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 Serephene, the Golden Star.

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Character information
Character Information: Owner of Cedric/Erynn/Serephene.

PostSubject: Serephene, the Golden Star.   Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:29 pm



  Reborn at the age of Nineteen, currently 23.


   As with all Cae, Serephene's emotion are easy to manipulate and phase- she can be happy in one moment, than rush into an awe-inspiring anger, just to change to a lulling peace. Before the war, she was silent and imposing with her presence- only to hide how shy she was. During her rule over Dyseria, she was patient with the council, and quick to solve problems. After the Crested leveled her kingdom, her eyes fixate on the color of her hopeful, adamant feelings. Silver.

Appearance (Must be described with words but a picture can be added. Be detailed):

     Pure, white hair that slowly ascends into a soft, angelic gold. Her left eye has a single scar running down it, the only one that remains upon her body. The runes that cover her frame are a Cyanic color, and her skin is alabaster- as the norm with other Cae. While her emotions filter through her Iris's, her eyes almost remain static in state, wide and innocent in form. However, her sharp eyebrows can convey emotion almost as well as her prismatic eyes. Her sharp tongue gets her into more trouble than most.


Occupation (What do you do? Warrior, mercenary, merchant, captain, general, traveler, almost anything!):

 Serephene is a gladiator and a hunter. In her past life, she spent her entire existence hunting down a monster, one that wiped out her past world and resulted in the genocide of her fellow humans on that plane.

Relations (Who do you know and how?):

 Erynn, she blames for not helping save her kind.
 Corren, because.. Yeah.
 Zechs, she drinks with him.
 Sumaru, Screw that guy.


Before Rebirth..
 Serephene was born in an age of violence and hatred. Her life as a human was marked only by her trade- hunting. Beasts of varying sizes scoured the land, their hunger a ceaseless threat to the rest of man-kind. The guild she belonged to was already done. The beasts had won. And all thanks to the biggest threat she'd ever seen. The creature had no name, no identity to its shapeless form. Thousands of wyverns, beasts, neoptrians, and other creatures swarmed the land, waves of their bodies coming towards the huntress with a ravenous hatred. Her glaive at the ready, she stood still. Impassive in regards to the unimportant creatures who deemed themselves as a threat to her, she had eyes only for the titan that caused this destruction, this loss of life and balance. Launching herself into the crowd of monsters, she screamed. The battlecry seemed to go on forever, as she hacked and slashed through what she could, and what she couldn't get past she used her Glaive to leap over. No monster before her would keep her from her doom, not even her sense of self-preservation. For all she knew, she was the last of her kind.

 Blood and gore splattered across the skins she donned as armor, tainting the once golden scales to a deep black color, the lightning in the sky being the only thing showing the crimson taint over her body. Wave upon wave of beast came at her, their teeth and claws tearing at her flesh. She sustained a few injuries, but gave mark for mark. Her eyes were locked only on her goal, upon the towering being she knew was at fault.

She called it the Hunger.

 After an hour of fighting, exhaustion finally crept its way into her limbs. Her anger was giving out. With nothing left to fuel her dying body, Serephene began to slow down. The beast was mocking her, staying just out of her reach. It never needed to touch her, as the onslaught of monsters was never ending. Her strength had failed her. Her body gave out. She was on the ground, unable to stop the monsters from overrunning her, tearing into her. Killing her.

 Her final breath was spent, glaring at the being hovering just a bit above her, it's eyeless face showing no emotion to the unremarkable genocide beneath it.

Occurrences from the first of the three years after her friends death...

Serephene looked over her city, her people, and her kingdom with sorrow. They were dying. Her only ally, capable of destroying the threat that had suddenly reared its ugly head... Was dead.

Grimacing beneath her visor, many of Serephene's remaining allies took a step back- knowing what the changing light playing beneath that helm meant. The standing figure didn't register the movement, or the whipping of her scarf in the wind. The only thing that had her attention, was emotion. A surging storm of grief, misery, self-loathing, and unadulterated malice each fought for her, the tides of the inner war visible through the colors of her Iris.

Snapping her head up, the color finally latched onto the chosen emotion. Her soldiers each stood at attention, nervous and afraid when they saw the color- knowing what it meant. The line turned, hands upon their swords, making a path for their chosen ruler.

"Lieutenant, I need you to send a message."

Coming to a halt at the end of the path, a young woman stood at attention. Saluting, then clicking her heels, a small bead of sweat rolled down her temple. The ladies' deep hazel eyes met her rulers, and she swallowed.

"Tell the new ruler of Concuclare, that we need to talk. Captain, grab everything you can, everyone you can, and get them on the road to the Tunnels. We're going underground."

The armored figured turned once more, but not before the dying light of sunset highlighted the only color left to her.

The balanced, cold, crisp color... Of sterling silver.

Constantly on the move with Zechs, the Cae's short white hair was able to lengthen, golden hues showing in the longer locks. Men were shocked, as the Caelator had never been seen with long hair, and with this change also came the addition of her being seen without armor. For the first time, her military officials could see the shifting language of the Cae making its way across her skin. As though the words would whisper, any onlookers would be entranced with the smooth, curving characters as they danced across her hands, and disappeared into her clothing.

Finally, when asked about it by her comrades, she told the rest of her men at a fire how only other Cae could read the characters, and that they gave the entirety of her past life and current one. She demonstrated how she could slightly alter parts of the markings, to say what she thought.

"The purpose of this is to find any other living Cae, and ask for them to entrust us with their loyalty. Gods know that we need it, and nothing is better than a language that gives its own proof, and truth. You can't lie in the language of the Cae, to do so would bring your soul to forfeit. I've only ever seen it happen once, and it wasn't a pretty sight to behold.."

However, it was soon obvious that she would have to return to her armor wearing days when surprise attacks would come up, and even when a rogue Flagless tried to shoot her with a crossbow. However, if you are in the Remnant camp, and stay up until midnight, you can see her walk out of her tent- letting her armor discharge from her in a blossom of radiance. All so that she can stand beneath the moon, her alabaster skin showing the glowing marks of her people- a cry out to reach someone like her.


Character theme* (Do you have a personal theme music?!):

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PostSubject: Re: Serephene, the Golden Star.   Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:32 pm

Xixas: Oh, um. Approved.

Corren: *Absent doing Corren things*


Brielle: How fitting.. There always is a light at the end of each tunnel.

Sidus: Sorry, what? ..Yes, I'm new. ..Sorry.. Again.
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Serephene, the Golden Star.
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