaru to stop his thirst for power because they didn't wanna see another ally die.There were times where he would destroy random buildings to let out his anger. He was always alone and he sometimes neglected Frosch and Celestia. The only two people he had left in this world and he ignored them. People feared him because of what he was turning into. Sumaru was blinded with his thirst for revenge and power he set off one day. He left Frosch in Celestia's hands and gave him the ring she had given him. It was her grace and he told Frosch to use it to summon her once he was gone. He loved Celestia but he knew if he stayed and was weaker then a crafter he could never protect her.  He ventured far out into the darkest parts of the world to train himself and it was there he met his new master.

Sumaru was slowly beginning to hate the world and he was losing himself. His mind grew darker and darker and that's when it happened. Sumaru was ambushed by a crafter while out in this dark part of Ae'Ire. He was walking while eating a loaf of bread when he heard a violent gust coming his way. He turned his head to see a crafter in some sort of flying contraption. It caught him off guard and the flying vehicle rammed into Sumaru, sending him into a wall. He was now pinned in between a wall and in so much pain. He used that to his advantage and flipped the whole vehicle. He watched as it spun in the air but then just disappeared. He watched the pilot pencil drop into the ground. He caused a massive crater in the ground and the debris momentarily. Once he regained his eye site the first thing he saw was pure black bat colliding with his face. He flew back into the wall he was in first. He felt the blood leak down his face and he jumped off the wall, lunging towards the crafter. The crafter seemed to have super speed because in a swift motion he saw a blur and he knew the man was behind him. He turned around and saw the crafter spiraling down towards himself. The bat crashed into his stomach and he began to twist with the crafter. In a matter of seconds a giant explosion could be heard. In the center of this massive crater lied Sumaru. He was almost lifeless and his pure white hair was stained with his own blood. His eyesight began to fade and his red eyes slowly turned gray. He knew what this was... it was a sensation he had felt long ago... Sumaru was dying. He looked up and muttered the words that changed his whole life. "I'd rather sell my soul to revenge to learn the power that I need to avenge my master then die to this piece of trash." Almost instantly his prayers were answered. Out of no where a black figure stopped the crafter from landing the finishing blow. (To be continued)
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Character Information: Owner of Cedric/Erynn/Serephene.

PostSubject: Re: OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...   Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:13 pm

Finvarre looked over her city, her people, and her kingdom with sorrow. They were dying. Her only ally, capable of destroying the threat that had suddenly reared its ugly head... Was dead.

Grimacing beneath her visor, many of Finvarre's remaining allies took a step back- knowing what the changing light playing beneath that helm meant. The standing figure didn't register the movement, or the whipping of her scarf in the wind. The only thing that had her attention, was emotion. A surging storm of grief, misery, self-loathing, and unadulterated malice each fought for her, the tides of the inner war visible through the colors of her Iris.

Snapping her head up, the color finally latched onto the chosen emotion. Her soldiers each stood at attention, nervous and afraid when they saw the color- knowing what it meant. The line turned, hands upon their swords, making a path for their chosen ruler.

"Lieutenant, I need you to send a message."

Coming to a halt at the end of the path, a young woman stood at attention. Saluting, then clicking her heels, a small bead of sweat rolled down her temple. The ladies' deep hazel eyes met her rulers, and she swallowed.

"Tell the new ruler of Concuclare, that we need to talk. Captain, grab everything you can, everyone you can, and get them on the road to the Tunnels. We're going underground."

The armored figured turned once more, but not before the dying light of sunset highlighted the only color left to her.

The balanced, cold, crisp color... Of silver.
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Kureno Hatak

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PostSubject: Re: OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...   Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:28 pm

Starting three years ago, Kureno was on top of a kingdom, the king of Bolitraia. He wasn’t sure he fully enjoyed it some days, but, it was his job none the less. He carried himself with pride, as much a man could with a giant sword on his back, as well as two Katanas on his waist. He couldn’t put his finger on it though. This giant war he was about to go into. It didn’t feel right, but none the less, he had to go into it. He couldn’t be weak in front of his kingdom, he couldn’t. He couldn’t even remember how he became ruler. He had seen Excul, escaped Dark Ire, and did all of that. None of it prepared him for a war that could take his kingdom from him, and strip him of all he felt dear.

He hated to say it, but he was human. He was completely human unlike some on this planet, adaptable yes, weaker? It depended on who it was, but he had people lower then him who could kill him easily… namely that boy Dante. Such a feral fighter if pushed, Kureno wasn’t nearly trained enough to face someone like that. He knew that he wasn’t ready to face the… how would he put it, world. As a leader, that was a horrible issue to have, although his words said otherwise, at least to his troops.

