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 The Coven War - Coven Backlines

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PostSubject: The Coven War - Coven Backlines   Thu May 26, 2016 6:05 pm

Ex-councilhead Trenner Keyn shuffled through the back lines of the Coven army. The tall grass hid much of his features or whatever the torn, stained, messy sack of a robe he wore couldn't. His black hair was disheveled and caked in layers of dirt, grass, and dried blood from the hours spent yanking at it. His brown eyes were sunken and bloodshot, skin more pale than usual, visible despite its dark hue he shared with his sister, and his fingernails were bloody. Nobody would recognize him. Any glance would see him as any other street-dweller intent on making a name for themself on the field of battle. Still, he could not focus on the task at hand. Every time he closed his eyes, Trenner saw the look of empty disbelief on his sister's face when she was sentenced to death. The un-caged fury that split his calm and turned him ravage.

Now, Trenner continued to shuffle forward, waiting until it was his turn to meet the front lines of the impregnable Regnum army and hopefully meet his end by steel or fire.
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PostSubject: Re: The Coven War - Coven Backlines   Thu May 26, 2016 7:36 pm

What is a man left with when their word means nothing anymore? They are left with only death.

After receiving news of Oura being executed Sumaru was in worse shape then before. He caused the death of closest thing he's ever had to a father and now he just got one of the people who put their faith in him killed. But how could he have known she would be killed. Oura's older brother Trenner Keyn had given him his word that his sister would not be hurt for Sumaru's mistake. But instead she was still executed. Sumaru had failed her. Trenner had failed him. The only thing Sumaru wanted as for her safety to be promised and he would have fought along side these people.. His people.

Hours had passed since the war started. Sumaru was stealthy making his way into the Vampire's backline. Every time he laid his eyes on a stray vampire he would cut them down with his signature black steel katana. He only picked off the ones alone so he wouldn't alert any of the groups of his position. He began to shadow lurk as he continued his search for the man who let him down.

He kept searching until he stumbled upon a field. He looked around and spotted a brown hood which stood out in the green tall grass. Sumaru felt one emotion. Rage. He swiftly shadow traveled towards the person who stood out and for some reason a deep smile formed on his face. He popped out of the shadows and made no noise. His Katana materialized into his hand and he stood their silently behind the man he believed to be Trenner. In a swift motion he silently shoved his Katana towards his hind leg.
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PostSubject: Re: The Coven War - Coven Backlines   Fri May 27, 2016 9:08 pm

Apparently, Luteccio kinda had to tag along with Sumaru. Otherwise, he'd be faced as one of those cowards you don't want to talk to because they're cowards. He did what he had to do.

So he decided it should tag along with them. He wandered around the backlines a little bit, looking for Sumaru. Following the vampiric corpses was probably the best lead. Probably.
He checked for a second to see if the strings were still there. It was so.
He kept looking.


Angele, angele... If I don't find Signorinno Shamdow soon, he's gonna blame me for being late. "Get a taste of yourself, mate!", I'll say. "You told me to be here by eight!". Man, that's really good. Let's bait with that. Should be enough for some consecrate No-Name-Nate like he is. Heh.

Ah, there he is. He appears to be about to greet our friend Green-Thumbs here. How nice of him, e qua! And he's even handing him over one of his weapons! Man, these vampires sure love to practice kinship, friendship, and airship during these times of war. Real nice to see. Real nice.

...I'll help him out, sì! Maybe it'll help with knocking down a bird or two later.


'ey, compagno! Fancy to see you here! Fancier than some random fan fanatics rioting over the benefits of house-bred cockatrices to do the heavy lifting, it is! And I see you're chilling with your billing partner, eh? That's thrilling. Perhaps you could introduce him to me! And we could all be the best bambini that the world will never see! What d'ya say, eh?


His gestures were a tad bit more careful than usual - he couldn't afford to get cut with the grass. His speech, however, was kept as frivolous as it never was.
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Posts : 235
Join date : 2013-11-21
Location : Majesty

PostSubject: Re: The Coven War - Coven Backlines   Tue May 31, 2016 8:58 pm

"'ey, compagno! F-" is all Trenner heard before he whipped his body around in a savage manner, fingers clawed aggressively as his fangs spilt from his lips. An audible shink as a weapon sunk into the soft dirt of the plains. Trenner hastily cast a glance at the weapon and followed its lengths with his eyes to find an unfortunately familiar face.

It was that Vampire child from the council room months ago.

Trenner returned himself to a solemn stance, hands under his coat. "You".
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PostSubject: Re: The Coven War - Coven Backlines   

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The Coven War - Coven Backlines
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