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PostSubject: (Ch. 1) Iron Road   (Ch. 1) Iron Road EmptyFri May 31, 2019 2:12 pm

Every destiny was a different thread, and each one was coiled around her finger. One destiny controlled her - the correct one. Her dreams were of the correct future; her steps were on the correct path. Every stroke of her blade was guided by that singular thread, glowing with the promise of a future she was bound to reach.

She didn’t understand it. She didn't even think about it. As long as she was connected, the Grand System would guide her.


“Looks like we’re almost done. In that case, I’m heading for a walk”

That was the last thing she’d said before casually abandoning the scouting force she’d been assigned to. High Mother Lyrei was an infuriating existence through and through, but even still, it was not the Father’s place to question someone that had been personally selected for this task. He knew what he had to do, and he knew perfectly well that he’d do it with or without her. Thus, he stayed put, watching over the vibrating spire of flesh as the High Mother vanished into the dense forest.

The noise was louder now. What had once been a gentle rumble of magical energy was now an iron screech of war, echoing through the expanse of Minri. It was possible that the sound had even reached the very edge of Gidespea’s borders - but even so, there was no need to worry. This hollow roar signified an oncoming storm, and soon, the entire city would be overtaken. It was too late for a military response. The men around him, lightly armored and swords in hand, all stiffened in anticipation. After all, this was their purpose. Only in motion, did their lives have meaning, and only in death, did they achieve fulfillment. A dozen pawns eagerly waited for the game to begin.

Father Garryth couldn’t excite himself in the same way. He simply twirled his hand idly, watching as the air near his wrist was disrupted by an invisible fluid, twisting around his skin. There was no reason to get excited over a guaranteed victory.


Lyrei really did appreciate the forest breeze. The way it brushed against her form made her feel at ease, even in the face of oncoming violence. The High Mother wanted to dance to the rhythm of this gentle wind, not a care in the world, swinging her blade wherever the air told her to. Even within this impregnable cage of trees, where only dim light spilled through the gaps between leaves, she felt free to fly wherever she chose. Thus, she stood in blissful silence, hidden beneath the dark canopy some distance from the scouting force, embracing the life around her.

The High Mother truly felt sorry for the people of Sanc, but this breeze allowed her to come to terms with their fate.


A force gathers beyond the gates of Gidespea. A small scouting party prepares itself within the forest of Minri, throughout which it is possible to hear a loud rumble similar to thunder which is clearly emanating from a single point in the forest. At the same time, the High Mother has separated herself from the group, and stands by herself somewhere else in the forest.
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PostSubject: Re: (Ch. 1) Iron Road   (Ch. 1) Iron Road EmptySat Jun 01, 2019 9:34 pm

Measuring the soundscape felt strange to her, its thrumming twisting through the air and around itself like a sinkhole digging into the forest's heart. It beat like a heavy drum, sung like a blaring horn, and yet the voracious howling that overtook the woodland left her heart sinking low. It sounded to her like it was crying, or perhaps mourning. A titan's wailing had erupted out from the Minri forest, not far from where she had rested her eyes and coo her empty stomach, giving cause for investigation.

Ginni had crept up a short sprout of a tree, one that twisted around its neighbors in a curved crescent in a desperate plea for sunlight. Despite the poor thing's best efforts, it remained short, stocky, and twisted. Perfect cover for the body of a petite woman prowling the shadows.

Tender winds slipped through her hair, within her loose garb, and around her exposed neck. From the deep tunes of the forest, its typically verbose melody felt somewhat aloof or perhaps, empty-- to her, today.

It's ugly.. There are people here-- none that I recognize. Could they be from Tsirini's functions..? Nobody from my family should be on the surface until next year, though. So..no.. The rogue girl kept herself distracted from the hunger pains with a flurry of contemplative supposition as to the origin of her forest's invaders. Still, the lack of meat and bread in her body felt like furious torture from her body's antagonistic attempts at barring another meal of boiled roots and rocks to suck on.

From the group some thirty meters away, a lone figure broke off from the assemblage. It seemed to her that this one was a being of rank or status by their dress. Ginni, dressed in her ragged grays and tattered garb, felt a moment of self-consciousness at her own display of something like a filthy tree girl smeared in dirt, accessorized by leaves. If her mother saw her right now, she'd probably..

A grimace contorted her previously critical countenance at the mental visage of her mother, mid lecture. Mid shoe throw.

