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PostSubject: For Whom The Bells Chime   For Whom The Bells Chime EmptyFri May 31, 2019 1:26 am

A fleet of wicker boats glide through the ebony haze.

'We made it through in one piece. Bless the ocean life!'


'Are you sure we have made the right choice?'

' We came this far and..to turn back now..we cannot return-'

'-it will not let us. You were there. You know this-'


They bob across the ocean, calm waves of grey lapping at the woven willow.

'It will not let us? It? Or we?!'

'You saw what it did to Iur, to all of us. Or have you forgotten already-'

' -of course I remember! But to run away with our spines between our legs like a Oohaa, do you not feel any shame-'

'-we are not running away!'



Aboard the center boat, sharply, a bell chimes. A shadow waxes and wanes. Silence falls once more.

' If you do not recall I will remind you. We are here because of It. But we are not running in defeat. It is imperative that we arrive before they do. We are traveling to seek asylum. To seek help-'

'-did we not stow ourselves away among the rock for that very same reason? To look for help is to search for a death wish! Is that not what we have always been told?!'

'Yes my child. It has always been so. But this is not a problem we can solve with our wits or resourcefulness. We need strength in numbers and in that you must be aware that we are sorely lacking. What, my dear, do you think motivates the breaking of our mores? What encourages progress, more than stubbornness, is fear.'


Fireflies dance in lanterns adorned with iridescent stone. Moss gently bathe the water's surface in pale light. Tiny shadows trail beneath its luminescence.

'That is why, Rui, my child, you must face what we have always avoided. What we have always feared. And bring them to our side. There is not much time before the others arrive. If you do not convince them by then our hopes will be trampled by their desperation.'

The boats draw closer to the shore. Behind the fog, silhouettes of towering structures graze the sky. As the passengers leave the boat the tumultuous clamor of ringing reverberates through the air. The sorrowful melody of a music box rusted from wear.

'I apologize for placing such a burden on you, appointing you an elder at your age. But, please understand, you are the only bridge between our people and this foreign place. I do not know what defenses Bright Ire has, but if it can save us, save all of us-'


"I know."


"It'll be okay. I'll make sure of it. Let's go."

The monotonous peals of bells can be heard from afar, dissolving the silence of early morning with its dirge of cautious hope.
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For Whom The Bells Chime
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