We skip a year forward, the war is in full force. Kureno was losing troops, no, fellow men faster than he could count, it was all falling out of control. In his battle planning room, he held himself alone, trying to think of how to win. It seemed impossible, even with the large amount of troops he still had; who were completely willing to die for their kingdom.  It made him hate himself, but it also made him realise something; the demon inside of him wasn’t just real, it was also metaphorical. It was a man torn between himself and others. Save himself, or go ahead of others?  It actually made him cry. A man, torn completely between two sides, sat down and cried in a room alone.

He wasn’t a man who had fought 100s of battles, he wasn’t a man who had seen the death of his family… he hadn't seen his family in years! He had them nicely situated in a nice home near the castle, although he rarely left the castle. Certainly not enough to see his family, as when he left, it was on a very important meeting outside of the castle, with other leaders or whatever it may be. He couldn’t help but think a few things. A few very certain things in this room.  The thought crossed his mind, ending it there, ending this stress he felt; ever a shadow over him, although worse now than usual. Thank god the demon inside him wasn’t acting up; else he’d be driven past that line.

He thought about giving up the kingdom, but what would that do? Give up the things he worked to preserve? Allow the armies that opposed his to trample over his? He couldn’t allow that to happen.  Why push loss when loss might be able to be stopped? All of these questions with no answers. This whole time he stood, looking upon a rough map of which he had of where the battles were. It wasn’t a bloody battle from these losses, complete genocide; and he couldn’t fight it! He would fight for as long as he could, even as these men who murdered his own crept slowly through his defense, he would not stop until a blade went through him.

Who could blame him? He had to put of a facade over what was actually a scared man. A man so scared of death that he let others die. Except he understood one thing, if he were to die, his men might lose hope. He had to go on even though he didn’t wish to, that didn’t mean he couldn’t cry. Even the manliest of men cried; he had been to one of his camps, and he had seen it. His fellow beings were crying… that’s if they could… they cried as though to stop something, and he understood now. He understood that crying let out what was deep inside, let you let out the sorrow that you held deep, so you could keep on going.  

He looked at the map of the battles that happened. He stood there, for a solid ten minutes before a man walked in, and said something awfully particular.

“Sir!  There’s an as-” As the man was about to finish, a man hopped down and had put a blade in him.  Kureno didn’t draw a blade, he took off his coat and turned to his power, the power he had named Fire Guardian Tier 3, which engulfed him in an armor of fire, and then they fought.

It was a short fight, as Kureno wasn’t messing around. He had used a spell of his, Flame chains, in conjunction with a small flame dragon to the heart area to kill the man very quickly. He dispelled his magic, although letting it go slow, as to give himself a moment to know what he has done; although he knew it the second the flame dragon connected. It wasn’t the fact that he had an issue with the death itself, he had an issue with how he did it. With speed and without remorse.

He couldn’t let this break him. No, no he could not. He left his red coat off, and walked out of the castle, and into the main city. He walked deftly through the city, helping those he could, and then got to the gate. They were still far from this gate, even though they were cutting through his men, or blowing them up; they were far. He went to the castle and made plans, and with that, we skip another year ahead.

After this year, he knew what he had to do… he had to go out and fight this battle himself;which wasn’t difficult considering they were at his doorstep at this point. He knew he had to fight this battle to the very end. If he was to die, or live, it mattered not. He must either save the city, or die trying. He moved in front of the men he had left, a large mass of men, brave each of them, and did a speech.

“I stand here today as a man who wants to fight for this place as much as any of you do. I’ll be blunt; our chances of winning are low, but I want to at least fight until the end. We can’t be afraid of death any longer, it gets us nowhere. We must stand against these men, these brutes who call themselves Concuclare. I’m afraid for my life, as I’m sure most of you are, but we must fight. WE WILL NOT LET OUR CITY BREAK AND CRACK. WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL THE VERY END.”  

He said what he felt, and it could be heard around the city as it was echoed by the crowd. They rushed out to the field, the archers rained arrows against the mass that was the opposing forces, but that did not scare Kureno. He took off his hat and his coat, unsheathing his big blade, and started slashing until the blade itself was broken, but his spirit was not yet. He took out his two Katanas. His body hurt, but his spirit thrived.  It was an 30 minutes into this battle.

He spotted a man he only knew as the Dragon of Glaciers, or something like that. Very good swordsman from what he heard. So, without speaking a word, he would attack the blue coated man, only to get blocked. The fight would start, them exchanging blows back and forth without much of a care, men dying around them, although they would not care as they were locked in a battle to the death.

