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 Erynn Aarae, Seraph

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Character information
Character Information: Owner of Cedric/Erynn/Serephene.

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PostSubject: Erynn Aarae, Seraph   Erynn Aarae, Seraph EmptyTue Nov 17, 2015 9:43 pm

Erynn Suna Ethoi Aether Nesoma Chiitor Nnpoya Prusta Da're Styll Aerae.

Just call her Erynn.

Seraph of Space


Though she looks young, there's an air of ageless knowledge about her... Despite how she acts.


Quirky, honest, curious. Her attitude could change with the wind, or drop of a hat. But generally she likes to make people smile, and gives things from her travels to those she really cares about. Though she never shares much about how she's grown, she's normally an honest individual. Charismatic and laughter filled, she cheers up those who are sad around her. Not afraid to drink with the men, she enjoys having a drink or two with her comrades.


Appearance (Must be described with words but a picture can be added. Be detailed):

Without armor:

With armor:

Erynn's hair is a golden shade, only just reaching her shoulders. The tips are a deep brown, reaching near black in hue. Her eyes go from steel-gray near her pupil to an ocean blue color near the outside of her irises. Though she's short, her attitude makes her seem taller than she physically is. Burns, puckered scars, freckles, and small ink writings line her arms. Her hands are calloused and large for her gender, but they tell that she works with her hands. Her right eyebrow is split with a small scar, silver against her peach colored skin.

While she generally wears her armor, she can seemingly call upon it in moments. Her normal attire is a  leather coat, reaching down mid-calf. Her tunic is a deep purple, and her undershirt's sleeves are white. Her trousers are light, almost puffed as they're tucked into her riding boots. She also carries a large satchel wherever she goes, despite many an attempt of theft. This satchel is odd in several ways. It seems to never run out of room- which is how she can store so many inquisitive things. The bag looks like a plain leather satchel- but is impervious to fire water or any form of damage. The weirdest thing about it, however, is not that it seems to be invulnerable to damage, but that it always seems to return to Erynn's side when she seems to need it.

Occupation (What do you do? Warrior, mercenary, merchant, captain, general, traveler, almost anything!):

Erynn doesn't do much beside travel. Every now and then she can be seen drawing on top of roofs and in town squares or parks.  

Relations (Who do you know and how?):
Corren, as Corren knows everyone.
Serephene- they've argued more than once.
Zechs: She's drank and danced with his men in a few taverns.
Xixas... Unknown.
Cedric- Danced with him in more than a few taverns.
Azumai- drunk bar brawl.


Erynn has traveled Ae'Ire over, searching for something. Something to satiate her curiosity, to end her wanderlust. Though she looks tirelessly for such a thing, she knows not what it is. This has lead to a lot of relationship building, knowledge gained, and tasks done. She can speak almost every known language, purely out of living with their culture. Not much IS known about her, as she just looks at people who ask about her past. She's only ever told two people what has happened to her, and they didn't particularly enjoy her presence after that.


Those she truly talks to acknowledge that she, in and of herself, is charismatic. She could regale them with history of the places she's been, the things she's seen, and what she's done. Stories seem to flow from within her, weaving a spell of wanderlust around them.

She's fought in wars, and had men die in her arms.

She's saved lives, taking time to perform surgeries on those who were injured. She's taught medicine and war to cultures that were young and not as advanced as others.

People have protected her, as she taught and helped children grow and learn.

People have died for her, as she helped their kind learn.

Each night she can Erynn looks skyward, staring into the depths of the stars with an impassive face. Men have seen her do this strange ritual many times, seeing the Seraph's wings blend into the night's blanket. Some say that the night seems to be all around her, cloaking her like a rider's jacket. Her eyes hold galaxies and secrets in their depths according to the women, and her hair turns silver with the moonlight. No one but her could tell you why this happen, if it even does.

After all, stories are that.


Character theme* (Do you have a personal theme music?!):

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PostSubject: Re: Erynn Aarae, Seraph   Erynn Aarae, Seraph EmptyWed Nov 18, 2015 6:30 pm

Approved. All set!
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Erynn Aarae, Seraph
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