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 Chasing Shadows [CLOSED]

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PostSubject: Chasing Shadows [CLOSED]   Chasing Shadows [CLOSED] EmptyFri Apr 07, 2017 8:46 am





The sound of crunching foliage accompanied her every step. It followed a steady pattern, a beat set by her natural pace. It harmonized with the gentle breeze that fluttered through the woods, punctuating its soothing whistle like a metronome. Iris was a musical girl. She enjoyed the music that nature made. But even the sweet sounds of the wild couldn't distract her from the emptiness of the forest. They only made it more apparent.

Nothing here...

Nothing at all...

She sighed. She Stopped walking. She turned her head to the left, directing her gaze at one of the towering pinewood trees of the Esthler. She tilted her head upwards, following the trunk of the tree with her eyes until she found her vision obscured by the leaves and branches. She turned to the right, and caught the slightest glimpse of some small critter before it darted out of her sight.

She turned her head back, and saw wisps of color.

Small, wavy wisps of color, flickering like a weak flame. A light, gentle blue, striking against the thick greens and browns of the Esthler.

Another person! It must be!

Her pace was faster now, the frequency of her steps dragged up by her curiosity. She followed the trail of color through the forest, speed-walking past the now-dull greens and browns, sticking close to the ever-growing blue. She walked. She walked, she walked, and she walked. And then she stopped. A fair distance away from her was a girl - a small, thin girl, smaller and thinner than Iris. Alone, too.

Out here? All by herself? How curious.

Maybe she feels lonely? Maybe she wants to talk to somebody?

Iris took a few more steps forward.

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PostSubject: Re: Chasing Shadows [CLOSED]   Chasing Shadows [CLOSED] EmptySat Apr 08, 2017 8:07 pm

Çeli had been to the forest to relax. She was resting as she played with the crickets and pet the rodents - all part of her quality relaxation treatment. Butterflies were clinging to her bare belly, decorating it with verdant colors. Her right arm and leg provided support for her staff, deactivated for the time being. The flames weren't necessary at this moment.

The sound of crumbling leaves startled her. The animals reacted immediately, scrambling after shelter. The arcadist waited in silence, listening to the footsteps closely.
"They're humanoid. Drat. Drat, I say! Geez...", she thought.
When the sounds of steps stopped, yet another disturbance entered her auditory canals. It was speech.
"Ugh. I go off to relax, and bozos already start flocking to my resort. What is it this time? A tourist? A researcher? Probably some lost jaghead asking for directions. Freaking Hell. I sincerely hope it's not the jaghead. I hate talking right now.", she added to her mental comments.
As soon as she received the message, Çeli stood up - twirling in place, for added veil flair - before turning towards the other girl. She pointed at her with her staff, while her left fist rested on her waist. She puffed her chest - although just a little. She didn't want her menacing get-up to force the stranger into subconsciously prostrating in terror.
"Trespasser! Bring up one good reason why I shouldn't have you rest under trees - and why I shouldn't ditch you before their roots tear through your flesh and devour your bones!", she proclaimed, using the most heroic voice she could remember practicing. Well, at least she tried.

Even if her attempt at intimidation were to fail, the way her bare skin reflected the little sunlight that sneaked through the trees was bound to amaze.
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PostSubject: Re: Chasing Shadows [CLOSED]   Chasing Shadows [CLOSED] EmptyMon Apr 10, 2017 6:44 am

Iris' expression was blank. For a moment, she just stood, staring at the girl in front of her, the strange girl whose skin glistened in the sunlight. She seemed hostile. Clearly, she didn't want to talk. Which was strange, talking was always fun.

Strange girl...

The girl's Color had changed. The pale blue vapour that had clung to her figure seconds earlier had undergone a sudden metamorphosis, shifting to a dark orange mist the moment the girl became aware of Iris' presence. She was irritated, annoyed, exhasperated. Iris knew a lot of words for this color. It was fairly common. But it didn't match the girl's posture, nor did it warrant her tone of voice, or her furious words.

So those are all fake. She's just like everyone else.

Iris started walking again, taking a few steps to her left, before turning and taking a few steps to her right. Pacing. She did that a lot.

"I don't think that'll happen." Her words were soft, calm, devoid of the arrogance that they implied. What she said, she said as if it were a fact.

"You know, I was expecting a "hello" in return. Is this your forest, then? Is that what I'm trespassing on?"
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PostSubject: Re: Chasing Shadows [CLOSED]   Chasing Shadows [CLOSED] Empty

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Chasing Shadows [CLOSED]
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