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 The Fourth King Arc II

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PostSubject: The Fourth King Arc II    Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:52 pm

"Will we need the Seventh?".

"No. The ruptures from the other realms will tear it open without its gatekeeper".

A muffled chorus of footsteps on wood. Both men went silent and turned their heads to watch the door. Nobody opened it.

"I have been wondering for some time now. Are you responsible for killing the Sicarian?". The man on the left inquired, draped in violet silks and regal cotton garbs to shape a carefully designed cloak, layering itself around the man in a way that would hide his shape from any peering eyes. The glowering shadow of his face reflected off of candle light highlighted his youth.

The other man exhaled, plain and simple in his thin, black leathers that held him firmly to move dexterously. His face was uncovered, but veiled by a thin tendrils of hair that drip over his eyes. Otherwise, all features are left to the imagination in the dying light.

"I had a hand, but I did not account for what events transpired. In the end, it couldn't have gone better".

The Fourth King nodded his agreement instead of speaking as more footsteps-- heavier this time, approached the door. Neither of them moved for what felt like hours. Eventually, the hallways were calm.

"The fragility of this situation is unbearable. Even a misguided mouseling could ruin the key core". Said the other man. Hex Ender desperately wanted to relax his left wrist just where his hand and arm conjoin. The injury inflicted by Corren Astius Gray had scarred over, leaving a permanent tattoo of the demonic angel's power. It served as more than just a reminder to Hex Ender. It served as an oath in which they would settle things one day where only one would be walking away. Either way, it still hurt.


There was a whisper in the corner, just loud enough to be heard. It sounded like titling bells alongside the soft cling of chains.

Hex Ender cast a gaze into the shadows.

And the shadows looked back.


A gentle tingle on the back of his neck as if an insect had landed on him. Despite knowing himself fully capable of defending against such a creature, such logic did nothing against the lethargic feeling of chains wrapping around his neck. Every time he looked at it, he couldn't help but wonder if he truly was capable of stopping whatever was inside that cloak.

The Fourth King, however, paid the creature no heed, nor its slave. He kept his eyes on the key core as the active magic threaded from his fingers and palms. Seeing the Fourth King, a man much younger than he keep such resolve, sent a wave of shame through him. Although, it was more discontent than anything. He put his mind at ease forcefully and took focus on pouring his own active magic into the object before them both.

A spiral that appeared as if it were shaped from plain, solid gray stone, twirling in the air as pure active magic was offered to it. It drank vehemently, demanding more and more. There was another rattle of chains to his right, louder this time. As if the creature was closer now.

Hex Ender cleared his throat. "My king, would it not be prudent to keep--" A violent look from the Fourth King silenced the Devoid, his eyes literally ablaze with power. There were more footsteps in the hall. This time, a voice spoke. Muffled through the door. "I heard a voice behind this door. Secure the port yard, break it down!". On queue, the wooden door acting as the main defense of their enclosure shattered, a loud crash followed by the flow of armed men and women into the room. Their weapons trained weakly as they took in the scene in front of them, but resolve was quickly steeled as the key core devoured magic.

Hex Ender said nothing, did nothing. The Fourth King, impassive, lifted his chin.

"Secure us, Sev".

The soldier in the point front connected a message of relay in his mind, traveling through his cortex and into his spinal cord as the message to lift his arm and spear forward was translated to his arms and torso and legs, his body beginning the initial movement to react to the mental order from his brain.

In the same instant, there were thick chains, each link thread as wide as a ceremonial candle.

In the same instant, there were eight corpses, dripping wet and warm. Hung up attached to the ceiling like an old meat locker.

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Posts : 235
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PostSubject: Re: The Fourth King Arc II    Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:13 pm

"You had better run".

The titan held stoic; unmoving.

Dante lethargically pressed his back against the wooden frame of the gateway providence, appearing almost casual with his right hand in his pocket facing away from the intruder and his left hand resting on his waist. Each of the tiny chains around his belt clittered and clanged like chimes with every move. "I'm not trying to scare you. This is a bad place to be right now. Especially right now. There are people who I need to get rid of. I would rather not lump you in with that crowd".

Again, the titan did not respond.