There was a slip of grass, the sound of soft footsteps on the earth. Ginni returned her focus to the immediate task at hand. The target stepped with to a tempo, which she appreciated, a weapon stirring in their hand like a conducting baton. They passed under her, seemingly not noticing her under her Shroud, and settling under a curtain of lush flora.

The weapon left Ginni with a slight sense of unease, but the gentleness of her emptiness kept her calm. Should she grow worried, the Shroud would disperse in an audible whisper of silk, the Mental magicks well at work. With all the confidence of a veteran assassin, Ginni went to take a step towards another branch, completely hidden from the world. Then, her stomach let out an irate, indignant growl loud enough for anybody to hear in the nearing silence.



From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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PostSubject: Re: (Ch. 1) Iron Road   (Ch. 1) Iron Road EmptySun Jun 09, 2019 1:35 pm

The roar of a thundering beast! A battlefield worthy of feasts! Live and let die by the yeast! Truly, our hero cared the least!

After taking the caravan off a leisurely runway away from the city where gold yields blood, our best bambino found himself entranced by what seemed like a covert lightning storm in the woods! Entrusting the caravan to his most reliable retainer, Sir Manuelito, he decided to scout above the treetops for sneak peeks at what was to come!

With short wings, he fluttered and fluttered by, until a faint growl from the trees below snatched his focused mind... And what he saw was no strange situation! A lone dame by the woods? Perhaps a new heart to woo!

"Ah, a new mistress for my ranks! If what the Shadowman claims is true, I'll have the power to sway ladies' hearts at a handshake's whim once we nab a kingdom of our own... But to Paradiso with that! I'll grace this lady with an autograph before we reach fame, all so she has a sack of gold to sit on and play with! Heh."

Our hero took a turn, grasping the nearest leaves so as to make a fanfare of his arrival! He hastily climbed down, until all that remained between him and splatting demise was his fingers on a tree branch!

"Signora! Heed! Hail! For it is I, a spirit of the woods! Adored by fairies and brownies alike, my domain serves to amuse damsels like you!"

And as he spoke, his speech enforced its truth upon the nearby listeners! Amusing as his own tale, it was! Perhaps not enough to rip a cackle off the humored, but to amuse bylisteners of all ages and financial upbringings!

And thus, our hero let go of the branch, using his wings to attempt a flourished landing!

If all this rusing-up went according to our hero's fantastic daydreamings, then perhaps this famished lady of noble dressings and buttery knifeplay would fancy a picnic worthy of kings!
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PostSubject: Re: (Ch. 1) Iron Road   (Ch. 1) Iron Road EmptySun Jun 30, 2019 3:17 pm

Like a flash of light, a presence flared within the High Mother's bubble of awareness. Long before the sound of torn silk had reached her ears, a deathly chill had clawed its way to the nape of her neck; the instant she registered this crescendo of stimulation, Lyrei twirled her figure to face in the exact direction of the eavesdropper. Although her motion was sudden, her face visibly disturbed by some anomalous occurrence, her posture was still loose and at ease. She snapped her hand to the hilt of her blade, but rather than grasping at it, the High Mother merely allowed her palm to rest against the patterned surface.

Still facing the empty forestry, Lyrei's incredulous expression turned to something resembling admiration.
"Oh, you're very good..." she sang, with praise so earnest the sound of her voice was practically dancing. "I should have felt you far earlier... how did you manage that?"

While her mouth formed words her mind formed hands, and she reached out to a point she could only see through the System’s eyes. Then, in that fraction of an instant after addressing the lurker, the two were connected. To Ginni, it would have felt like a tingle rolling down her spine; to High Mother Lyrei, it felt like being submerged in a pool of warm water. She was floating in thoughts.

“...You know, you can still leave. If it’s just one person, you can still leave.”

Then, the bustling words of carnaval cut through the atmosphere and the forest’s rumble like a knife.

“Two is more difficult, though.”

A glimmer of unease flashed in her eyes. She could see the gentle pressure behind that man’s every word. She was familiar with his tongue, which was not one of sounds but of ideas that crept into the heart. Because she could see it, the High Mother began to back away. Careful, steady steps guided her along the grass. A few paces back, and she shot a glance to her side to make sure of something. Her movements were delicate and weightless, nigh imperceptible to the distracted. Once she was still, her gentle smile returned.

