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 Alice Ferelau

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PostSubject: Alice Ferelau   Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:44 pm

Name: Alice Ferelau

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 19

A naive and earnest soul plunged into unknown cultures and environments from her own, Alice is a young musician with an unbelievable warmth in her soul, having no visible signs of being versed in combat, or any violent traits.
Alice is kind hearted, protective and caring, a calm and assuring countenance wherever she is, inadvertently acting as a stalwart anchor of confidence for anyone who is with her. She acts on brutal honesty, oblivious to any sense of sarcasm and taking words at face value most of the time.

Alice, despite her gentle appearance, is not shy of combat. Quite the opposite, in that she adores it. Her music is given another stage, another opportunity to play its melodies in the rush of clashing steel, searing magic and determined ideals held through every opponent involved. When such a beautiful scene is set, her skills can be fully realized in her mindset, bringing about the best of her abilities.

Just as meaningful combat holds its virtues to her, meaningless bloodshed for selfish or nonexistent reasons is nothing but noise to Alice, giving her no feeling or desire to fight other than to end the cruel offenders.

Alice stands at 6'0, a bright and easy demeanor with her warm expressions. Soft and pale complexion and medium length hair of bright white loosely pulled back, and gentle eyes of deep blueish gray.
She is dressed in mainly black and white garbs that covers her entire frame, moderately plated in steel. Designed for her travels, she resembles a knight of sorts, especially when wielding her shield, which is otherwise held in its case and carried over her shoulder.

Occupation: Pilot of Song Magick.


Alice was born into a loving family alongside her brother, raised as an heir to noble heritage. Growing up as a daughter she was taught a variety of things, such as dance, weaving, but one practice in particular, something she especially adored. Music. She surrounded herself in the melodies around her, attending as many orchestras as she could, soon enough creating her own. As she grew older, she even conducted her own on grand stages at the young age of 14.
Her dream had seemingly been fulfilled, however another half of her had been cast into the practices of combat. She admired its beauty to no end, fights having an alluring excitement when brought about with ideals and determination held by both parties. She practiced relentlessly with her brother, demanding countless rematches through the night, fueled only by passion for years.

Her two loves might have been seen as detrimental, two opposites being practiced an impossibility, and even chastised for having a hand in combat.
However, Alice lived in Giat Perr, the city of infinite progress. A new magick had recently been discovered, and still in an early state of understanding, they required a more in depth exploration of its possibilities. Song magic.

She was swiftly arranged to become a pilot for the new magick, and she gladly took the opportunity without a second thought now a trained and adept soldier and musician.
Sent down to the unknown land below, she was given the mission of expanding the knowledge of Song, employed through a specially designed weapon. Resembling a cello in its shape, the shield utilizes the experimental magick. Eager to experience it herself, she left immediately to begin her assignment to Ae'Ire.

Alignment: Giat Perr

Character theme:

Interests*: Music |Combat | Strawberries | Victory speeches | String instruments | Windy weather

Disinterests*: Loud and repetitive noises | Large bodies of water | Dog barks | Mindless violence | Assassins


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PostSubject: Re: Alice Ferelau   Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:59 pm

Xixas: *Incoherent mumbling* Loud noises, water, dogs, violence, assassins.. --I don't know if I should be insulted or something. Regardless, you seem like a nice enough young woman. However, you know who you should meet? This good friend of mine who makes the absolute best music. His name's Sev. You two should have a nice chat; you'd get along splendidly.

Anyways, my vote's yes.

Brielle: I truthfully hope you manage to enjoy your time down on the main continent.. I'll be staying back on Giat Perr with dear A'Shir for a moment's company. The coffee here is absolutely divine!

I wish I could help with your assassin problem, love. If you ever find yourself in the city and in need of assistance, I would be happy to help you get rid of them. You're so unique, it's adorable. I hope you will play some music for me one day, Alice. I would love to hear your melodies.

Sidus: Ah, you look pretty okay. I knew this girl a few years ago, Percival, and you sort of remind me of her. Haven't seen her in over half a decade. Anyways, if you're ever in the north and in need of a good spar, find me! I'd love to test out that "Song" magick! Looks wicked.

Ginni (Due to unforeseen complications, a misunderstanding has occurred inside of the organizing party. Unfortunately, miss Ginni Vinclaire will be unable to attend today's review. We sincerely apologize).

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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Alice Ferelau
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