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 Inheriting the Will of a Kingdom (Solo)

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Hibari Netsu
Hibari Netsu

Posts : 272
Join date : 2014-01-25

PostSubject: Inheriting the Will of a Kingdom (Solo)   Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:29 pm

Morning of the Rebellion

The light of day twinkled down upon the beautiful and tranquil kingdom of Zymul. There had been several days of rest since the last rebellious strike against the King of Zymul. Ferro Corde,  a man of peace was slowly but surely losing the control of his kingdom as more and more people joined in on the rebellion against him, their soul purpose had became apparent, to stop the age of peace within the kingdom. Out of all the flourishing Kingdoms Zymul was dubbed the weakest as their leader always resorted to forms of peace before choosing the right to stand for his kingdom. Everyone in charge of keeping the King protected knew that the day would come where kingdoms inhabitants would have had enough... But no one would have ever expected that one of the Kings very own Royal Guards would result in the downfall of Zymul or at least that's what Kileos Lilyheart would remember before everything went black...
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Hibari Netsu
Hibari Netsu

Posts : 272
Join date : 2014-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Inheriting the Will of a Kingdom (Solo)   Sun Mar 13, 2016 5:06 pm

Rebellion Begins...

"Head Advisor Lilyheart, we have troubling news sir.

A figure stood menacingly before an open window grazing through and watching as a scene of pure disgust unrolled before his eyes. Now acknowledging a group of three in the room directly behind him the Vampiric looking male stood angrily clenching his fists. "Status report, Captain Kizaru." A rather frail looking male wearing garments of red and gold cloth fit for someone of a militant background would step forward holding a piece of paper firmly, Sir, the Rebellion Army has managed to break through the first level of the castle. The man standing in front of the window would swiftly turn facing the group of three at the entrance way of the door. His features seemed to stand out as the glistening light of day slowly began to fade. The young also frail man known as Head Advisor Lilyheart, stood a five eight, pale white skin and almost identical ruby red eyes and hair. The man dressed in similar clothing as his the three others who invanded his privacy would walk directly past the small group with an unknown goal or resolve, "Where are the rest of the Royal Guards, Captain?"

The man known as Kizaru would follow behind Advisor Lilyheart, with a saddened look and quiet demeanor. "Very Well... Sasha and Seto deploy the remaining military to combat the Rebellion's forces until I reach the Kings chambers. Kizaru follow me and serve as back up in case we get into trouble. The group of four would suddenly pick up there pace slight before giving each other a nod of agreement. Kileos had questioned why the Rebellion's Army had chosen to strike within this moment something seemed off, distorted, "Captain Kizaru, how did this outbreak occur? The young captain followed behind the advisor as they raced to the King's main chamber. A small pause would occur before the captain would offer his response but something still seemed off to Kileos Lilyheart, "Sir, a figure thought to be a man was said to be pulling the strings to the Rebellion Army... His intentions are currently unknown to the task force but one thing continues to bothers them... Another pause had occurred before he captain would decided to finish his statement but as revealed the hidden half to his statement it only brought forth even more questions,

"Sir, this ringleader was reported to not have a face…"
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Hibari Netsu
Hibari Netsu

Posts : 272
Join date : 2014-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Inheriting the Will of a Kingdom (Solo)   Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:01 pm

A chill danced throughout Kileos' body as he listened to the last statement of his trusted royal guard, as he began to become more about Ferro as these precious moments passed. Eliminating any ill thoughts in his head, the pair began closing in on the rather long hallway connected to the chambers,  which seemed to be the only obstacle from reaching King Ferro, "Captain, is this some sort of cruel joke? Now is not the time for fun and games no man without at face could be capable of pulling the strings of an operation thus large, even if it was a pity trip." Kileos had managed to contain the anger that swelled within him from the foolish statement of the Captain, but something was still off, why did this statement seem to both the Vampiric Advisor so much?

The young captain lowered his head momentarily as if he was ashamed of something, had it been his earlier statement? No, it had to be something else, "Mr. Lilyheart, I can assure you that the data we have received has not been falsified in fact Seto was one of the few to see the faceless person who caused this massive strike against the kingdom. Kileos listened carefully to his comrades words but something seemed to stand out more so than the information he had been given. Why had the Captain referred to him solely by his last name? This had been and odd occurrence since he gain his status as the leader Royal Guards, who referred to him only as Head Advisor Lilyheart...

There was no time for Kileos to dwell on this inconsistentcy as they reached the doors to the kings private chambers. As Kileos pushed his ways into the doors he could already notice the distinct smell of...

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Hibari Netsu
Hibari Netsu

Posts : 272
Join date : 2014-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Inheriting the Will of a Kingdom (Solo)   Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:57 pm

Blood? How could have anyone made their way to the kings chambers this quickly, what had Seto and Sasha been doing? Kileos would quickly open the doors to the kings chamber as his eyes stumbled upon a scene of horror. Blood which had surely belonged to Ferro Corde covered the chambers from top to bottom. Kileos had frantically searched the room in a attempt to find his King but the trail of blood and is unforgettable scent only would disappear as the vampire returned to the only entrance of the room. The very own blood in his body boiled intensely as he remained faced away from his companion of this Royal Guard,

"How could have anyone reached the king's chambers where the he'll are the guards that we're placed on stand by outside the doors?

These we're the only questions that seemed to escape Kileos' mind as he stood in anger wondering what happened to Ferro Corde. It had seemed none if the protocol set in place to prevent things of this nature from happening had been issued but that wasn't the thing that bothered him the most... It was the simple fact that there was a lone member of the Royal Guard who has been left the responsibility of issuing this protocol, Kizaru Takeda... Before Kileos could turn to confront the traitor of the royal guard Kileos would notice a silhouette of a figure approaching from the hallway in front of him. As the figure proceed to approach from the hallway certain features of the silhouette would began to materialize as a palpable mass of shadows that somehow formed an humanoid shape. Kileos would assume this to be one of the royal guards coming to report the damages from the ongoing war but what Kileos saw next would haunt him for the rest of his life...

Kileos eyes would finely focus on the figure that walked ttowards him as he would notice that it held no distingishuable facial features. The only thing Kileos could make out we're it's flaring yellow eyes that seemed to haunt his every move. Kileos was now sure that this was the ringleader of the Rebel Army but how did he get to this point of the castle...? As soon as the pieces of the puzzle would connect within his mind Kileos would began turning towards Kizaru who he was now sure was a traitor. Kileos would not be able to make eye contact with the traitor as his vision was met with that of a large battle hammer known to be Kizaru Takeda signature weapon. Struck in the head with extreme force Kileos quickly began to lose consciousness just as the shadowy silhouette would enter the room.
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PostSubject: Re: Inheriting the Will of a Kingdom (Solo)   

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Inheriting the Will of a Kingdom (Solo)
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