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 Ginni - The Daughter of Sunset

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PostSubject: Ginni - The Daughter of Sunset   Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:15 pm


Ginn "Ginni" Vinclaire










As a woman who utilizes her talent for reigning in her feelings, Ginni is a spectacle of an example assassin. Her cold, solid intellect allows her to process rational thought within heated situations. Additionally, to reply in whatever manner is deemed the most optimal for the time.

Despite her talent, Ginni finds no problems in expressing her short temper. A fiery anger, a gentle happiness, a listening sorrow, Ginni occasionally allows the flickering of her emotions to bubble to the surface when unable to help it. She has never been fond of people and respects more of what people are capable of. She finds difficulty placing trust due to her line of work, but understands that trust is a resource too valuable to label as exempt.

However, despite the confines of a rogue's life, Ginni still allows herself the luxury of being true to her nature. Only when met with the opportune moments of failure or self admission, can she achieve such a blissful state. What determines her admission is a form of self betrayal--being acknowledging either a failed target or an adversary deemed worthy as a partner.

A better way to say this is: Ginni loves to dance  

Ginni loves to dance to the most obscure music on planet Ire. She dances to music made by everything that exists around her, everything that moves and everything that is. Self made, death made, world made. The sound of steel on steel, of footsteps on the grass. The melody of a thrumming bowstring and the cackling of a passionate fire. The whistle of wind and the spray of the sea and moaning valleys. Cascades of magick, humming and thriving pulsations of the various and arcane.

Ginni loves to dance, but she can only do so in the midst of battle.

For an assassin, this is the truest of failures. But to Ginni, it is her ultimate guilty pleasure.


Young looking face with open angles, soft features and slanted eyes with chocolate irises. Pale cream skin with tiny knicks of scar tissue around her left temple and neckline in the form of little, misshapen dots. Approximately 5"7, an athletic body type.

Long, undulating locks of crimson orange hair mixed with highlights of caramel brown, kept tied in a strand and hidden within the folds of her cloak where it won't come loose. Her garbs hide her curls, spare a single lock of orange and caramel hair that falls on the side of her face. The straightened lock is linked with a line of tiny glass marbles and each covered in scratches.

Dressed in a simple charcoal cloak that holds close to her body, providing maximum dexterity and movement. Long, open sleeves that flow all the way up to her hands which are covered in soft cotton gloves. Boots made of leather and iron, with soles coated in hardened tree sap. A small hood that angled forward at the tip like a crescent moon, keeping the fabric away from her ears. A cotton face mask that covers her neck, chin, and up to her nose, dark chocolate eyes bare to the world.


Functioning, hireable Assassin




Born a young woman with the natural talent of emotional displacement, Ginn Vinclaire grew up with a steady, governed vocation regarding her place among society due upon her coming of age.

The first decade of Ginn's life was spent under the providence of comfort: silk clothing, luxury living, and undiluted exploration in the autumn forests surrounding her estate. Such habits lead her to the daily exchanges of silk garbs for dirt stains and luxury living for damp, mud caked socks. As the fifth daughter of family Vinclaire, Ginn was never in any position to take over the head of the clan. Like her five other siblings who would never take the claim of leadership, Ginn focused on honing what skills she may in order to serve the successor of clan Vinclaire, her eldest sister, in the most useful manner she could. Due to this early acceptance, Ginn was happy to direct her daily energy to mastering the arts of Magick, and tutored herself in the practice of physical and emotional erasure. After six years of successful training and blissful living, Ginni left the loving care of the Vinclaire estate to pick up trades suitable for what she had intended for herself since the day she took her family oaths: An Assassin.

Clan Vinclaire works deep inside the underworld mercantile of the floating, illustrious kingdom: Giat Perr. The dazzling lights of peace, prosperity and progress served well as a blinding distraction for the work of the shadows beneath the gaze of an iron law. While many of her siblings took to more political professions to attempt controlling manipulative power over the social economy, Ginni took the path of putting power directly in her own hands. With the blessing of her eldest sister, who lead family Vinclaire after the retirement of their honorable mother and father, Ginni spent another six long years as a practitioner for archery, a student of magick, and a violent adversary on the unlit streets of Giat Perr.

Now a young adult with a honed body and mind, Ginni works as a highly capable Assassin serving her distinguished eldest sister. Upon reaching the continent of Bright Ire, Ginni took on a contract designed to test her ultimate abilities as an assassin, which lead her to descend from the Pearl Gates and into the unknown lands of a main continent. While she is welcome to rest at her home estate whenever necessary, Ginni has sworn on her own life that she will not return to family Vinclaire unless dressed in the ornaments of success.

Character theme



Professionalism/Secrecy/Light wine/Snow/Diaries/Music/Dance


Clocks/Repetition/Hot weather/Necromancy/Sicarians

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.

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PostSubject: Re: Ginni - The Daughter of Sunset   Sat Feb 18, 2017 5:58 pm


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Ginni - The Daughter of Sunset
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