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 A Call to Action. ( Any members of the Bolitarian Party should post in this.)

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PostSubject: A Call to Action. ( Any members of the Bolitarian Party should post in this.)   Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:04 pm

Will we ever achieve the peace we have here within our bounders with the other nations? Vellon asked himself as he paced on the balcony overlooking the city below. The clouds hung low today, promising rain by the evening or late night, which was good for the local farmers as the area had been without rain for some days. It was these kinds of thoughts that Vellon wished he could dwell on all day, without the looming threat of war between the other nations, and his eventual and inevitable involvement.

To this unfortunate end he had decided to send out missives, a call to action. Any and all solders who would support him in this time of need were contacted. He hoped any of them would show up, he needed all the support and advisers he could gain now. He turned away from the sight of his beloved city and turned to his throne, which was modest enough, but still to grand for his tastes. As he sat a runner came in to report.

"Sir, several replies have come in from your missives and almost all will be here within a few days." He said, saluting and waiting for my reply.

Thank the gods.... Vellon thought to myself before addressing him. Thank you Peris, you may be at ease. please see yourself to the barracks for some rest, you've earned it. he said as the runner handed him the replies and left. Let us hope that it will be enough.
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PostSubject: Re: A Call to Action. ( Any members of the Bolitarian Party should post in this.)   Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:03 am

Rydar Thundestorm, a new yet faithful member of the Bolitaria Kingdom appeard in a large hall, which streched several metres before ending at a large red door. He took out a small note which, during the journey, had been crumbled up quite a bit. But it was still readable. He skimmed over it, making sure he was at the right place, nodding to himself after making sure. He walked up to the guards, handing them over the letter, which was read by the guards who proceeded to open the door.

He entered the large throne, one which he had never been in before, and saw his lord Vellon sitting in a rather comfatarble-looking chair, to whom he bowed to, saying, "My lord, i've recieved a letter from you, asking me to come here."
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Hibari Netsu
Hibari Netsu

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PostSubject: Re: A Call to Action. ( Any members of the Bolitarian Party should post in this.)   Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:12 am

Alaude has just returned to the beautiful kingdom of Bolitaria. He loved this Kingdom because it rarely had any violence or disagreements with out Kingdoms. Although he never expected to recieve a missive. This could mean several things although for certain he would have to return home to help settle these matters, "Peacefully" he muttered. His king knows in the death of anyone for Alaude is out of the question. His thirst for human blood is at its peak at this time of the year.

His eyes, normally a purplish hue are now a bright ruby red. His identity as a vampire normally concealed is now apparent to everyone. He would then make his way to the meeting spot undetected. Once he arrived he would have discovered his majesty and someone who he'd rarely seen. He could recall his name was Rydar. He bowed to one knee, "Your, Majesty I have come to aid you in our darkest hour." He flashed his fangs and arch his to to reveal his twin swords.
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PostSubject: Re: A Call to Action. ( Any members of the Bolitarian Party should post in this.)   

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A Call to Action. ( Any members of the Bolitarian Party should post in this.)
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