The Sentinel of the Dark Realm, Dante Sparda, let out an almost practiced sigh. It had been fourteen minutes since the intruders broke through the Weave and huddled like rats into the confines of the shrine. Their signatures had already tethered themselves to his conscious and he hunted the threads with his mind. This creature, however, did not match any of those. It was not uncommon to find sulking mages desperate for power, or even a warrior convinced of his dark destiny grasping at reaching straws for power that might be destined to he who could reach it. Such fools are turned away if they have the intelligence not to test the Gateway. Most of the time, they aren't even able to escape the Weave-- an outer fence of lightless chains that hide from the human or otherwise mundane eye.

"I'm going to offer you the same courtesy I've offered every other intruder to step too close to the Darkness"
. With a flick of his wrist, a little charm whisteled as it connected itself to Dante's fingers. He spun it around his index finger. "My job is to keep the Realm of Darkness safe from those who might abuse it If you are here to dip your fingers into its power, I will be forced to stop you. However, if you turn back now, you'd be doing us both a favour. I won't beg, but it would really be helping me out".

This time, the massive looming suit of armour offered his own courtesy. "Do not overstep yourself, demon. I would rather avoid being the cause of one less pompous gatekeeper in this world". Surprisingly, his voice was more human than expected with tones of strength and moderate young age in every word. It lacked the arrogance the words provided, but offered something else. Truth in meaning.

Demon. That was an insult Dante hadn't heard in almost a decade. To be frank, it entertained him more than jabbed at him. He chuckled. "Demon, huh? What are you, then? Sicarian? Caelator? Hell, you might even be a Messenger until proven otherwise".

Messenger? The term itself was obvious but the social construct this demon used it spoke of another meaning. Crowe would have to familiarize himself with it later. "Remove yourself from my sight, gatekeeper. I have business here that is beyond you. Or I shall remove your head from your shoulders in exchange for your impudence".

"So that's how it's going to be, huh? And here I thought we could be friends".
A smile not as smug as it was wary. If this thing really was a Messenger, it was completely unknown to him.

The titan clad in armour extended his hand, but held nothing. "If you insist on offering me your life, I will not deny you". In a heavy, resounding thud, a cloud of black and teal mist erupted from the warrior's hand. It lasted only a second and as the mist fell, a large, extending claymore took its place in his hand. It was tall and jagged as if ripped from stone and steal, the base of it glowering with a miasmic aura. In a clean downward swipe, Crowe threw his blade into a helmbreaker.

Dante extended his left arm, bent upward. In a moment's notice, in the place of the keychain there was now a large soldier's shield gripping his arm. It met the blow head on.

A sharp clang of steel meeting steel followed by a shower of sparks.

Hidden in the lack of light, Dante thrust his right atm forward with an upward angle, the tall spear that accompanied the shield aiming to pierce the titan's helmet.
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Posts : 235
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Location : Majesty

PostSubject: Re: The Fourth King Arc II    Fri Jul 29, 2016 7:02 pm

The man in armour lurched his neck to the side as the searing jetfire raked across his collarbone and spliced the pieces of armour near his ear. A physically aching heat sunk into his body at the jetfire's close proximity, but there was no hesitation. Releasing his left hand from the blade, the titan moved.

He was quick for being covered in such heavy armour, dropping into a lower stance with knees bent and intricately sweeping his blade in a downward horizon crescent, aimed to cut into Dante's flank. Faster than he expected, the blade moved to severe him in half-- just in time for the Antithei to thrust his shield up to his side to take the blow. Concussion rocked through him as the massive weapon sent Dante flying. His forehead knocked onto the wooden floor with exasperating force but he jammed the end of his shield into the planks to grab himself.

Dante stood up as if he had just tripped on a pebble. He brushed himself off and let a little smirk twist his scratched up face. The man in armour felt the tiniest tinge of surprise that the demon was not bleeding.

"Iron skin"
he offered, explaining. "It can't take blade attacks head on easily, but it definitely helps in my longevity".

The colossal man tilted his head. "Interesting. I will have to remember that the next time I encounter one of your kind". He stood to his tallest height (which was very tall) and placed a fist against his chest. "In the halidom of my living, it is a warrior's courtesy to offer one's name before battle. Out of respect for the host land preceeding my quest of education, I will abide. My name is Crowe Ylisse of Giat Perr".

Dante inhaled a breath, his eyes scanning over the intruder's armour. It definitely wasn't any sort he had seen before, which added to the possibility of a Messenger. However, Dante couldn't help but think..

