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PostSubject: Serendipity   Serendipity EmptyWed Jun 05, 2019 3:25 pm

Nested beneath a canopy of trees lies a village of simplicity, its borders adorned with flowers of varying shape and color. They emit a soothing fragrance that relaxes the nerves and invites a feeling of warmth that tingles the fingertips. A path lined with fireflies blinking beacons in the dusk welcome you, villager, traveller, stranger, home. From wherever you have wandered the forest has proven you to be a non threatening entity. Now you are family.

Such was the feeling Rui and Imia experienced after being rescued from the labyrinth of undergrowth they spent dawn to dusk exploring. Their endless expedition was salvaged by an elated child by the name Kihu. Small, sprightly, and swift, the boy traversed the moist jungle with a grace that wouldn't be surmised by his years. As for the two..they lacked the same familiarity and did not end the journey unscathed. Though, to their luck, the young lad and his community were happy to tend to their many scratches, bruises, and aches, with a strange sap that dissolved their afflictions in a mere blink. Kinua Village is known for their medicinal concoctions, but with none to ever locate the village and lead others back to it, the tales remain as legends.

Moments later they were ushered away from the medical cabin to the village centre where the leaders overlooking the village welcomed them with open arms, quite literally with hugs and flower crowns, and invited them to stay as long as they needed, providing them with lodgings and other necessities. Meanwhile, the echoes of hearty laughter and singing can be heard outside as preparations for a festival are underway.

With so much to prepare, Rui and Imia were invited join in any activity they wished. Unable to help with food preparations and lacking the skills to decorate they joined the flower hunting party. The children are sent out into the forest to bring back exotic flowers and all of their findings are made into an enormous bouquet offered up to their deity. The child or team of children who find the most rare, beautiful flower is given the privilege of lighting the ceremonial fire. And first pick at the banquet, which is what they were truly aiming for all along. Gloating rights.

They were grateful for the opportunity to leave the joyous atmosphere. Any longer and their eyes would have overflowed with salt water, the village a reminder of the home they once had.

Trekking along the village outskirts, fingers intertwined in support of each other, the two recall their purpose for setting foot on this land. To find help. They found shelter. A happiness they could not bear to shatter. But even if they themselves do not, what approaches will.

Under the guise of flower hunting Rui and Imia began their search for allies.

'Do you think we will find anyone out here? We could scarcely find our own way earlier.'

'We are new to this country. It is expected to encounter unfamiliarity in uncharted territory. Or at least that is what Ori told me. Those from here, like that boy, likely know more than we do.'


'How do we know when we find someone strong?'

'As the elder you should feel it. Look for where the most s̸̴̢͝p̷͢͡í̛͟ŗ̶̸̷̧i҉̷t̡̕͠s̶̀͘͝͝ gather.'
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PostSubject: Re: Serendipity   Serendipity EmptySun Jun 16, 2019 12:57 pm


From behind the pair, a sound indistinguishable from the whispers of the wind. A pale wraith sat atop a gnarled, twisting branch, like a sliver of mist coiled into human form. A tattered grey cloak was draped over his shoulders, covering everything except the slender white legs that kicked at the vacant air, and a gently sinister countenance crowned by a flare of ghostly hair. Playing like a parent, the Antitheus held a finger to his lips as his hush breezed through the forest. His presence was lighter than a haze.

“This sounds like a conversation that shouldn’t be overheard. Your sounds might venture into the wrong ears...”

An unwanted phantom skirted around the village borders and wormed its way past the boundaries of privacy; he was a peering set of eyes hanging from a tower of bark, his gaze piercing intrusively though a bubble of secrecy. He was smiling because he wasn’t supposed to be here; the type of person that derived pleasure from rebelling against the correct order of things

Even as he pushed himself from the branch, allowing gravity to drag him down to the level of the two foreigners, Lurylei’s presence was distinctly non-threatening. Regardless of anything said or done, it wasn’t possible to feel much power or significance leaking from his vessel. Those particularly attuned, however, might have felt something distant clinging to his meagre frame.

His feet crunched against the grass as he dropped, the impact coursing through his bent knees. As the pale stranger rose, a gentler smile crept onto his features.
“So - who is it you’re looking for?”
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