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 Azu Enima

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Character information
Character Information: Owner of Cedric/Erynn/Serephene.

PostSubject: Azu Enima    Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:31 pm

Azumai Enima



Silent and brooding, Azumai tends to walk alone- preferring her own company to that of others. Those who she gets along with, she shows that she's passionate, and loves to laugh. Her humor is varied, and can surprise those who don't expect it. Though she comes off as cold, she's honestly quite shy. However, she has a weak spot, much like that of a drug-addict. Blood. If she tastes it, she spends her time thinking about it until she wants more, and more. It's a very dark thing for her, and she struggles with it on a daily basis.

Appearance (Must be described with words but a picture can be added. Be detailed):

Blind only in the sense of color, Azumai's green eyes are actually very acute. Her only issue is that she sees outlines, and where shadows are. It's like the world's in black and white. No gray, no silver, nothing color-wise. Black hair frames her face, which is oddly masculine. If you didn't know her, you'd assume she were a male from her strong jaw and flat chest. She has the bad habit of rolling tobacco and smoking it with the elder workers. Her normal dress attire is a button-line shirt, a pack of tobacco and paper in the penpocket, with black jeans. Her gun holster holds two .45 revolvers. The ammo in her belt is silver, and is rarely used. A knife rests in the back of said belt, which she uses to carve names into the bullets. (This, again, isn't the normal ammo for these guns.)

Beneath her shirt are four scars. A three inch wide gash over her heart, that is mirrored on her back. Two more on her collarbones, puckered gunshot wounds. The last is a long, lashed burn that goes from her left shoulder to her left hip.

Occupation (What do you do? Warrior, mercenary, merchant, captain, general, traveler, almost anything!):

Azumai is a merchant guard. She's normally hired to guard caravans, but does take on other mercenary-like work.

Relations (Who do you know and how?):

Cedric- Only through tongue of the Merchant who sells booze to him.

Xixas- Everyone knows his tale..

Serephene- She tends to avoid the Cae

Yeustoff- Murdered her. She's still trying to find him, after all these years.


A warriors death, as a warriors life. The blood that flows, taken through fights. A storm over head, sparks of steel against steel. Two warring countries, long forgotten in the tales since. Brother and sister, versing off. One with black hair, the other with pure locks of white. Lightning leaped through the dark clouds over head, highlighting the stand off. Tears in both warriors eyes, men and women kept them gridlocked in a circle. Too fascinated with their battle, to continue the countries standoff. The sibling with black hair already had a gash in their midriff, blood marring the muddy snow beneath the two siblings. The sibling with white hair looking beautiful in their standoff-ish manner, no feelings for his sister within his green gaze.

One quick strike.

The sister fell, her brother's sword protruding from her chest.

Yeustoff had won, and closed his sister's eyes for what he thought was the last time.

A hundred more years pass.

A fire breaks out in a building, where the dark haired sibling sleeps. The building goes up faster than it should, the entire building consumed in the hungry flames. Everyone is out of the building thanks to the dark-haired vampire. She can only feel the heat, but hears a mother and her child crying upstairs. She goes on, despite the fire. Slow, so as not to break the already crumbling stairs and walkway, she goes to the room where the woman and her child lay, unconscious. She wakes them, though they are weak. Too much smoke. She helps them exit the door, and helps them down the stairs. At this point, there is nothing left of the top of the building. Soon, the rest of the house will crumble, and land upon the mother and child.The house begins to groan. A beam falls, just before the exit. The dark-haired sibling lifts it, using the last vestiges of her strength to save the mother and child before collapsing beneath it. As she loses consciousness, she sees the white-haired sibling. If tears would have come to her at this point, she would have cried from joy.

Two hundred years pass.

Two gunman stand, back-to-back. One with snowy white hair, the other with midnight black. They take paces, walking away from each other until the clock tower strikes. They stop. They click boots, and swiftly spin to face each other. The white haired sibling fires first, two rounds from his .38 revolver, the hits landing surely against the dark siblings chest. Blossoms of red spread, just as she fires her .45- missing her brother by a hairs breadth. She falls, and her brother closes her eyes for what he once more assumes to be the last time.

Now, the time is dark.

Character theme:* (Do you have a personal theme music?!):





'Target practice'


Her addictions



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PostSubject: Re: Azu Enima    Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:01 pm

Confirmed. Ikou!
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Azu Enima
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