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 Arsenal of the Star Seeker

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PostSubject: Arsenal of the Star Seeker    Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:11 pm

Hello! Considering the fact that I have everybody's abilities known and nobody knows each other's, I felt it would only be fair if the person who knows all the abilities is subject to publishing theirs. Therefore, I will post the abilities of all my characters moving forward for the sake of showing off fair play.

Name: Ittoryu Iai - Tekkaia

Type: Light/Alpha Fyre

Effect: The user positions their body in a low stance and creates a field exactly fifteen feet in every direction only visible as a disturbance in the air flow. Whatever enters this field is felt through the flow of magic within the circle and the user is capable of striking anywhere within the field instantly with untraceable speed at any time without limit to the amount of cuts capable. Each slice embodies Light and Fyre magic which severely thickens the Light magic.

Limits: Has no post limit or cooldown. However. The user's lower body must remain perfectly still when using this ability and taking any steps will cancel it. If this ability cuts a character or somebody of high magic stature, it is not lethal and can provide no more than scratches.


Name: Ittoryu Iai - Raivara

Type: Light/Alpha Fyre

Effect: Sidus's signature ability. The user grips their sword and positions themself in a preparation to dash. In a flicker untraceable, the user blinks past their target while delivering a shallow strike anywhere near the level of their sword.

Limit: Three post cool down. This ability is not lethal. The cut can be no deeper than an inch and a half. The user can only slice near sword level meaning the torso area so aiming for the neck or eyes is not plausible unless somebody is extremely short, extremely tall, or extremely stupid.


Name: Ittoryu Iai - Aejika

Type: Light/Fyre

Effect: All non-lethal cuts the user has made that have connected are hence repeated in the exact same spot they landed. Regardless of target. If the target no longer exists, the cut cannot be performed. Activated by sheathing the blade

Limit: Once per topic.


Name: Star Relic

Type: Light/Fyre

Effect: The user's weapon. A simple thin Odachi by appearance coupled by a long sheath at their side. The sword is capable of absorbing the momentum of a single force even while sheathed. It can then be used to charge the next single strike. The sheath is completely unbreakable and as a physical entity, is resistant to Omega Fyre.

Limit: The sword can only hold one momentum charge and the next attack or any act of unsheathing will expel it regardless. Three post cooldown. The sheath is completely unbreakable but is still subject to magic effects.


Name: Garb of the Star Seeker

Type: Light/Fyre

Effect: The passive effects of Light magic are hyper activated by the Alpha Fyre and course through the user's body. Their natural speed and reaction time are increased beyond typical capabilities yet not to the point of untraceable movement. The largest bolster is in the user's reaction speed which becomes massive through use of an aura surrounding them to give area sense around fifteen feet in every direction while bodily speed receives a small boost. While wearing the armour, the user's body is cleansing itself of adverse effects including poisons or mental affliction. The cure is not instant and takes time but it does hinder the detrimental effect.

Limit: The user's increased speed is not to the point of a speed-related ability, only enough to make a small difference. The reaction speed sensory aura is only active while the user has their Garb equipped. Damaging the garb decreases the speed effect but not the reaction time. The garb can only be mended by dismissing it for five continual posts. The healing factor is small and does not affect physical wounds. Only passive or smaller afflictions such as poison or mentally hindering statuses.


Initial Release

Name: Shigure Soen Ryu - Rain over the Heavens

Type: Light/Fyre

Effect: The user generates a reality veil over the area, turning the sky dark and filled with endless stars. The veil spans infinitely wherever the user is but initially spans a square mile. The user is capable of blinking to any location at light speed under the veil. The user may also add an additional strike to any location under the veil shaped from Light and Fyre blades. The cut is small and non-lethal only about an inch thick.

Limit: Blinking is unlimited but cannot appear within ten feet of a being of high magical caliber (cannot blink within ten feet of a character). Cannot act while blinking. The extra cut is once per post and can only target an area level to the blade (I.e Torso). Lasts six posts with a seven post cooldown. Cannot be used initially in battle and must wait five posts into the topic.
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Arsenal of the Star Seeker
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