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 Dante Sparda (Remake) [Finished]

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Dante Sparda (Remake) [Finished] Empty
PostSubject: Dante Sparda (Remake) [Finished]   Dante Sparda (Remake) [Finished] EmptySat Nov 28, 2015 5:01 pm

Name: Dante Alighieri Sparda

Race: Antitheus

Age: 130 (Appears to Be 20)


Dante is a extreme loner at times. He tends to stay away from people because of his shyness and nervousness. He likes to get to know people from afar before he communicates with them, which in a sense leads to him having a good since of judgment. Dante is incredibly kind and trustworthy and yet he appears to be lonely and angry. He loves to connect with people on a intellectual level to deem if they are a person of good or bad heart.

Although he tends to avoid human contact when he does interact, he may be easy to manipulate or control because of naiveté. Yet when he enters battle his personality changes drastically he becomes deadly serious while also being protective over others under his jurisdiction. He in addition becomes completely selfless and in a way heroic. Also his nervousness and shyness fades and he is now able to work others in complete unison.

He is slightly above the normal intelligence of those within his age group. He does what he deems is right, which means his preference for good or evil isn't clear although deems the good side more beneficial. He at times may be stubborn or difficult when his needs aren't met. He is an incredibly smart boy with a gift of making people angry easily.

Appearance (Must be described with words but a picture can be added. Be detailed):

Dante stands at around six feet and with a more rounded face, a small scar going across his right eyebrow and cheek, and wide. His eye color seems to be grey-blue. His hair is pure white, while it is the length of his shoulders it is usually parted to the left to keep it from rendering his vision. He also sports a strange glowing tattoo on his back between his shoulder blades. Which flashes a red and black when transforming weapons.

His attire consists of a black, 3/4-length, hooded leather jacket with red interior linings and the British Union flag sewn on the left arm, a gray tanktop, black fingerless gloves, black faded jeans, black military boots, and a necklace reminiscent of half of the Devil Amulet. His sword is slung over his back favoring his left hand, and his pistols are placed in holsters at the back of his waist, under his coat. Dante also seems to be ambidextrous, favoring either hand for melee attacks with his weapons.

Dante Sparda (Human Form):

In Athitheus form, Dante becomes covered in thick black and red dry skin as hard as steel. Dante's face vecones covered in a thick layer of hard skin as his hair turns a faded grey white. His eyes become a redish yellow. His jaw becomes pointy steal and has a shiny gleam. His chest cavity burst open and his true heart shows. A flame covered in a dark aura. His coat and pants infuses with his skin and becomes hard as well and becomes a sundried orangish red.

His spikes and points protrude from his shoulders and. The trail of the coat splits three ways and becomes pointy and sharp. His pants follow a similar path but instead are all black. The knee area becomes thick and pointy. His feet completely loses his shoes but becomes one of the most hardest part of his Anthitheus body. His five toes turn into the medium sized ones similar to birds and gain smokey black toe nails. In addition Dantes body beomces covered in a weird circular and wavy pattern.

Dante Sparda (Demon Form):
Occupation (What do you do? Warrior, mercenary, merchant, captain, general, traveler, almost anything!): Mercenary Traveler/Warrior

Relations (Who do you know and how?):

Renuard Royalty: Dante before being put into his prison once served the Renuard Royalty due to his mothers request.

Corren: The man Dante met amongst his travels to fulfill a request from the King of the Renuard Royalty. The man was the who locked Dante in his 100 year prison and changed his life from that point on.

Zechs Renuard: Dante stumbled upon one of the remaining members of the Renuard Royalty upon being free from his 100 year prison. Having no where to turn to his joined Zechs in his travels in attempt to recollect the remaining pieces of his life. Zechs is also Dante's primary friend and mentor.


Dante was born in the lower pit of hell to the the almighty powerful demon Sparda. His father was disgusted by his gentle and caring nature. So he exiled Dante from hell and attempted to kill him several times. These attempts were countlessly denied because Dante possed a power only unlocked when hit with demonic powers. As he grew older Dante gave the ability a name, "Demon Trigger. " His powers and abilites continued to grow but Dante's reckless actions brought upon him not only the Wrath of Hell but also gained his attention from heaven. At the age of 10 heaven deicided his rampaging had gone fair enough and sent a highclassed angel after him. Her name was Eva her beauty could not be described in words. Her strenght was unmatched by most demons who fought her while she was evenly matched with Dante's father.