After a 20 minute fight, one of Kurenos swords break in half, and he throws it. The fight continues, and after another 10 minutes, his right eye gets cut, he became completely blind it it, and burnt the wound so it wouldn’t spread. Kureno managed to get a gash across the Dragons stomach, yet the man stayed, and Kureno continued fighting with one eye. The two kept fighting still for another 10 minutes. Kureno had a broken rib or two, but then the man seemed distracted and left. Kureno didn’t know why, but he was sure it was because he was called back. He lived that day, but his kingdom; it fell. There's a blank spot in between here and current day.

Presently, he lives in the wilderness, hiding from the two sides. He doesn’t remember the event that the crafters caused, he’s blocked it out of his mind. His last real memory was the fight with the Dragon. He lives with a man he called his right eye. The story of how he met his right eye isn't crazy, but you must know. He no longer wears a red jacket, he wears a blue suit, with his one sword on his waist.
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Hibari Netsu

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PostSubject: Re: OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...   Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:26 pm


The day of Falling Stars was not just a day of great sadness but day of loss which seemed even greater then the pain. After the newly finished war time had all but seemed to slow quickly releasing a quiet and peaceful aura over the field of battered and wounded warriors of this day. Celestia collapsed next to her boyfriend with tears of joy falling from her eyes as she screamed with a victorious cry bruises covering her from head to toe. She would hold Frosch in her arms as she fought to stand back to her feet... Her attempt at standing was quickly destroyed as a mist of blood covered her clothing as she looked forward to see her leader killed in cold blood right in front of her.

Before she could react people who witnessed the event much earlier then she had screamed and shouted in a collective roar of sadness some even reacting to the assault by blazing forward towards the assailant. One of which was her own partner Sumaru who Xixas had been closet to him. Celestia in a moment of desperation had managed to stop Sumaru as countless of other people who had grown to be their friends where murdered senselessly in front of their eyes. After they both regained their composer they helped the remaining forces fight the new threat only to be forced to retreat moments later....

That was the day of Falling Stars the day when the world had lost a leader and the day where Celestia had lost her lover. Driven by sadness she had watched her boyfriend sadness turn into great thirst for power and authority to stand against the Crafters. This thirst had turned into something he wasn't able to fight as he often left his favorite companion Frosch with Celestia disappearing for days and sometimes weeks. During this time Celestia herself had taken an interest in the healing arts quickly becoming the second in command in the medical division of the Remnant Army. During a routine supply check Celestia had noticed Frosch hidden in between two boxes crying covering his hand.

Leaning down to console him she would notice her Eternal Grace placed around Frosch small hand as the small humanoid animal tried to frantically tell her Sumaru had left them for good this time. Abandoned, weak, and broken, Celestia last beacon of hope had abandoned her. She was left to care for Frosch as they both grieved for they're friend and lover. Over the next couple of months Celestia had, had enough of being weak and sad and decided to evolve along with everyone else. She would seek help from the leader of the Remnant Army and previous second in command of Concuclare, Zechs. She had asked for his assistant in helping with becoming stronger both personality wise and physically and that's what she had learned to do.

During training sessions with Zechs she had learned to incorporate her healing powers into her fighting tactics which not only helped her become stronger but also helped her healing powers grow exponentially allowing her to become the first in command of the Medical Branch of the army. Even within her busy schedule she still managed to find plenty of time to spend with Frosch. She played with him often while he even helped her with patients picking up on a few skills in the medical area. On days when Celestia was most busy Frosch would venture away from then armies safe zone to entertain himself until dinner time. One day he had decided to venture to far off the reservation managing to get himself attacked by the wildlife.

Using the Eternal Grace to call Celestia he was saved just in time before getting fatally wounded but suffered a dislocated shoulder. Celestia being worried about Frosch's well being when she was not able to be around forced her to teach him magic. She would began to teach him lightning magic which worked well with his personality. Celestia knew Sumaru would be to happy with her doing this but she had no choice especially after him being gone for over two years now. Celestia and Frosch now stronger then ever still continue to train in both medical and magical talents awaiting they're beloved Sumaru's return...
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Hibari Netsu

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PostSubject: Re: OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...   Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:36 pm


What could be said from Dante's personal view of the Day of Falling Stars? Alot seeing as how many things where lost for him just like others who managed to survive that dreadful day. Seeing Xixas fall really wasn't something that affected Dante seeing as how he hardly liked him yet truly respected his power and grateful for his ability to unite everyone one in the war unlike any other. What confused him was who could do such a thing especially in the ending moments of hardship. When faced with the decision of fighting the new threat or backing down Dante would face the new threat with great will and power. Along with Dante stood his brother Vergil who under any circumstance wouldn't let his brother foolishly walk into battle.

