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PostSubject: Smithy    Smithy           EmptyThu Apr 18, 2019 5:57 pm

 Elene "Smithy" Preclaire


Racial Attributes:
 Dark Cae, who's item is an axe hammer.



 Gruff. Boisterous around friends, though still hardened and rough around the edges. Snarky to most, she has a soft spot for those who put true love and care into crafts and battle.

Appearance: (Must be described with words but a picture can be added. Be detailed):
 Smithy is a tall, lean woman. Muscle from years of working over the forge, previously as a slave, make her arms and legs stronger than most. Raven black hair matches her eyes, set into olive flesh. A single braid falls to the right of her face, the rest of her back-length hair tied up with a worn leather strip.
 A gauntlet for her work covers her right forearm, as burnt and torn sleaves lead up to the scarf that shields her from debris and ash. Knee braces and boots shield her loose pants, while a sash and pouch hold steel for work.


 Traveling blacksmith.

 A slave that once worked in Concuclare, the death of the previous ruler troubled her owners. The war that struck after allowed her a chance to escape her shackles, and she took it.

 Her flight lead her to Sanc- a kingdom full of mercenaries. What better place to put her craft to use than a hovel of warriors?

 Creativity in any form, battle, drinking, making weapons, and admiring other blacksmith's work.

 People. Namely, haughty nobles who want fancy script and metalwork in their rapiers or daggers, which they'll never use. Or, at least, never use correctly.

Cedric Art/sketches:

Erynn sketch:

Goldwyn Art/sketches:
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PostSubject: Re: Smithy    Smithy           EmptyThu Apr 18, 2019 8:57 pm

Sidus: Heh, you should visit that once city in Concuclare. It's the one that has all the mines. I've never been, but I had a buddy who visited there all the time. He was really good at blacksmith stuff and I heard all the time from him how they would have competitions to please their goddess or whatever.

Sidus: Oh man, that was years ago. I dunno, maybe they stopped doing that. It's been a while.

Sidus: I really need new plating for my legs. My last ones broke and the guy I normally got them from-- actually the guy I was talking about-- can't really help me anymore. Must have been so long ago. Don't even remember his name.

Sidus: Well! All approved.

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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