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 Asher Wulf

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PostSubject: Asher Wulf   Asher Wulf EmptyWed Feb 22, 2017 1:26 am

Name: Asher Wulf




Personality: Asher is a symbol of hope. He will never stand down and will always get back up no matter what's thrown at him. He cares more about the little guy then himself and will put his life on the line to defend what he thinks is right. He's not scared to be vocal with his opinions and he will stand up to anyone even if it meant certain doom.

Appearance (Must be described with words but a picture can be added. Be detailed):

Asher stands at about 6'2 (5'6 before he became a Super Soldier). Short blonde hair in a militarized style. He constantly wears a combat suit that's black and red. Although despite the dark tone in colors his personality is the exact opposite. Deep blue diamond colored eyes.

Occupation (What do you do? Warrior, mercenary, merchant, captain, general, traveler, almost anything!): Bodyguard. Soldier. Freedom Fighter.

Relations* (Who do you know and how?):
Alice  Ferelau- He was made to protect her and his country. He'd die before he allowed Alice's life to be taken.

Backstory*: Growing up as a boy Asher had high hopes for himself. He would join the royal army of Giat Perr and become a mighty defender! All of this was shattered as he reached adulthood and realized he finished growing. He was scrawny and short and couldn't ever defend himself or others. But that would never stop him. He didn't care what the odds were if he had to fight he did despite the beating that would be unleashed on his poor fragile body. One day after finally coming to realization that he wouldn't grow he found himself in a bar where he was approached by someone who claimed to be part of an underground group of people who were illegally enhancing normal people to make their own army. Asher saw this as his once chance to be able to do something and to be in an army when others had laughed in his face when he tried before. But he was gullible. He didn't know what their purpose was or what they wanted to do with him but he was on board anyways. He just wanted to protect and serve and he thought it was for all the right reasons. Several tests took place that prepared Asher for the hardship to come which was survive the initial operation that would imbue him with powers that have never been seen before. He was told several others had tried but died in the process and that they were unsure if he would survive or not but he didn't care he was going to go through with it.

The time had come for him to finally undergo the experiment and he was nervous but he had faith. He was put in the strange machine that seemed like a pod of sorts with wiring all around it leading to other devices. The last thing he remembered after that was the man who found him that day saying "Fire it up!" The rest was hazy. When he awoke he was taller, muscular and stronger then ever before. He also felt true power that manifested because of the experiment. He could shoot vibrations from his finger tips and warp gravity to his whim pulling objects are sending them flying away. He thought nothing could go wrong but that's when it did. He was briefed on his first mission as the first successful Super Soldier and he was stunned. They wanted him to infiltrate and destroy Giat Perr's army and take over the whole kingdom from the inside out with him and other super soldiers that were lined up to be next. Without a moments hesitation he raised his fingers into the air, making guns air and fired from both. Vibrations shot out and hit the doctor who created him in the head knocking him to the floor. Someone tried to run out the room but he reached his hand out and pulled them back with his gravitational pull. Once close enough to him he spun around throwing an elbow knocking man out cold before he could alert anyone. This was wrong. The people of Giat Perr may have treated him unfairly but they were still his people. This was still his kingdom and he would fight to keep it the same. With the man knocked out he aimed both of his finger guns at him and kept firing until he was sure he was dead. He walked over to the doctor who created him who was just regaining consciousness after the blows he took to the head. Asher wrapped one of his arms around his neck but the doctor pleaded for his life. "PLEASE NO WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS. WE GAVE YOU POWER THAT YOU NEVER WOULD HAVE HAD OTHERWISE. WHY WOULD YOU DARE TURN ON ME!?" Asher took a moment to think about this. The man was right. But he was also wrong. He may have given Asher the power but it was time to make it his own. Taking matters into his own hands and doing what was right was beyond whatever vision this man had wanted to see come to fruition. Asher would not be his puppet. Within that moment Asher applied as much force as he could leaning back and he snapped the doctors neck. "Huh. I thought that would be harder." There were still plenty of people in the underground base that they had built for themselves so Asher had an idea. He figured he couldn't beat all of them but he knew he could destroy the base from within.

He stealthily made his way towards the room where he was made and he saw someone else getting into the same pod with a different doctor. He ran in as fast as he could shooting vibrations from his fingers to clear a path and once he was in the center of the room with all that technology he unleashed an almighty push, pushing himself beyond what he thought possible. The sudden burst of chaotic force sent people flying while the pod the boy was in blew up setting off the other pieces of technology to explode in a truly beautiful chain of events. The chain reaction shook the compound as it crumbled from within itself. Asher stood in the center of it all. He was sure he was going to die here but it didn't matter. At least there wasn't an army of super soldiers about to take over his home. He fell to his knees as the rubble buried him and any evidence of what had happened here. He unconsciously put a barrier of gravity around him which protected him from being crushed but he was still knocked out from the initial impact of the rubble.

"Vital signs slowly returning to normal. No sir. I have no idea how he survived this. I'll let you know right away!"

"Ugh.." "SIR HE'S WAKING UP!" Asher's eyes opened and took a moment to adjust. The bright light blinded him and he raises his hand to cover his eyes but it wouldn't budge. When everything finally came into focus he saw he was in a med bay of sorts. Surrounded by more doctors and what were clearly soldiers of Giat Perr's army. The army that excluded him, that he wanted nothing more then to serve. He looked to his arms and saw they were tied down to the bed as well as his feet. He began to panic but a nurse calmly put a hand on his shoulder and spoke in a sincere voice. "Welcome back to the land of the living." "Where am I?" He asked in a worried tone. "Just relax don't worry about that. These men need to ask you some questions okay? You aren't in any trouble we just want to know what happened."

He explained to the soldiers after they released him from his binds what he went through. The experiment that made him who he was now and what he did to make sure his Kingdom would be protected. They applauded his actions but were upset that he blew the place up completely. They wanted to use the tech to make more soldiers like Asher but for the greater good. It was too bad though. All the research, equipment and the minds behind what made him into this were gone now. He explained his new powers to them and they offered him a position in the grand army. He had wanted this for so long but now it was becoming a reality. He himself was unsure how he managed to survive the explosion but he did and it was time to look forward. They outfitted him in his own personal battle suit and even gave him his own personal shield that had it's own personal secrets to it. He wondered why he was getting such special treatment and then he met her. He wasn't going to be a part of the army itself but he was going to be the lead bodyguard of an Heiress named Alice. He thought his talents were going to go to waste but he eventually warmed up to her and decided that he would protect her with his life. She was his mission now. He would die before anything were to happen with her now.

Alignment: Giat Perr

Character theme:* (Do you have a personal theme?!):


Interests: Peace. Freedom. Standing up for the little guy.

Disinterests: People's freedom being compromised. Bully's.

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Asher Wulf
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