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 Generic loli character

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PostSubject: Generic loli character   Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:52 am


Race: Human

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Curious. Curious, curious and curious. Curious and fearful but never curious or fearful.

The world is a wonderful place! Disgustingly wonderful! Sometimes she wants to look away but the world won't let her do that!

She's not a normal girl. She can see things that others don't want to see and things that others don't want to show. She's a special girl. A special, special, special girl. People don't understand that. People are stupid. Pretty stupid.

Loveable idiots are lovely to talk to~

Scientific. She's scientific. A scientist, that's what she is! She's taking time out of her day to examine things that nobody thinks to examine!

Evidence suggests lies and lies and lies and lies. The cellular structure of the world is believed to be 90% lies. What a curious finding!

But 10% of it must be truths, then? Where are the truths? Can she find them?

She'll find them.

Appearance: A youthful delicacy clings to her petite figure, smoothing the pale skin that hugs her subtle curves, softening the angles and lines that cling to her visage, and widening the pools of gleaming amber that show her the world's light. A crown of brown hair rests above these pools, falling gentely to the back of her neck and framing the soft, round features of a young girl that glistens with naivety and wonder. A loving, caring smile spreads across her face, oftentimes giving glimpses of the perfect white teeth behind it. A modest fashion sense accompanies a modest soul, swathing her form in loose-fitting and unassuming clothing that some might describe as "boyish".

A pretty picture is a pretty lie.

Iris is short. Iris is thin. Iris has pale skin and amber eyes. Iris has brown hair, mid-length and messy. Iris' expressions are sometimes nonchalant, sometimes upbeat and sometimes wonderous, but they're always small and restrained. And her smile is never big.

Occupation: Little girl.


She knows you better than you want her to.

Also your mother.

No real relations.

Backstory: When did she start being so strange? When she started being. The world was more colorful for her. Everyone had colors. Some people were red, some people were blue, some people were a disgusting shade of green and nobody was ever the same color. forever.

Nobody else saw them.

She learned what those colors were. They were people. The colors were the true people, truer than what everyone else saw.

Years and years and years and years and years and years and years.

She wasn't strange. Everyone else was strange. Everyone else was fooled. She was better.

Years and years and years and years.

Magic was pretty cool. Mother and father wanted to teach her. She didn't like their colors. She learned it by herself.

Years and years.

Mother was gone. Father had done it. She could tell. She remembred what his color was just days earlier. Red like blood.

Father went next. Some fiendish villain had found their way into his room and killed him in his sleep. It was a tragic, horrific murder that had been far easier than Iris had expected it to be.


So much to see. Her village was boring, full of ugly colors. She'd go other places. Yeah, better places.

And years.

Alignment: Rogue

Character theme: Something edgy.



What you want

What you're pretending to want

Magic is great,

But science is also pretty cool!

Girls are pretty


War is stupid

Politics are dumb

Boys suck

Relationships won't work
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PostSubject: Re: Generic loli character   Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:23 pm

After taking the circumstances of this account into consideration, it has been decided among the staff that this character application will be frozen, along with the user's posting privileges. While the character application is supposedly fine, you must provide proof in legitimacy of intent to the staff member tasked with character review.

Please send a private message to me (Flynn) at your earliest convenience and I will attempt to remove the binds on your account as soon as proof in legitimacy of intent has been properly conveyed.

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Generic loli character   Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:40 pm

This character is approved.

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Generic loli character   

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Generic loli character
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