Although she was sent to dispose of Dante sonething in her couldnt. She saw Dante as a innocent child born into the wrong life. Instead of killing him she hid him from heavens radar which caused her to become a traitor and lose all connection to heaven. She became fallen and a parent,  now that she had betrayed God she and Dante would be certainly hunted down to the ends of the earth and they surely were. On Dante's 13th birthday his mother gifted Dante an amulet allowing him to better control his power as he pleased. Eva would the raise and train her son  to control his powers and fight for the right causes. A few years later one his 15th birthday  he was separated from his mother and left to fend for himself. It was then that he discovered from a group of demons that his father would rise from hell and fight him it he hadnt perished before his 18th birthday.

Dante traveled the world two years alone before finding his mother who seemed more tense then ever. It was nearing his 18th  birthday and both of them grew tired of running so they started there life on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Renuard Royal Everything had been running smoothly until they were attacked the day before Dante's 18th birthday which resulted in the loss of his mother.  In a blind rage Dante called out to his father accepting his challenge. Both men would fight fiercely. It would seeme that Dante had a slight disadvantage until his father stumbled and Dante flung himself across the battlefield snaping his neck ending the 10 hour battle at the break of dawn. The moment Dante killed his father he was presented with an Ancient Demonic sword that had the ability to swap into different weapons to fit different situations its name was, "Rebellion."

On the first attempt using rebillion Dante was blessed with a mark that resembled an angels sword. Every time he released rebellion it would flash a black and red tent. Dante now all and weak had been spotted by the guardsmen of Renuard Royalty and taken to the King. The man allowed Dante to tell his story before being sentenced for trespassing. The King took pity upon the young Antitheus and allowed him to live under his care so as long as he proved useful. For the next seven years Dante would grow and train to become a young Rebellious man. The King who took pity upon him had become more like a strict parent but even then Dante would rebel against the man. One day the King would order Dante to assassinate a foreign affairs consultant who had betrayed the kingdom.

Along his travels to hunt down the traitor Dante would stumbled upon the man who would forever change his life. Dante had only heard stories of this man a Seraph known as Corren. Foolishly Dante would disturb the mans peace causing the man to insult Dante provoking him to attack with his swords Rebellion. This had been a mistake he would never forget, as he attacked Corren the powerful Seraph would shatter Rebellion shortly before trapping the young and foolish Dante and his shattered blade in a Time Prison for 100 years...

During his time within the prison Dante had been completely frozen as only his consciousness was freely allowed to drift. Facing the edge of insanity Dante had resolved to change himself if he we're ever released from this prison. He reflected on his rude, immature, and disgusting behavior towards those of the Renuard Royalty even when they showed him unbelievable kindness... Just within moments of Dante releasing his grip on his sanity he was freed from the Prison only to find himself covered in foliage and various Flora. He would stand from the plant life noticing his previously short and black hair had grown long in length and a pure white. He would recover the fragments of his shattered blade before searching for a clearing only to be met with the light of a camp fire.

Along side it Dante would discover a young man who seemed to be just as confused as he was. He would raise taking a defensive stance as Dante neared in his attempt to communicate for help.  The young man would eventually rest and help Dante as they both discussed how he ended up out here. Dante would tell the story of the evens he remembered only to reveal his connection with the Renuard Royalty and being imprisoned by Corren. To his surprise this very young man would turn out to be one of the only two survivors of the Renuard Royal, Zechs Renuard. Not only that it would seem that Dante was now 100 years in the future from what he remembered.

Lost, confused, and alone Dante had no where to go, to call home. The young mercenary king would offer to help Dante get back onto his feet and readjust to the troubles of the new world... Dante would join Zechs and be introduced to the life of a mercenary. In this pathway Dante was able to create a secret forage where he alone was able to remake his sword Rebellion into a even more powerful creation. The new Rebellion consisted of five Keychains all of which possessed the ability to transform into a weapon of their choosing but these weapons where much more powerful then it's previous forms. Now with his weapon renewed Dante had now readjusted to the new life he was given. Dante would ask the young mercenary king to train Dante to unlock an even greater power and to inform him on this generations fighting styles.

Dante now continues to serve Zechs just as he used to for his ancestors. He also now travels in search for Corren not in a trip of revenge but one of closure for the past.

Character theme* (Do you have a personal theme music?!):

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Dante Sparda (Remake) [Finished] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dante Sparda (Remake) [Finished]   Dante Sparda (Remake) [Finished] EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 9:56 pm

All approved. Enjoy Don'te Dante.
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Dante Sparda (Remake) [Finished]
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