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PostSubject: Re: Drunk {Invite Only}   Drunk {Invite Only} - Page 2 EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 7:06 pm

San burst through the woods, only to see Sumaru atop Azumai. Anger flooded through the paradigm, as he lunged forward, shifting his shape mid-air.

"Get your hands OFF OF HER!"

A left uppercut was aimed towards the male vampire, enough force behind it to possibly send him flying.


Azumai saw San transform, coming at Sumaru with an uppercut prepared. Her senses flooded back into awareness, realization of what she had done settling on her like a ten-ton weight. Pushing Sumaru to the side so as to put him beneath her, she took the uppercut straight in the jaw. The force was enough to send her flying into the trees behind her, knocking her out cold.
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PostSubject: Re: Drunk {Invite Only}   Drunk {Invite Only} - Page 2 EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 7:20 pm

Below Sumaru, Azumai's eyes cleared. The crimson fog that had clouded her understanding lifted, revealing those mint-green eyes that he remembered so wistfully. What he didn't expect, was her eyes to widen just as she forced him below her, the sudden motion catching him off guard. It wasn't long before he understood why, as a rage-filled cry of "Get off of her!" was snarled, and San's fist connected with Azumai's jaw. Pain pierced Sumaru's stomach, as he couldn't do anything but watch the woman he had hunted down be flung into the trees from the impact. The look on Azumai's face was lost, as a crack resounded, and her eyes closed.

Turning towards the Paradigm, Sumaru's eyes clouded with rage. Nothing but crimson anger was in front of him, as he roared in frustration.
"If she's dead, so are you!"
The threat was issued, and Sumaru rushed to Azumai. Quickly checking her pulse, an ecstatic sensation of relief flooded through him, more sensual than any other emotion before it. Carefully, Sumaru lifted her in his arms, caressing her as though she were a child. It was now his mission, he would have to find enough life force to revive her back to the great being that she once was.
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