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 That Which Binds

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PostSubject: That Which Binds   Sun May 29, 2016 3:59 pm

Erynn looked below, calmly hovering within a pocket of space. A campfire was nestled under the cover of a wool blanket, thinning the smoke to a dull gray. A squad of ten men lay, sleeping close to the fire. She was supposed to lead them in, and take out the target. It was vital to the war that she was so carelessly drug into, but they weren't fully aware as to why, yet.


The words were out of her lips in a mere whisper, but the figure she referred to jerked their gaze to her location. Erynn knew this wasn't possible, however, as no sound or image could escape her dimension. In reality, the soldier was merely reacting to a bat leaving its roost. Releasing the veil, the Seraphym silently landed in front of the figure.

Bright, steel-gray eyes locked onto her, the only trace of color in the figure's silhouette aside from a shock of platinum hair atop her head.


Serephene stood, before bowing. She recognized her superior officer immediately, and a surge of pride went through the angelic being. Erynn had watched Serephene grow from a young girl, into the proud Lieutenant before her. Years of agonizing training and effort had lead to the rank, and Erynn could still see the proud girl's grin as she earned her gold signet.

"Sere. I'm glad you made it." It wasn't a lie. They were in enemy territory now, next to the cottage they were supposed to siege. This is where Erynn's stomach knotted, as she dreaded the reaction of her friend. The goal...

"You said you'd tell us our goal, now. We're less than a mile away from the target, what are here for? And why did you wait so damn long to let my men and I know? Don't you trust me?" Serephene's smile turned into a scowl, as she awaited the answer. She was irritated that command had withheld the information, adding onto the stress that was already there. Her superiors were pressuring her that this was vital, yet not telling her anything. Erynn could understand the overbearing weight of ignorance- especially when she knew that her friend was aware of her own unawareness.

"Come with me."

                                                       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The cottage was warmly lit, a roaring fire burning with life in the chimneyplace. A middle-aged man stood, staring into the amber light with an impassive look. Erynn grimaced, knowing who the man was. Her friend, however, stared in shock.

"Bloody blazes.. Erynn that's my commanding officer! Captain Stark! What the hell is he doing so far in enemy territ-"

A woman came behind him, damp auburn hair hung to her waist. A nightgown covered her, but didn't disguise the supple curves that her form offered. The Seraphym knew what was going through her friends eyes, when her lips parted in a small 'o'. Dread coursed through her veins as she saw the lieutenant collapse within her space pocket, gasping for air. She knew that Serephene was in love with Stark, as did almost everyone else- including the Captain himself. He was part of the reason she strove to rise so fast.

"I-I don't.. I don't understand.. What are you telling me? That my Captain's a traitor? That Marcus would betray his country for a woman? Betray m-"

Her voice cut out as Stark turned to the woman, a smile so vibrant and filled with love that it stole even Erynn's breath. Then, they kissed.

"Serephene... Your mission is to capture both of them. Stark is to be executed upon return to Asteria, publicly for his crimes against the kingdom-"

"I refuse."

Blinking, Erynn looked down to her friend in shock. The still form of the girl was almost magnified by the tight leather armor she wore, almost outlining each and every stiff muscle in her body. "Sere, you don't understand. You don't have a choi-" "It was you who said I'd be good for this mission, wasn't it?" Silence. Serephene slowly stood, turning her cold gaze to Erynn. More Silence. Erynn couldn't lie to her closest friend. Rather, she thought the truth she would be showing today would stoke the flames of her friend's rage- but instead she was on the receiving end of such anger. Slowly, the soldier raised her sword to Erynn's collarbone, the tip of the blade resting in the small curve just beneath her jugular. Sadness brought tears to Erynn's eyes, and they spilled over her cheeks.

"I'm sorry.."

The end was quick. Just before Serephene could push her blade further, the small orb of blue light behind her dissipated- and the arrow hit its mark. Anger, surprise, and then grief crossed the girl's face as she looked down to her chest, only to see a cobalt arrow where her heart was. Magic still entwined itsself around the bow, as her steel-gray eyes lifted to her once-friend's face.

"How could you?..."

The Seraphym surged forward, retrieving her friend before she could fall to the ground. Wings of night folded around her, life's-blood staining the feathers crimson. Her friend's eyes began to grow cloudy, before glazing over completely. Water hit the colorless cheeks of the dead, as the Purgatory-borne being mourned yet another loss.

"I'm so, so sorry..."
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That Which Binds
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