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PostSubject: Hum of Thunder   Hum of Thunder EmptyFri May 31, 2019 12:42 pm

“Mmm” the High Mother exhaled, closing her eyes blissfully as the forest breeze tickled her skin. “The air here is nice. Different from home…”

Despite the gaping hole in the forest’s canopy, the sunlight that pierced through was still unusually dim. The gentle light showered the scouting party, with the High Mother right in its centre, sat atop the bark of a fallen tree. She was always like that - swinging her sword around at the slightest urge. Even as the blade rested against her lap, Father Garryth couldn’t be entirely sure that she wouldn’t start cutting down the whole forest to relieve her stillness.

“Hah” he sneered, turning his crimson gaze towards her, “Perhaps we’ll leave you here, then. You can spend all your days enjoying the breeze, High Mother.”

High Mother. He hated the term, but halfway through that scornful thought, the Father reminded himself of its significance. To the dozen or so men gathered in the forest, he was the only “Father” necessary. Biological mothers served a function, and thus, it was important to make a distinction between that and the grace of the High Mother.

Still, it didn’t stop him from speaking her gracious title with venom.

High Mother Lyrei turned her head with a puzzled hum, entirely oblivious to the intention behind his remark.
“Hm? What is it? Are we ready to start?” she asked. The man only sighed in response, and snapped his fingers against the shifting wind. The air behind him shimmered like glass and rippled like water. The empty space unraveled and unfurled like a reflective slime, peeling away at invisibility to reveal a twisted diamond of grey flesh, with bulbous blue spheres embedded deeply into the grotesque spire. They looked a lot like eyes.

His men shifted around him, straightening in preparation like machines. A deep hum emanated from the rotten amalgamate, which was now surrounded by an ocean-colored glow. No one made a move towards the distant city of Gidespea, yet every glare was turned towards that direction. Every glare save for that of the High Mother, whose eyes were closed once more. This time, her expression was not one of bliss.

At times, Father Garryth both feared and envied her ability to connect.
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Hum of Thunder
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