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 Serephene, the Broken Star

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Character information
Character Information: Owner of Cedric/Erynn/Serephene.

PostSubject: Serephene, the Broken Star   Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:14 am

Name: Serephene

Gender: Female

Race: Caelator

Age: Reborn at the age of nineteen, currently exists at the age of 28.


 All Cae have the weakness within emotion. Sere is no exception, but rather a fault when it comes to this. Events within the war have caused her personality to shift, change, shattered like a broken mirror reflecting who she once was. Those who she sailed with, should they still be alive, would know her as their captain. More of her past self is regained when in their presence, but otherwise she could be called a shadow of her former self.

  The only scar that has marred her body is the pale streak running over her right eye. Pale skin caressed by the runes of the Cae always gives a soft glow, as the norm with her alignment. Though her emotions can easily be guessed by the color of her iris, her expression almost never changes.

With armor:

Without armor:

  A wanderer of the plains of Ae'Ire.

  She no longer remembers.

   "I.. SEARCHED."

                                 The light struck the target.
                                                           "I, I of all people CARED."            
               Another bullseye.

Serephene stood, still and quiet. Crimson light fought off the darkness that came with night.

"I gave a fuck. And when I went searching, looking, seeking.. This land fell. This land fell, and I could do nothing. I knew, NOTHING."

Bitter tears came down her face, and more ribbons of light crashed into the small, hay-filled scarecrow.

The light changed, tone, returning to a soft amber color.  

Five years. Five years of wandering, trying to find what's missing. Zechs had his kingdom, Giat Perr an ally to him. But, the one place she wanted to enter, to learn what had happened, had closed its gates. Her ship was wrecked, aftermath of the battle between Sidus and the Kraken. Her home was gone, not that she had one outside of her crew.

Where was she to go?

"What do I do now?..."

  Currently Rogue.




Knowledge, honesty, the truth.


Anyone standing in the way of the truth.

May the light guide you.
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Serephene, the Broken Star
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