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 Splitting Edges and Oceans

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PostSubject: Splitting Edges and Oceans   Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:57 pm

"Do you have a visa?"

"Well, no, but. I have business with the king. I mean, I sort of need to talk to him".

With a sharp puff of air at his tousled head of hair, the indiscernible captain waved the Chaser off as if he were a jest heard before. "No visa?! Well, I'm afraid you will not be permitted into Concuclare at this moment in time, as our borders are closed."

"Yeah, I get that, but--"

"The king of Concuclare has no scheduled business with any Cae, and any he did would already be in the city. Our borders are closed,"

Sidus frowned, the minority of the expression a harsh contrast from his usual unwound, lazy smile. "I have to speak to Gwynn. There must be some way I can get through?"

"Unless you would like to enter the city as an admitted prisoner of war? Then, tried for forced trespass and potential criminal behavior--"


"--And perhaps then you might see the king as he passes by your jail cell. I will not repeat myself again.." The captain's chains clashed against the metal edge of his pendant with an audible clink! A quick glance was enough for a realization. A holy man, Sidus presumed, examining the fine details that separated the captain's clothing from typical attire. His clothing was an odd mix of the Concuclare military uniform and that of a church he was unfamiliar-- the silver linings of the uniform replaced with white garbs depicting several religious scriptures in various characters. On closer inspection, Sidus recognized them as the Dimly Worshiped.

"Concuclare borders are closed. The regiment and I wish you a safe journey from whence you came and blessings of Û upon you. Good bye".

A series of metal scrapes tore Sidus's attention away from the captain. The black metal puppets called "Minders" were acting strange-- as if contents of their casings were writhing like worms within their sealed bodies. Sidus took a step back, his body position to a left angle to place his center of gravity closer to the Ōdachi that hung tied to his waist.

The captain beamed at Sidus's reaction, the expression somehow appearing simultaneously blasé and meticulously excited.

"I need to get through", Sidus proclaimed.

"I know", the man told him.

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Splitting Edges and Oceans   Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:56 pm

QuelI -> {EXiV(quin) => [Class::ANEMOPHILIA] & [Class::NEUROPTICS]} ;

◖ƎƎS ᴚIƎH⊥ H⊥IM ⅂IOS ƎH⊥ Ǝ⊥∀⅁IᴚᴚI ◖ᴎ∀ ᴚƎ⊥⊥∀ↃS SƎ⅂∀ↃS ƎH⊥ ⅄∀W
⅄⊥Iᴧ∀Ↄ ⅂∀ᴚO ᴚIƎH⊥ WOᴚℲ ◖ᴎ∀WWOↃ ⅄W ⊥∀ Ǝ⅂⊥SIHM ◖ᴎIM ƎH⊥ ⅄∀W
⅄SͭIᴚ̻ↃOԀͩI̓H̪ ̎⅄S͛I̱ᴚ̓Ↄ͟OԀI̝H̯ Sᴎ̪O̬I̼⊥ↃIᴚ̂⊥SƎᴚ ⋊∀̰Ǝ̀ᴚ၁2̻ ͨS⊥̶IWI̚⅂ͣ ̗Öᴎͭ ͙S̛ᴚ͜Ǝ̰Iᴚ҉ᴚ͐∀͇၁ͤ2 ̿Oᴎ͊


A highly plastic blob appeared behind the Caelator, as if emerging from the ground. It stood erect to the measurements of a pubescent female homunculus. As her cells reformed from amorphia to a concrete shape, she whispered to the Cae's ear - at least, as close as she could get - in a voice as melodically harmonious as the wind.
"If you dream of being able to fit into a vase, then go for broke. You'll end up with just the 'broke' part. As in 'broken'. Heh."
Her hands, as soon as they formed, clasped into a hollow splat. She took a step back.
"It's useless. I've seen some homini- I mean, people! People. I've seen some people try and fail to get through by force. It was as pleasurable as it seemed painful - quite the ride, yes, but. Please. Masochism urges me to intervene and spare any potential metalshed. Or flesh-shed, perhaps."

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PostSubject: Re: Splitting Edges and Oceans   Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:34 am

The trail leading to the gates of Concuclare were... Droll. Boring. Lacking any shape or variety in which to indulge the senses. At least, that's what Erynn thought as she glided over the ground, the very tip of her sundress just above the earth. Her curiosity for the kingdom hadn't changed, Giat Perr of course was a source and encouragement of such thoughts. Why did the King close his realm? Who could possibly gain access through a visa that, of course, was almost impossible to get without communicating with those from inside? And why, today, was there a Cae arguing with the gate keeper?

Pausing behind the odd forming of a being that also gave off radiance, Erynn cast her asymmetrical gaze towards the paler of the three. His angle of being cast off a manner of... What was it- attack?
Good Lords she couldn't remember some of the words humans gave the body.

Continuing forward, she gave a mere smile to the Gatekeeper. "Those in the library asked me to journey here and find out if the gate had opened for anyone. As stoic as ever, I see that these walls remain erect against intrusion." Of course her words were merely pretense, only to gaze at the man who seemed to be having a row with the Keeper. His skin had runes- the bits of flesh she could see, anyway. Eyes darting, fascinating in their hues which glittered like gold. Definitely Cae.
A few memories of a young woman darted and fled into and from the forefront of her mind,
before a small smile came way.

"I'm sorry sir, but I'll have to agree with..." Her curiosity refrained the finishing of her sentence.
What odd creature was made from such a shining material, and oozed into being? Fascinating.
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PostSubject: Re: Splitting Edges and Oceans   

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Splitting Edges and Oceans
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