"Dante Sparda, Guardian of the Door to Darkness. Tell me, Crowe Ylisse. Have you ever met a man by the name of Corren Astius Gray?".

It took only a moment's consideration. "No, I have not".

Dante exhaled the same breath. "Pity. And we almost could have been friends, Crowe".


"Have you decided?"
the man asked, adjusting his harness with a patient look. Another man rolled his shoulders. He placed his hands on the armrests and lifted himself.

"I have" said the other man, his voice as stoic and cold as his gaze. "I think I had decided a long time ago, but.. I just couldn't come to face my own reality". The first man yanked at the strap across his chest. "I see.. I figured you would say that. I've made stand-by orders for-"

"You think I didn't notice?" asked the man in the large chair. He smiled at his friend, who smiled in return. However, neither of them felt it reach their eyes.

Looking down, the man in the chair sighed, feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. "I guess it's decided. I'm really not cut out for this, you know".

"I guess that's to be seen. If this doesn't work, I'll agree with you. But until then, I'll believe in the hope of a greater ending".


Dante let out a roar, slashing downward with each of the bladed ends of Ebony and Ivory before firing off the remaining rounds in each chamber in a fluid motion.


Crowe jettisoned to the side with the propulsions geared within his armour to avoid the vertical stream of bullets. He tossed out a tiny sphere in a fluid motion. Dante barely noticed through the cracking shouts of his weapons firing as the sphere tossed to his feet.

Dante panicked as he saw the little detonation. It rolled for just a second long enough for him to cross his arms defensively as it erupted in a blast of heavy Darkness. It knocked him back, sending him crashing into the wall with enough force to cause blood to bubble inside his mouth. As he fell to the floor on one knee, he spat it out.

-Another one of those damned explosives.. For a Cae, he carries a lot more equipment than I expected.- Dante, still knelt on one knee, took in the surrounding area. The large ampitheater was in shambles. Planks of wood and stone shattered across the area as rays of nightlight peaked in through the crumbling windows and walls.

Crowe Ylisse stood some thirty feet away. He was in bad shape, but so was Dante. Crowe Ylisse had taken an incredibly searing burn across his forearm from Dante's Jetfire spear, which now lie broken in half and useless. The keychain's terrible shape told him that much. The Chaser also had half of his helmet splattered with burning hot liquid steel which had encased the left side and several points of his armour were ripped and leaking Caelic blood.

Two of Dante's keychains lie unusable. Both his spear/shield and his battle gauntlets had been damaged beyond repair during the ensuing battle. The battle gauntlets proved difficult in such a fast-paced battle but at least it had caused Crowe's shield to break, and his best chance to break that armour easily now lie in pieces. However, Crowe had to be running out of explosives. With his variable rifle sword, powerful armour that can launch him in any direction, landing hits had proved difficult.



Crowe: Moderately damaged over full body, high damage to left arm from severe burn, left side of helmet encased in steel leaving only one eye usable and part of face burnt. Shield unusable, only two explosives left.

Dante: Highly damaged over full body, spear/shield keychain broken beyond use, battle gauntlet keychain broken beyond use, longbow impossible to use with Crowe's speed


Dante could feel the heavy damage over his body. His eyes were beginning to blur and bloodloss would soon begin to affect his fighting. He had to finish this now and get to the other intruders. There wasn't any choice left.

With a look of fury in his eyes, Dante allowed bloodlust to swarm him. Both Ebony and Ivory were in awful condition; one more solid hit and his prized pistols would become crumbled waste. With a flicker of magick, they reverted into a single keychain and became hooked onto his belt. He reached with his right hand onto his side and grabbed hold of his next keychain. With this, he would end it.

Dante tore it from its placeholder and willed it to come to life.

As if purging his body, a glittering light escapes his body and rose up from the Antithei's skin. He felt lighter, more controlled. And most of all, he felt back in power.

Crowe Ylisse positioned himself defensively. He had learned by now that each of the demon's keychains offered him a new weapon and in return, a new ability. If this was to be a trump card, it meant now was the time to play the aces.

A long cape draped itself over Dante's shoulder. It was thin on multiple spectrums, visibly light silk and only covering half of his body on the left side. In his right arm, a duelist's saber. A streak of crimson blood had bathed Dante's hair red, just over his eye as he stared the giant down.

"They say every man chases after his betters, Crowe Ylisse. I will show you whom you are meant to follow and why you made a mistake in finding him".

