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 Kylar's Ability List

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Kylar Stern

Posts : 3
Join date : 2014-02-03

PostSubject: Kylar's Ability List   Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:42 pm

Name: Xykroxis

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Fyre

Effect: A Sicarius Ability that allows the user to sacrifice aspects of battle, such as Strength, Speed, Defense to increase another aspect of battle such as Strength, Speed, and Defense. Each amount is leveled by Tiers from 1-7, 7 being the highest. If the user is at Tier One with +Speed -Defense, any damage they take is nearly doubled. At Tier two, they'll take incredible damage, Tier three, their bones become thinner. Tier 4, their skin becomes softer and so forth in exchange for speed being nearly doubled, and then even faster, and then over that. However, power comes with a cost.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Can only be used once per post and can only increase amount once per post. I.E, can't go from Tier 1 to Tier 5 in one post.

(Given to by Xixas)

Name: Regnum Corda

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Fyre

Effect: The user imbues ordinary weapons with Fyre to grant them special abilities. I.E, a sword becoming light as air with extended reach or crossbows that reload themselves.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Only one can be used per post. The user can only carry a maximum of five Regnai capable items, only three being allowed to be weapons. The user must also list their used weapons at the start of every battle.

-Scimitar: Extended invisible reach and no weight
-Short Crossbow: Automatic reload
-Scythe: Magic negation and magic piercing
-Buckler: Block any physical attack and blast back *Single block* - two post cooldown
-Armguard: Block any non-physical attack and blast back *Single block* - two post cooldown
-Chakram: When thrown, create multiple energy copies of itself
-Stiletto Dagger: Immune to any and all sensory capabilities
-Wrist Dagger: Can extend to one foot
-Sash: Cab grow and grants immunity to passive/secondary effects
-Style Katana: Shield piercing capabilities
-Style Katana Sheath: Sucks in a single magic ability when the sword is drawn, and can blast it back when sword is unsheathed

(Given to by Xixas. Received a PM saying not to use Scimitar, Short Crossbow, Chakram, Scythe, or Armguard. Rest are fair game)

Name: Ethereal Blades

Type: Fyre

Effect: Etheral red blades emerge from Kylar's hands stretching to three and a half feet. These Fyre blades are an extension of the user's body, utilizing the Fyre's nature of slicing through magic. The blades are fully visible and are extensions of the body, so they cannot be dropped even if needed. When activated, the user's body begins to glow silver, with their right eye glowing red with an ethereal flame

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Takes up energy and cannot be dropped. Must retain for at least two posts including the post activated before being able to release. Cannot grab anything else or use any abilities pertaining to the hands.

Name: Shimmer Veil

Type: Fyre

Effect: Kylar coats his body with a glittering veil of Fyre that makes the user immune to sensory abilities. When Kylar moves, his body is like a veil of light that reflects the surfaces around him. When staying still, he is perfectly invisible. When moving, he is harder to see and shimmers in and out of view

Limits/Costs/Cooldown: Lasts for three posts, takes two to cool down

Name: Black Ka'Kari I

Type: Fyre

Effect: : The user's hands are covered in a black silk that allows the user to grip magic as if it were solid, and can throw it or push it back.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Once in a post, takes three posts to recharge

Name: Black Ka'Kari II

Type: Fyre

Effect: The user creates a silk they can wrap around their body. This silk is grants the properties of oil and water to magic, where light magic will repel itself

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Lasts three posts, and the user cannot repel magic attacks such as a fireball or lightning bolt. Only very light or weak magic such as poison air. Takes two posts to recharge
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Ayasha Keegan

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PostSubject: Re: Kylar's Ability List   Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:49 pm

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Kylar's Ability List
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