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 Asher Lionhartd

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PostSubject: Asher Lionhartd   Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:26 am

Name: Asher Lionhartd




Personality: Asher is a hopeful person. Coming from such a dark place in life he chose to not become what was around him and tried his best to inspire everyone that he could. He tries his best to be kind and put others before himself.

Appearance (Must be described with words but a picture can be added. Be detailed):
Appearance Pic:

Asher stands at about 5'11 with decent length red hair that comes down half of his face. (See picture) He wears dark grey pants and a, charcoal gray and burnt red jumper fit snugly over a thin, white undershirt. Normally worn half-zipped, Asher holds the center piece together with belt sashes gripped onto the left shoulder that double as a Norfolk tie. In contrast to typical symmetry, Asher's attire fits accordingly to his specified taste. The right sleeve and shoulder unfurl outward as it reaches the opening end, lightly loosened to keep the arm airy and dexterous. On the contrast, the left side of the jumper ties neatly within itself using inner bands, holding the clothing tightly to the arm. He also wears grayish combat boots.

Occupation (What do you do? Warrior, mercenary, merchant, captain, general, traveler, almost anything!): Guide

Relations* (Who do you know and how?):
Alice Ferelau- He met her after her original body guard was killed. She had no one and she was lost in a brave new world the same as him. He took it upon himself to let her be the first person he could shine hope upon her and help her as she helps him since he is also new to this land.

Backstory*: Asher was born in the dark continent of Ae'Ire. He grew up surrounded by poverty and people acting as if everyday would be their last. No one had Hope. As Asher grew up he hated to see the people he knew being so down and live as if they were going no where in life. He attempted to bring back the one feeling that no one ever seemed to have. He tried to give them Hope. He did whatever he could to put a smile on his extended families faces and did whatever he could to protect them from the horrors and dangers of the world he lived in.

Years had passed and Asher still had Hope while everybody he had inspired had given up on the idea of it. No one ever thought things would get better but he did. Until one day everything was taken away from him. There was a raid on the small town he lived in. A group of people stormed into down. Correction. They were the storm. A group of maybe six or less began to slaughter everyone using abilities Asher had never seen before. It scared him. But he still had Hope things would be okay. He thought he could do something and try and save everyone. So he took up arms against the group and tried to give people Hope. He grabbed a rusty flintlock pistol that he wasn't even sure worked and a worn out axe used to cut logs and he stood outside his door. He drowned out the cries and the explosions and he closed his eyes. He was prepared to lay his life on the line for his family and his people. He kicked the door open and to his right was another human spewing flames out of his mouth. He walked up directly behind him and aimed the pistol at the back of his head and he cocked the hammer back and squeezed. Nothing came out but a loud CLICK was heard.

Time began to move in slow motion as Asher looked at the pistol and twisted it as if trying to figure out what was wrong with it. The man turned around and headbutted Asher sending him to the ground. The man then stood over Asher and began to charge up another heat wave to spew from his mouth. The mans eyes gleamed with murderous intent. Asher looked to his right and felt the Axe still firmly gripped in his hands. He raised it up and swung down onto the mans leg. The man howled in pain as his knee buckled from the swing and fell over. Asher then got up and re-positioned himself in one swift moved while also bringing the axe from out of his leg. He raised it again and slammed it down onto the neck of the fire user. He raised it again and again and kept slamming it down in anger. He looked up in a dazed confusion and was surrounded by fire and dead bodies. While he had focused on one of the six men the other five continued the raid. He tried to make his way back to his home but he had trouble getting their. He felt nauseous and his mouth tasted like the crimson blood that resembled his hair. The heat was intense and it hurt to breathe. He dropped the pistol and axe and covered his eyes with his hands to hide from the flames but it burned. He finally made his way back to his house and he opened the door to be met with two of the men standing over his mother. She lied their with her body limp and covered in a pool of her own blood. It was at that moment Asher's Hope had been shattered. He felt something break inside himself but he also felt something new. He felt a power awaken within him but before he could bathe in it one of the men raised a hand at him while still looking down at Asher's mother and shot out a beam of blinding white light that drowned out the darkness and smoke in the burning house. The beam impacted Asher's Body and sent him flying through the door and through another building and landed him out of sight of the town.

Asher awoke with the sun beaming down on him. He felt dehydrated and desperate. He stood up and smacked his lips and attempted to find his bearings. But he was alone and hopeless. Everyone he knew and cared for was dead. He carried another mans blood on his hands. He felt guilt for not being able to protect his family. They gave him Hope and motive to keep moving on but he no longer had that anymore. Years had passed after this event. He had traveled to the Bright Ae'Ire and was trying to relearn what it meant to be Hopeful. It was there that he met a girl named Alice. She helped inspire him to be Hopeful as he did to her. He swore to help her get to Sanc. She inspired him to try and thrive to be the person he once was and for that he is forever grateful.


Character theme:* (Do you have a personal theme?!):

Oh That I Had:

Interests: Hope. Being Helpful.

Disinterests: Letting people down. Feeling defenseless to do anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Asher Lionhartd   Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:51 pm


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Asher Lionhartd
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