“There’s really no rush here. If you’d like to come out and speak, I don’t…”

The last word trailed into silence. It was becoming difficult to hear her now, as the vibrations dominated the forest’s soundscape.
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PostSubject: Re: (Ch. 1) Iron Road   (Ch. 1) Iron Road EmptySat Sep 21, 2019 8:50 pm

"What's our status?"

"We are almost in range sir" replied a chipper cadet, her cap somehow hadn't lost in the maelstrom even as they descended. She peered through a square pane of glass in her hands, relaying her findings as she found them in modes, coded phrases. The High General of Sanc ran a calloused hand over his bearded chin, contemplating his first move upon arrival. As of that report, they were only thirteen thousand feet above the forest and rapidly putting that distance behind them, moments away from breaking through the clouds that hovered above the tree line. The General hmm'd and hummed in deep contemplation, the soft hum violating what should be the deafening sound of passing wind and tempest currents as he plummeted thousands of feet. Still, the captain commander, vice general, cadet, and full company of soldiers behind them could hear him just as easily as they could if they were having tea. Reading the mood as her captain continued to audibly discern himself, the cadet piped up an inquiry, her eyes a little wider than her commanding officers'. "Anything the matter, sir?"

"Oh, of course not” he waved the question away with a mellowed gesture. “It was worth considering, for a moment, how long we should keep this operation going for. I can't say I find any of them worst taking prisoner, at least the ones we have scouted. What do you say, captain?"

To his flank, an older entity turned its head toward High General Gervese Armonde. The creature was predominantly shaped of waxed steel, neatly trimmed blue robes, and pieces of blue jade and black vines that twisted around the mass to conform it into a human-like shape. It was thanks to this monster’s magic that their company had managed to approach this closely at all without being detected. The grand vessel shook its head from left to right, sharply and mechanically-- a caricature of a human gesture, but one of meaning the General understood well.

Nothing else on the forest floor would leave these lands alive.

A hearty bark from the vice general, but no words to follow. The rustling of countless noises behind the deliberating vanguard sounded off in agreement, their tones calm and unperturbed. The voices of a hundred soldiers spoke without a single alignment, but with a united intent. Something like a smug look of approval found itself on Armonde's face. Every branch of this mobile, elite sect was attuned to one another, each of them holding a full decade or two of experience in facing impossible odds under their belts. Each and every time, they had spat in the face of the inevitable, only to rip victory from the hands of an unwilling miracle. A sunset bought and bathed in blood. Today, that golden star of triumph would shine over them once more, crimson hues painting the sky. Tonight's dinner would taste better than any that had come before.

"Chins up, ladies and gentlemen! Keep your feet steady; We're about to come knocking!". The final call before touchdown. A heavy boom rung in the air once as they broke the first descent barrier, breaching through the clouds. One, ten, fifty, over a hundred meteors of smoke tore downward hundreds of feet above the forest. Another heavy boom quickly turned into a screeching as the missiles came to the forest surface, breaking through its under story.

Instead of a harsh crash, a final thrumming of force sung out as they hit the floor and a torrent of air pressure turned the surrounding grass into a flatland. The world took a moment to turn as the dust settled, and from its veil emerged the high general of Sanc, outfitted in royal blue and golden trim. His perfectly cropped golden hair wasn't a touch out of a place, and his youth was well worn. As imposing as he was tall, the General had that kind of attractiveness you couldn't help but either hate or adore. A small grasp of his hand into a fist formed at the scene they had just performed, as he would want to remember that moment. Gervese took leisurely steps toward Lyrei and her motley crew, taking his eyes off of her to offer a wordless motion to the uniform warriors behind him. A branch broke off immediately, full on sprinting toward the source of the crashing vibrations.

He flickered glances at Lyrei, once to Ginni, and once to Luteccio. Appropriate to his form, he kept himself relaxed. That smile was nearly a smirk on his face, and it only served to chisel his countenance further.

"It isn't often we get visitors from that blasted Stormwall; I would love to invite you to a drink one day or another. Surely, there is so much we could learn from one another, wouldn't you think? Unfortunately.., we haven't the time nor the means--" he snapped his fingers, the command enacting a second branch of soldiers who drew their weapons in a clean motion, and others audibly invoked their magicks. The group fell into a hasty march toward the group of unknown people behind them, leaving the High General and his immediate companions in the company of the invaders.. "If you wouldn't mind, I would really rather skip the formalities. Come face me in a duel, stranger, or your citizens and soliders will fill your place."

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