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 Kayden Lhyeu

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PostSubject: Kayden Lhyeu   Kayden Lhyeu EmptySat Aug 31, 2019 10:07 pm

Name: Kayden Lhyeu

Race: Risen Antitheu

Racial Attributes: White pupils and black wings at the base of his spine. They fold up almost imperceptibly beneath his clothes

Age: 30

Gender: Male


 Kayden is a reticent man, preferring to let others speak in his stead. While he may seem aloof, he has honest ambitions to help those who he gets along with. However, he tends to prefer solitude over crowds.


  5'9" with short white hair. A streak of amber is at the front of his brow, covering his right eye. Long eyelashes cover his golden eyes, which are almost always narrowed.

  Despite his quiet disposition, he can come off a bit intimidating due to his furrowed and tight features.

  Typically, he wears a long and ragged coat. The hood is frayed, and a pair of goggles rests at his collar bone. Two swords as well as a pack can be found on his back, with rope looped loosely around his waist. Due to past injuries on his forearms, Kayden wears thick metal gauntlets.

Alignment: He is currently attempting to join Sanc


  Wanderer and cartographer as well as a healer.

  Cedric- Helped him return to Sanc, and is currently attempting to find out word of him


  Despite choosing to retain his memories, and being sent to Gehenna, Kayden didn't frown upon his life, nor his choices. A healthy relationship between him and his parents turning bitter at the end did nothing to turn him jaded, and instead only left a touch of sadness in his heart. This resentment towards the actions of his father left him in a state of reflection. Demons came and went, his struggle for survival nothing in comparison to the struggle of his speculations, mental battles for understanding causing him more exhaustion than anything Gehenna wound up throwing at him. For a time, at least.

  The caste of the pits he found himself in were the biggest threat he faced. Going from mindless demons to the carefully orchestrated conversations of the families that ruled the dark realm was drastic, throwing the newly made Antitheu into circles. During this time, a smaller demon became attached to Kayden, becoming his familiar of sorts. The pair did what they were told, listening closely and writing down the thoughts and words of the underworld. Countless secrets flowed from his ears to his uppers, intelligence easily garnered and sold by the young man. Years of what he thought was helping were thrown in his face, as the result of his actions had effects that he never truly realized could happen once more came to light. As it was before, so it was again.

  From there, he rose- choosing to face what he had done.

  Upon his return to Ae'Ire, Kayden roamed Delsose and Coeura- finding out what he could of the land and those within it. After an apparent war had ravaged the land, he found a Seraph who had been freshly injured. Carefully helping the man, the Antitheu kept his pace- returning him to where the Seraphym felt most familiar.


  Herb growing, small ecosystems, Herb-lore, healing, and writing.


  Being manipulated into hurting innocents, people with sideburns, overly open people.

Cedric Art/sketches:

Erynn sketch:

Goldwyn Art/sketches:
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Kayden Lhyeu
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