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 Remembrance of Death's Fast

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Remembrance of Death's Fast Empty
PostSubject: Remembrance of Death's Fast   Remembrance of Death's Fast EmptyMon Jun 03, 2019 8:08 pm

As entropic mass circulated to-and-fro streets plagiarized by the erect and proud, diligent organisms performed their routine cleaning duty. Swiping pests and lies alike, agents of undying devotion scoured the streets, halted only by the efforts of the curious and the annoyed.

Their spawning sac rested latched to a glassless wall, with ragged robes to shelter itself from undeserved attention below the orbiting moons.


"I taste steel. Reinforcing their perimeter with antibodies... A stern organism, to be sure. I hoped things would come not to this - but curse the boneful, for apoptosis dooms this land. We leave immediately, for we are a respectful antigen. Cells- "


This was not a munch he could stomach.


This soil is burdened by impending extinction.

I taste betrayal and a punctured chest.

I taste death."

These events precede what is, perhaps, the most gruesome massacre in recent Bright Ire history. No sort of biased divination or educated guess could predict this like the incineration of thousands of soldiers by an unstable child.

And thus, he began coding. Xixas Averall's memory could not be lost.
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Remembrance of Death's Fast
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