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PostSubject: Uriah Engraham   Uriah Engraham EmptySat May 11, 2019 10:45 pm

Name: Uriah Engraham

Race: Human

Age: 27

Gender: Female

A brazen and out-going woman with a warrior's spirit and willpower, only looking as far ahead as her fists can reach. Without much focus, her momentary wishes and on the spot decisions move her through her every day happenings, exploring unknown parts of the world with a curiosity only matched by a subsequent desire to challenge it.

Uriah stands tall and well-built at 5'8, sturdy and hardened from a life of traveling and fighting, pale ivory skin, and fiery orange hair of varying orange hues, stopping just above her shoulders in a messy and jagged style. Sharp facial structure with sky blue eyes, scars from her travels giving an unmistakable air to her indecorous and unruly manner.

Her demeanor is furthered by her worn steel armor in scattered areas around her, tattered white robes of her old medic's uniform hanging off her waist, and woven with her mercenary leather in some places, patches of mismatched fabric along it. Her pride, however, are her faded gauntlets of scarred steel from her mercenary years.

Alignment: Rogue

Occupation: Mercenary Medic


Uriah was a medic of a small town, living peacefully and for the people, well-known and respected in her field. Her rough nature and short fuse had always been with her, even with such a profession, and a willingness to fight was never absent.

One day, she came across a strange man, a leader of his own mercenary band. He approached her with the offer of hiring her to his cause, to eventually establish a kingdom. She accepted.

As she worked for this man, she saw sights she never knew about, and became fascinated with the world, and couldn't be content with this 'Sanc' dream her leader talked about. She wanted to see the world. And so she parted ways to go about her own journey, to challenge Bright Ire and what lies beyond it.
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Uriah Engraham
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