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 The Only Cure

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PostSubject: The Only Cure   Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:40 pm

I am the cure
I am the cure

I am the cure

The Young Lady

I am the cure
I am the cure


A young lady dressed in a style of clothing lost to the ages beyond even the years of Xixas Averall. Her skin is as soft and pale as the silk of her dressing, the body of a girl no older than seventeen or eighteen, but delicately small and frail. She could pass for a young child.
I am the cure
I am the cure

A stained burlap sack covers her head but her eyes can be seen glowing through when she is awake. A massive chain wraps around her neck, each link so thick it would seem impossible but the strongest of bodies to hold, but they do not seem to bother her.
I am the cure I am the cure

I am the cure

- The young lady is chained to Sev - The Only Cure. She can appear by his side and vice versa at any time.

I am the cure
I am the cure
- The young lady is able to act as a catalyst to any physical, magical, existential or otherwise entity and reaction and contains it, capable of transferring it at the behest of Sev - The Only Cure
I am the cure
I am the cure
- The young lady is capable of performing the Curing (an ability of Sev - The Only Cure)

I am the cure
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The Only Cure
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