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 Seanna - Supremacy of Severance

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PostSubject: Seanna - Supremacy of Severance   Seanna - Supremacy of Severance EmptyMon May 20, 2019 2:47 pm

Name: Seanna

Race: Vaium

Racial Attributes: Vaium of gales

Age: Appearance of mid-twenties

Gender: Female

Personality: Bloodlust dressed in precision. She acts the way a surgeon might, sharp and composed, her words exuding the pressure of gravity whilst lacking any urgency or distress. Still, at her core, Seanna is a hungering wolf that has willingly given herself over to society. A spirit that finds euphoric joy in the violent motion of life, yet is crushed by her own lack of direction; thus, the mercenary kingdom of Sanc is her meaning and definition. Reliant on command, on someone to call “master”, the Vaium of gales concentrates her aimless sadism and destructive spirit into a cause worth believing in - of course, that one believes in one’s own cause is ultimately irrelevant. The stagnation of the spirit is akin to death, and, therefore, Seanna refuses to live a life untethered to some kind of “objective.”

There is no greater pain than a dance without movement. Thus, if one cannot help being a monster, then what privilege could surpass the life of an attack dog?

Appearance: Seanna is hurricane and storm coalesced into a human shape. The raging gales of Ae’Ire are given sublime form in the image of a huntress draped in silver and iron - a lean figure that measures at 5’9”, with cold, pale flesh and piercingly steeled eyes. Metallic hair flares violently down to her upper back, like a mane of blades sewn to her skull, which always seems locked in place to perfectly cover her right eye. A conscious decision made by the Vaium, with a simple rationale:

“It’s that it’s more unnerving. What does it say about the predator if she can track you perfectly with a single eye?”

Dressed in sharp, professional styles, Seanna does not give herself the image of a beast. Her true self need not be expressed by a layer of cloth - rather, it is the steps she takes in her violent dance that will reveal her bloodstained ego.


Alignment: Sanc

Occupation: Mercenary. Member of Sanc's military


-Zechs Renaurd: Her king. Though his position is in question, Seanna's loyalty has not yet wavered. Beneath her professional exterior, the still-beating heart holds memories of the earliest days of his dream - of a man whose ambition became her own, as the wolf allowed herself to be tamed. Thus, there could never be anything other than respect.

-Uriah Engraham: The earliest consenting partner of her fervent dance. Perhaps it was her unflinching spirit in the face of Seanna's unveiled bloodlust that finally earned her the Vaium's respect. Still, until a cold corpse finally hits the floor, there will always be "unfinished business".

Backstory: The spirit of Ire's destructive winds could never have been anything other than an animal. Because she was given form from the strongest gales and the harshest storms, it should have been expected that her most primal instinct would be to continue to seek cataclysmic destruction - to blow away all things with the spiraling force of an unstoppable hurricane.

To put it another way, it was because she couldn't stop herself. Seanna was the wind as a force in motion; the rushing, twisting, dancing winds of Ae'Ire that found suffering in stillness. Yet, because the capacity to destroy had been so deeply embedded into her nature, violence was, at the start, the only way for one to express one's own identity and "self."

She didn't know what to do with herself. She was a huntress with no prey; a mercenary with no target, that aimlessly wrought bloodshed wherever she tried to settle.

That was why she gave herself over. Chaining herself to his dream, she gave herself over to the ambitious king that set out to determine his own future. That "self" was never erased - beneath the formalities, Seanna is still the same animal he found all those years ago. The rabid beast was simply made into an attack dog. And there is no greater fate she could have asked for.
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PostSubject: Re: Seanna - Supremacy of Severance   Seanna - Supremacy of Severance EmptyTue May 21, 2019 1:33 am

Sidus: You seem like you're gonna have a blast here. I really don't know how Sanc is doing right now but my new buddy has mentioned it is less than desirable..

Sidus: ..But who cares about that, yeah? I bet Sanc will pop right back up. Every, uh, thing has times when they're down. I hope you guys can defeat that bird girl and take back your city!

Sidus: Yeah!

Sidus: Approved too!

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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Seanna - Supremacy of Severance
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