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PostSubject: [Ars Grisaea]   [Ars Grisaea] EmptyMon Apr 22, 2019 3:10 pm

Name: Ars Grisaea

Race: Earth Seraph

Racial Attributes: Ocean-blue, crystalline wings

Age: Appearance of mid-20s

Gender: Male

Personality: Composed, in an obnoxiously self-absorbed way. In essence, it is arrogance shown not through aggression, but through simple acceptance of one's own perceived superiority. Of course, he makes a conscious effort to place himself above all things; in some ways, Grisaea only wants to distance himself from the planet, and to that end, he simply acts like wordly things are beneath him. Thus, he largely presents himself with passive dismissal of what's around him, only occasionally melded with some grander showmanship - if he really feels he needs to. Fundamentally, however, Grisaea is still a spirit born from the planet. Even while he tries to abandon himself, he can't oppose the buried will to "protect the world." Beneath all else is still someone with the best interests at heart, and he's afraid to admit that to himself.

To put it all another way, it is because he is a parasite. Because he is an unjustified existence, he must earn the right to live, and prove that his life was a "correct decision." A parasite that is only on the level of man has no worth.

Appearance: A man of marble flesh and diamond eyes. Grisaea measures at 5'10" and sports a lean physique of sculpted muscle; youthfully built, yet bearing expressions of maturity and agelessness, worn on his face like a cold visor. Aquatic hues dance atop the white skin, framing themselves around sea-colored irises and blackened sclera while stainless silver hair falls around the shoulders and back.


Though he wears the shape of a human convincingly, the cold inversion of color ultimately makes him appear unapproachable and alien. His eyes typically carry a soft, unconcerned look, as if it has already been predetermined that nothing is a threat to him, and, barring all beneath the waist, his form is typically left bare.

Alignment: Coeura

Occupation: Wanderer. Occupational explorer of deep caverns

Backstory: Ars Grisaea is a designation given to what once was only a bubbling willpower locked beneath the earth. A pocket of densely-packed magical energy caged by earthen walls lined with crystal. Such a thing can be described as the will's earliest "memory", buried beneath layers of conscious and subconscious thought even to this day, like a genetic code that tethers the being to the living planet.

The will-infused magic gained aimless impetus and, lacking the capacity to understand itself, rose thoughtlessly to the heavens. What later descended to the realm of silver had not a designation, but a name.
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PostSubject: Re: [Ars Grisaea]   [Ars Grisaea] EmptyFri Apr 26, 2019 9:43 pm

Sidus: Oh, Earth magic. It's been a slow day since I've seen somebody use Earth magic outside of, like, Steel. I mean, there are some stories my buddy's girlfriend once told me about a massive territory of Earth magic users, but I've never actually been.

Sidus: Though, Earth has always been a tough magic to handle. It's hard to cut rocks, you know? Only fought one person who used it, and well.

Sidus: Approved!

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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