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 Avto d'la Lidiça

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Character information
Character Information: President of the Bafflegabinet

PostSubject: Avto d'la Lidiça   Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:50 pm

Name: Çelistreall

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Personality: Down-to-earth and serene. Believes in joy found through a state of equilibrium with nature.

Appearance: Smooth skin that reflects light like a mirror coats her underdeveloped body, with little remarkable or accentuated features. Her bulk is borderline deprived, further slimmed by hair that reaches slightly below her waist. Her facial features are childish and pure – an aesthetic reinforced by a pair of glimmering orbs of lime-green, black, and white.

In public, she wears an ethereal cloak of light that almost seems to glow in despite of sunlight. This cloak reaches up to her heels. While secluded or in combat, the cloth compresses into a veil that stretches through the ground behind her, leaving her physique exposed, save for silky strands covering her bosom and frontal inguinal area.

Always wields a copper staff with a mildly ornate lantern at its top.


Occupation: Arcadist

Alignment: Rogue


Luteccio Ccisso: Rival.

Cueri: Rival.

Nation leaders and military: Despises them for their irresponsibility.

Blackheart: Treats as a villain, and major perpetrator of the Coven War.

Backstory: Decaying forests whisper her name, begging for nectar. And by her oath, she delivers. Popular among the wildlife as both an older sister and a savior.

Character theme:


- Nature.
- Clarity.
- Honesty.
- Music of any kind.
- Heroism.
- Rustic art.

- Chaotic destruction.
- Mundane temptations.
- Pranks.
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PostSubject: Re: Avto d'la Lidiça   Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:13 pm

Xixas: .. .. ...Wait, you mean I still have to do this? *Incoherent conversing* Seriously? *Mumble of affirmation* Yeah, w- But I'm dea-! You know, never mind. I'm sure there's some stupid loophole keeping me alive here anyways.


You're the youngest I've seen in a very long time. However, I'm not such a fool as to let age cloud my judgment. I'm no hypocrite. Çelistreall, welcome to Ire. I wish you the best and I pray I don't meet you here in my realm of lost life.

Brielle: While I do not condone your sense of style, I still wish you the very best, Çelistreall. You're absolutely precious, you know, and I would hate to see something befall you.. Come find the rain if you've ever lost yourself, sweetheart. It will guide you home.

Sidus: YES, I still get to do this. I thought I'd be gone for sure after-- Oh, um. Is it the girl or the giant monster..?

Oh, well, good evening, Cellee.. Celisstree.. Celi. Good evening, Celi. I, uh. Approved and yeah. See you later I guess?

Ginni: (Due to a miscommunication, miss Ginni Vinclaire will not be present for today's review. We offer our sincerest apologies)


From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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Avto d'la Lidiça
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