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PostSubject: [Lunalacia]   [Lunalacia] EmptyWed Apr 17, 2019 2:40 am

Name: Lunalacia

Race: Human

Racial Attributes: None

Age: Looks in her early 20s

Gender: Female

Personality: Her thoughts are as her words. There's a striking immediateness with which she expresses her interest in someone. At the same time, she's also the kind of person to coldly tell you "Ah, no. You're just not important." Well, maybe it's just that social norms don't exist for this young lady - anyways, she isn't one to take conversations very seriously, despite lacking a proper sense of humor. More accurately, in her mind, "talking to people" is the equivalent of "choosing which tool to use". In a strictly utilitarian sense, she categorizes living beings by their usefulness and relevance to her current goal, but otherwise, never seems incredibly bothered by the current state of affairs. Lunalacia exists in a grey area as someone who never stresses and never laughs.

Still, she approaches everything jovially. Her tone is upbeat, albeit matter-of-fact, and there's typically a sense of contentedness to her, even if such a sentiment is often alien.

Even if she smiles, it is not an expression belonging to her "self." Because she is a product of wishes, she can't ever be human.

Appearance: A young lady of modest form. Measures at 5'4" with an overall slim build and subtle yet effeminate shape. Her features are slight, soft enough to offer a relaxing smile but likewise fully capable of harsher sharpness. In general, her expressions will give mixed readings, and sometimes there's an almost manufactured quality to her - simply put, it's difficult to immediately tell what she's thinking.


Her eyes are red, and her hair is violet; long, and often carelessly formed, it falls down to her lower back, branching away into aimless strands that drop around both the arms and shoulders. Her aesthetic is most commonly loose-fitting reds and blacks worn in a distinctly "foreign" way.

Alignment: Rogue

Occupation: Roamer.

Backstory: She dreamed of saving the world.

Of course, such a thought was ridiculous - in the first place, the girl didn't even know with certainty that the world was under threat. Still, it was undeniable that an orphaned girl once had dreams of heroism. She was always the kind of person who would look at someone in pain and, with every fiber of her being, claim "I will help you." Naturally, such a sentiment came from a feeling of owing the world - because this sickly young girl had been saved, she felt it was only right to save others.

Simply put, she was the type of person that stepped forward with neither preparation nor understanding. Even if she couldn't grasp at the idea of "being a hero", she knew on some level that it was her goal.

Just as the girl dreamed, something higher dreamed too. A Guardian that observed the world from behind glass, barred by otherworldly duty. The man that watched over the realm of Darkness at some point in time had dreams of lowering himself to the mortal world, and yet, for the sake of that world, he had to remain inhuman. A normal man could not protect the world of normal men.

He severed himself. Dividing his own consciousness, he made the choice to allow "himself as a human" to live. That single thought descended to the world. An undefined, uncertain mass of consciousness and magic that barely held on to its own existence. In truth, it was impossible for this thing to be human, just as a single puzzle piece could not show a full picture. Yet, it remained tethered to the world of Ire simply through a desire to "live and be alive".

At some point, it came across a girl. Sickly and weak, the girl couldn't at all understand what she'd found - but still, there was an echo of desire that resonated with her. For a moment, their dreams were synchronized. The dream of being human, and the dream of being a hero, were one and the same. Perhaps it was then that she made her decision. This power she'd found would allow her to save the world, and in return, she would allow it to be human.

What was formed was not a union of two dreams. It was an entirely new being.

Lunalacia wasn't a hero - more accurately, she was comparable to a "cleaner", who coldly went about fixing a broken world with no regard for "saving people." Thus, because she bore the weight of fixing the world, she could never allow herself to be human.

"Well, I suppose I'm not what either of them wanted. It doesn't bother me too much; to begin with, I don't know what it's like to wish for those things."

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PostSubject: Re: [Lunalacia]   [Lunalacia] EmptyWed Apr 17, 2019 10:07 pm

Sidus: What.

Sidus: I get it, I suppose. You're like.. two people or something?

Sidus: I get the same feeling from my other buddy sometimes. He has this lady with him all the time and they talk exactly the same and it makes me think they sometimes are the same person.

Sidus: I kind of miss them. I wonder where they went. I wonder where everybody went..

Sidus: Ah, oh. Approved.

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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