Over confident, arrogant, and foolish Dante stood well against the Crafter Army as most of his comrades fell right next to him. With his brother backing up his every move Dante would head straight to the leader of the Crafter Army where he attempted to fight him with all his might. Both Vergil and Dante being toyed with, Dante would sacrifice his insanity for his Feral Trigger which greatly increased his strength and speed but to no avail. Moments after activating his Trigger the Crafter leader blazed forward with blurring speed slashing forward aiming towards Dante's chest. In a moment of confidence Dante would raise his most ultimate weapon, Rebellion within it's normal state.

Appearing to take the damage well Dante now proceeded forward with his own attack swinging his blade viciously, but before it could even come in contact with the Crafter leader the blade would shatter into seven pieces leaving even the hilt bent. Confused and further enraged insane Dante would lash forward with his broken blade as the Crafter leading struck Dante twice across the chest forcing his Feral Trigger to end instantly reverting his body back to it's humanoid form. Bleeding heavily and feeling defeated Dante still managed to fight back with his words which was all that he had left. Just as the Crafter leader raised his blade to finish the job his brother Vergil would enter vine getting struck in exchange which caused him to instantly die.

Within that moment dozens of emotions would hit Dante as one was felt more strongly then the other, sadness. Having his brother sacrifice himself for him was something Dante hadn't expected to happen and yet he couldn't do anything to revenge his brother. Holding his brother as tears flowed from his eyes this moment certainly seemed like his last as the leader raised his blade once again. Staring death in the face Dante would give his assailant a look of hatred and disgust wanting for his own death sentence. Just before the blade would strike him he would be saved by a man dressed in army clothing with purplish hair and bone chilling eyes ending his fight one the Day of Falling stars resulting in him passing out.

One month later after being healed and rescued Dante found himself in a makeshift hospital filled with other wounded warriors. Himself with a giant X shaped scar on his chest stood up find out where he was. Revealed later to be in Dark Ire, Dante searched for his rescuer to offer his thanks and respect. Upon finding the man he would learn his true name. Hex Ender, the man that not only saved him but all of the remaining warrior now known as the Remnant Army. Ashamed and embarrassed Dante's next goal was to find someone to train him so that he could become stronger to stand up against this new threat. He had heard of a new power certain power had come to posses known as the Final Release. Seeking to obtain that power or even a small boost of power Dante continued his search.

Denied by those who were strongest Dante felt all hope was lost. Having lost his most powerful weapon Dante didn't have the means to be trained by most people. In a moment of rage he would wander off to an open area releasing various attacks of weak fire magic until ultimately breaking down out of pure exhaustion. Looking towards the sun for guidance and warmth Dante would notice a figure which appeared to be much like his brother. Believing to be haunted because he couldn't save his brother Dante would begin to curse violently slamming against the ground as he vision started to fade due to exhaustion. Moments before passing out he would notice that the figure wasn't his brother but that of Hex Ender.

Awaking once again he would find himself up against the tree with a strange item in-between observation of the item and confusion, Dante would hear a familar voice. Looking above him in the tree he would find Hex as he was slowly explained what the item was it's intended use was. The item itself was a giant key chain with six keys attached to it which severed as a different use. Later revealed to made from the broken pieces of Rebellion, Dante had found that the keys could transform into several weapons just as the original Rebellion had, yet these weapons where much stronger and durable.

Each key formed a different weapon. There was Dual Pistols, Gauntlets, Scythe, Crossbow, Wide Claymore, and lastly a War Axe. Being similar to Rebellion's previous forms Dante was truly happy with the return of his weapons. He was truly a master in weapons which Hex seemed to notice. In a state of gratitude and happiness Daemon pleaded with Hex to train him. He briefly saw him in action with the Crafters and saw he could handle his own even against the leader. Determined to be train he would beg Hex until he gave in rather wanting to kill him more then train him the sessions began.

Over the next 2 years and 10 months Dante and Hex trained greatly further mastering his new weapons as well as incorporating his Feral Trigger into the weapons to the point where he can sacrifice the weapons to gain unfathomable power he had never experienced from his self yet not lose his sanity like before. Upon training the Feral Trigger the stress on his body was overwhelming causing his hair to turn pure white. While also spending time with Hex, Dante has went through a dramatic personality change. No longer the ruff disrespectful individual Dante has no taken more of a personality like his brother.

He at the same time has become more buff and body has become more mature unlike his young teen like frame. He has not mastered the Final Release just yet but has learned a similar ability known as a Fracture which also give a powerful power up. Even, Dante has become more compassionate in the eyes of others having made lots of friends now. Even while in his second year of training Dante had managed to become the leader of the first assault team for the Remnant Army. Even on Blue Moons he would talk to his brother he thinks the change in him had made him not only stronger but a better and more collected individual capable of fighting for the Remnant Army.

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PostSubject: Re: OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...   

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OVB Characters: Three years have gone by...
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