Dante lifted the blade with untrackable speed, deliving a quick staccato motion to sever the air in a flourish.

"Can you keep up?"


"How much longer, my lord?" Hex Ender inquired. After the surprising destruction of the gateway guards by the hands of this creature in the raven mask, nobody else had some to stop them. In this state, he couldn't help but appreciate this creature was on their side.

The Fourth King felt a drop of sweat fall from his brow. "Minutes; seconds. We're almost there. Where is the Guardian?".

Hex Ender, who felt the strain in his entire soul, shook his head. He didn't know either. Both of them had felt the Echo of the sentinel to the Dark Door and it had been constantly fluctuating for almost ten minutes now. Sev's original purpose was to hold off the gatekeeper while the seal was released, but it seemed that was no longer necessary. By some incredulous stroke of luck, some other entity powerful enough to clash with a Guardian found its way here with a vengeance. The entire building had been shaking and crashing non-stop.

"It's almost open now. Focus!"
Ordered the Fourth King, and so he did.


Crowe felt a twinge of warning in his stomach and began to lift his rifle to f- ... It was already too late. A barrage of stabs right in his face, piercing through his armour and ripping into his flesh. Dante finished his assault with a brutal kick to Crowe's chest to knock him backward.

-What kind of speed is this..?!-

With both eyes, he might have a chance to counter the demon but with only one direction of sight, it was impossible. He extended his rifle and it shaped into a short sword; he delivered a quick circular swing. A series of cuts across his back as the demon was already above him. "You will regret coming here, Crowe!".

Crowe backstepped and attempted to find Dante with his eyes, but he was nowh- another attack, this time a punch to the side of his head before slicing downward with the saber. Crowe staggered and Dante threw out a kick to the Chaser's knees, causing him to fall. Crowe swerved his body to flip upward while swinging with his sword, somersaulting back onto his feet and staying on the balls of his feet, finding vision just as Dante appeared in his face, a large stone brick in his hand.


A heavy crunch. Crowe's head jerked to the side as the massive rock crushed his helmet and effectively cracked the bones in his jaw, throwing him to the near wall. This was it. Crowe could barely move after the demon's impossible offense. His body ached and bled, burnt and broken. With one hand on the wall, he tapped it, a flicker of darkness marking it and the other he placed on the barrel of his rifle.

-I have to lure him to placing his back to the wall.. Then I can fire through the portal in the rifle, the bullet will exit from the wall and pierce his spine-

"Come, Guardian. You have earned both my regard and trial. I will slay you today and offer you a respectful legend"

Crowe barely had time to notice before Dante's fist crashed into Crowe's head again, followed by a stab of his sword that pieced Crowe's lower leg. He exhaled with a curse and fell to the ground as his leg was skewered. Quickly, he tried to recover and lift his-

Dante Sparda stood over Crowe Ylisse, the tip of the saber resting on Crowe's neck. A single flick of the wrist would be all it takes to end his life. Crowe's rifle lay in his hand, but there was no possible way he could aim it to fire before his head left his shoulders. However.. The portal marker.

Dante's eyes were cold and merciless. It was clear the fate he had in mind for the Chaser. Crowe had to act now-- he attempted to open the portal in both his rifle barrel and the wall which he had directed to face and fire but.. They wouldn't open. The portals remained closed. Crowe was out of magick. His veins had run dry and there was no possible way to open the portals now.

"I offer you my respect and regard, Crowe Ylisse. Nobody has challenged me this far in a century. I feel blessed to have met you and I feel honoured to be the one to best such a fine warrior. Good bye, Crowe Ylisse of Giat Perr. I will remember you, although none else shall".

Dante lifted his blade.


There it was. The door had opened. Immediately, a thick haze of darkness began to seep into the sky to beacon the broken hates of the Dark Door. Crowe, a Chaser of Darkness, had noticed immediately. The truest of Shadow, merely its presence gave him a meaning of power beyond what he had ever felt before, it seeped into him, and gave him strengths.

Dante, as attuned to the Darkness as he was, fell only half a second short in noticing the opening of the Door to Darkness.

Crowe opened the portals. One in his rifle barrel, and the other on the wall that Dante held his back to. He pulled the trigger, and a lonely howl of pain shattered the silent air as it pierced through Dante Sparda's back.
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PostSubject: Re: The Fourth King Arc II    

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The Fourth King Arc II
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