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 The Coven War

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PostSubject: The Coven War   Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:04 am

(OOC: Note > As this is an open topic, you are free to choose a side within the battle. However, unless directed otherwise, you must choose a side upon entering the topic and give some form of explanation as to why you chose this side).


To the mountains.

The shuffle of feet, the clanging of steel, and the ruffle of tall grass. The winds were quiet. One woman dug her fingers underneath the leather strap which held her braces, uncomfortable with how tight her squire had wrapped them. Another soldier, a man, had taken his helm off and rested it on his thigh, holding it close with the weight of his arm. If a commanding officer saw him, he would be reprimanded. He knew this. It didn't matter. Several rows back, a child no older than eleven stood deathly still, his white hood stained green from the grass he had not yet grown past which slung over him from the taller stalks, blinding him when he walked past. He guided himself through the plains by watching the other white hoods as they walked, where they walked, and how. He kept his eyes glued to the back of the helm of a soldier in front of him when he couldn't see them, occasionally peeking a glance at the vast array of infinite stars and light ribbons across the night sky. The moon was dim, covered in clouds, but that could change very soon if he were correct in predicting the cloud patterns as he had taken to doing this entire expedition. The white hood boy gripped his tool case close, hoping he would not need to use it tonight. He did not want to see any more death from his side or theirs. Even if they were the monsters. He prayed that in here, within this monumental amount of bodies, his would be spared the splatter of bloodshed. There were so many of them here around him. And all of them stood facing the north. They stood facing their final destination. They looked forward.

To the mountains.

They had counted. Almost every single body that had entered the Vasure plains on the southern corner which reached just outside the trinity capitals. Each body highlighted in their eyes as they crept forward. A vast ocean of grass, a vast sea of warmth glowing yellow, red, and orange. It rolled from their bodies in waves. It showed their feelings and emotions. Few were nervous. It was plain to tell a veteran from a fresh body. The Vampires were numerous. The largest echelon of their kind in recent history, and still they were grossly outnumbered. However outnumbered does not ever mean outmatched. They could see in the dark with perfect precision, rely on their own light outside of the moon's, invisible to the Regnum army, to see. They were silent as death even with thousands upon thousands creeping through the grass. However, the largest factor which played this scene out was the night. Each and every pair of eyes within the night looked onward and moved onward. A Vampire woman breathed quietly and gently, not even her breath pushing the grass in a sway. She was there. Practically on top of the closest ranks of Regnum soldiers and she crept onward before stopping after a second's pace. Any closer and she could touch the warrior clad in iron and steel. She could see his warmth. They could all see it. It spoke of life and blood. Blood that would be taken as a price and taken it shall be.

There was a silence so permeated it was deafening. The winds stayed silent as if an audience to the next scene. The grass no longer shuffled, only kept still. The world had closed its eyes and listened.

There was a click in the air, abnormal to the silence but nobody except those who were expecting it heard it. Quickly followed by a gust of air, and then a yelp. A scream. On the other end, another scream. Silence. A tortured howl with a word that could not be made. Another soldier disappeared into the grass, followed by another. A Regnum general glared at the plains from atop his horse, his face shaped with the expression of cold, merciless death. He could see them. Several creatures shaped as men-- Vampires taking soldiers into the grass and slipping through the ranks, using the tallstalk as cover. He could see them all. One stopped, almost as if hesitating. He caught its eye. He found him watching. There was a look of lunacy in its eyes. A look of fierce determination, almost.. Desperation. It was utterly desperate. Not to live, no, nor to defend. Desperate to die and take all and any of them with it. With a raised arm, the general let out a resounding, powerful yell across the plains with force. With just that noise, a million swords drawn, lances held, magicks blazed.

"Cleanse this land of the wretched filth! For the Kingdom!"

Followed by a scream of fury. Not from one, nor many, but every single member of the Regnum army, their mouths open in a defiant yell of power. The demons in the brush stopped, stared, and for once in their many and long lives, felt the true fear that the night could bring.

And so, war had begun.

It was loud, so loud. The ever constant screaming and roaring of the Regnum army kept the Vampires off balance, but it did not deter their place within the cloak of night. Stronger, swifter, more potent each of them acted. They were made for the darkness. As swords fell and magicks burned across the night sky, many bodies fell to the earth once, some more than once, but eventually never stood back up. It was war and it was loud. No matter what happened, no matter the rage or fury or power or magick the demons of the night wielded, it did nothing to deter the Regnum army from looking straight ahead with their assaults following their gaze. North. Forward.

To the mountains.
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The Coven War
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