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 The Dusk Sets This Day and Never Again (Sev/Brielle)

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PostSubject: The Dusk Sets This Day and Never Again (Sev/Brielle)   Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:55 pm

She had worn her white silk shawl. It wrapped around her neck and shoulders gently, but enough to keep her from the chill of the air that run through the open window. Water had begun collecting on the windowsill which had formed a small waterfall that fell onto the wooden flooring. It had puddled and threatened to swamp the other side of the room where Xixas' important documents were stored in their chests. It took but the smallest will to keep the water from spreading, but she appreciated its distraction. Brielle took a moment to look outside the window.

It was raining very heavily. It would appear so from inside, but outside, the entire castle Majesty was covered with a titanic, roaring foreverfall of water just like in the Inoren mountains to the south. The downpour of water shaped a massive dome and was so fierce around the castle, sifting your hand into its reach could very well tear it from you. It was a barrier she had set after those children had entered castle Majesty and killed Xixas. After the man in the plague doctor's mask had arrived with his friend, this was the extent of her capabilities in regards to Xixas. That man, Sev, had taken Xixas into the other room without an explanation and had been locked inside for a while now. Brielle could only assume he was trying to save Xixas's life, or perhaps by now, preparing his body to vanish into naught. Brielle, looking more solemn than she had felt in ages, closed her eyes to ponder the events that had transpired.


Two children leapt out the window. Brielle had entered the office to a display of horrible transpiration, the mist she controlled around the castle beginning to quiver in her slowly shaping fury. The motionless body of Xixas Averall, slumped against the floor with a visible hole through his stomach, those two children pilfering his weapon and escaping, the male having his body covered in blood she could only presume to be Xixas's. Although Xixas lie dead or dying, her focus was not over to him, nor the fleeing murderers. On the edge of her vision sat a titanic black blur, its shape flickering as if it were moving. She stole a glance over to her right to see another being and felt it difficult to catch her next breath. It towered over her, dressed in black leather and bore into her eyes with its own which lie behind a mask which spoke of a darker existence. For the first time since she could remember back to the beginning of Ire, Brielle felt afraid. Her body shuddered. In the same moment, a hand so delicate and gentle wrapped its fingers around hers. It jolted her and she found herself looking into the bright, gleaming red eyes of.. Something. It appeared to be a young woman with a sack over her head, where what appeared to be her eyes shone through. Her grip was so soft and endearing, Brielle's mind spun with confusion, attempting to gather her thoughts.

Shifting her left arm to rainwater to release her grip from the young woman's as cautiously as possible, Brielle moved forward towards the window the assailants had escaped from. She forced her white fury into her focus and brought her hands upward. She could still see them. She would catch them. With a surge of magic, Brielle began to unlock the peak of her power, one which would damage the area in such force, the planet itself might force her away from it. Brielle extended her hand to click her fingers, and-- There was a hand on her shoulder. It was heavy, but thin. Powerful but gentle. She careened her head to see the mask of the dark giant staring into her soul, the dark red stain on the metal tip she could tell was agelessly old, the liquid eye which swirl in place and the glass eye that held her vision. Her fury turned to water, and so it washed away with the rain.


She heard the little voice. It came from the girl with the sack over her head. Was that what this creature is called? She slowly lowered her hand and solidified her body. It felt like a daze as the next moments passed. Sev lifted Xixas with care and removed him from this room. Each of his foot steps so heavy and loud, she felt as though he could crush the floor beneath them with only a step.
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Posts : 235
Join date : 2013-11-21
Location : Majesty

PostSubject: Re: The Dusk Sets This Day and Never Again (Sev/Brielle)   Sun May 01, 2016 11:36 pm

It had been two days since then and Brielle was beginning to feel the mental strain wear on her, her eyes and body ached for rest but her mind demanded her to see this through. It was the least she could do for him. As Brielle counted the lingering seconds into minutes, which felt like days to transition into hours, she felt the vibration through the wooden floor of what the unmistakable crash of the doctor's footstep. She shot to her feet, sensing something had finally come to pass.


Brielle cursed herself inward for that line of thought.

Shifting her body to mist and to physical form again, she moved across the room to stand in front of the door. She opened it without hesitation, keeping a light grip on the circular iron handle and felt no surprise seeing the doctor stand in front of the door, his mask threatening to gouge her. She made an effort not to find herself stuck looking at the seemingly liquid lens over the doctor's eye. She made no sound, asked no question, only waited. The doctor took a heavy step to turn himself around. Brielle swallowed air. He took a step back down the hall to the room he had spent the last couple days inside. Inside Xixas' room.

Brielle had only been in Xixas Averall's bedroom one other time. She hadn't seen him in almost a month continuous and felt compelled to see if he was still present or.. alive and peeked into his room to see him scratching into the wooden wall with a large splinter. He had shaped a multitude of lovely characters which Brielle felt happy to see some form of artistry blossom in his hollow self, but it actually served as a further deterrent, a desperate attempt to hold onto the fading memories which rubbed his hands raw and bloody and his body sickly and frail. She had spent weeks nursing him back to health after that, but he never broke the habit of scratching into the walls.

Just like last time, Xixas' room was the single most plain room in the entire castle Majesty, spare the long drawn out etches and scratches all over the left curve wall. The room was circular in shape, colour themed light tan from the oakwood pigments, about thirty feet in diameter which offered quite the potential for luxury, but most of the room was empty. Small posters, maps, tablets were shoddily nailed or tied to the walls with thin wire, some depicting portraits, others written notes connected to others by white string, the hung stone tablets varying in size and covered in odd, unknown runes. There were no windows but light was well provided by the hovering wisp flames, each flickering in suspension at each would be corner of the room. The light expanded almost like a living being as it reached around the room like a mist, illuminating every nook and corner. On the curve corner the etchings were on lie Xixas' desk which Brielle is almost sure had been moved as she remembered it on the other side of the room. It was large, rectangular, polished wood but otherwise, completely empty. On the other side was the thick futon Xixas insisted on sleeping on instead of an actual bed befitting the ruler of an entire nation.

Brielle had tried her best to avert her eyes but now felt the compulsion to look after finding nothing else to analyze. In the middle of the room lie a thin table made apparently of gray iron. It was nothing special in itself but what lie on top held her. Tucked under a white sheet, as if asleep, lie Xixas Averall. His face was not shown but tufts of his thick hair stick outward, still just as disheveled as she had remembered a week ago when she had left that morning for groceries. She took a step forward to look at him closer but something held her back. Instead, she asked the doctor directly.

"Is Xixas.."


The woman of rain held her stance and gaze with the least amount of emotion possible. The man in the long mask slid his gloved hand with grace over the white sheet to flatten its wrinkles before turning in a slow, patient motion to face the woman of rain. The woman of rain spoke again, her voice too soft to make out this time. The man in the long mask did not pay her heed. His long cloak fluttered even in the absence of wind, the soft, feather-like silk danced along, celebrating the impossible. Without a further moment's breath, the man in the long mask spoke. His voice as soft, tender, and calming as it has ever been.

"Xixas Averall is now dead".
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The Dusk Sets This Day and Never Again (Sev/Brielle)
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