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 Hunting system

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PostSubject: Hunting system   Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:11 pm

Ever were on a stroll to sight-see the great Imbera Rain Forest, but this huge spider monster was getting in your viewing spot? Ever wanted to mow your lawn, but a giant Cerberus was resting on top of the grass? Ever went swimming, just to find out that your usual swimming spot had a pesky Sea Slug monster making the water all mucus-y? Well, worry no more. Hunting service, right back at ya!

So this is how it will work. A topic will contain a list of Targets determined randomly. This selection will change each week, having ten targets available at a time: Three E-Rank, two D-Rank, two C-Rank, two B-Rank, and one A-Rank. On the case of an S-Rank target being available (Rare chance), it will take the A-Rank target's spot.
The post will include basic info to each of them: Name, Description, Difficulty Rank, Reward, and Current Location. I'll be going through each of them carefully.

Target Name: Name of the target. May vary from a popular creature from folklore, to an Anime monster, anything. As long as it's hunt-able.

Target Description: Target's description. Gives info on the target. Some useful, some for background purposes. Depends.

Requirements: Decrees what you must do to the Target - either killing it, capturing it alive, or an option between the two (Called "Hunt"). Capturing a Target when they give you the option to kill it yields greater rewards.

Difficulty Rank: Describes how hard the creature is to kill. Varies from E to S-rank.
Comparing their strength to human armies, we got:
E-Rank Targets:
Lesser-level creatures. Can be killed easily by a team of three inexperienced human hunters armed with just weapons.

D-Rank Targets:
Tougher than E-Rank creatures. Still not extremely fearsome. About ten average human hunters should do the job nicely.

C-Rank Targets:
When things start to get nasty. May cause decent destruction if let loose on a city. Twenty average human hunters - and no less- can bring down one of these.

B-Rank Targets:
Fearsome creatures to bring down. Many cities have collapsed to the hands of these blood-lusting monsters. Fifty above-average human hunters required to barely bring it down.

A-Rank monsters:
Not even whole armies of smaller countries have been able to lay a finger on these. They either get quickly decimated or just give up and commit suicide. Shame those smaller countries crumbled down along with their fate, too. One hundred and fifty experienced human hunters should bring the monster down.

S-Rank monsters:
These hideous beasts are said to even have the power to destroy the world. Is it true?!... Well, no one has found out yet. No one has dared to mess with them. Not even an army of three thousand professional Hunters can stand on their feet in the presence of these behemoths.

Reward: The reward for completing the Requirement. May be anything - money, gear, magical devices, familiars, etc. Obviously, the higher the rank of the Target, the greater the rewards. Also, by capturing a target instead of killing it during Hunt missions, the reward increases.

Current Location: The target's current location. May be anywhere known to exist in the realm of Ae'Ire.

If you wish to take on a creature on the current Target list, tell an Admin through the Chatbox or by PM, to classify the target as "Taken". Also tell them who will be accompanying you to the hunt. When a target is "Taken", the words "Taken by: (Username of the people who took the Target)" will appear next to its name, along with the usernames of the people who accepted the hunt. Once a target has been successfully killed or captured, then a quest will be classified as "Succesfully hunted", which is also added next to the monster's name.
Any topic related to a Taken Target's hunt must have "Hunting Target: (Target's name)" next to the topic title.

Also, note the word "capturing" has been used a lot. How to capture a monster? Well, in order to be captured, the monster must be weakened to a critical state - this is when it starts limping or its attacks start to fail, but weakness signals vary from Target to Target. After being weakened, the Target must be held in place, either by a trap made by the Hunter or by a binding/paralyzing spell. Then, it must be put to sleep by either the use of magic tranquilizing potions or special abilities. After the monster is successfully tranquilized and weakened, the capture is complete, and the Target will be taken in by a Kingdom. Targets who are immune to any of the requirements of a successful capture can only have "Kill" as a Requirement.

Also, as a suggestion by one of our handsome Admins, there are also what is called "Target swarms". This is when two or more of a Target creature's species appear in the same area. Some creatures have a more common chance to be in swarms than others, and some may not even be able to be found in swarms at all (which includes unique and/or loner creatures). When a Target swarm is present, the word "Swarm" is used between parentheses next to the Target's Current Location, along with the number of creatures in said Swarm.
However, it doesn't matter how many creatures the Swarm may have. To complete the quest, the Hunter must kill or capture whatever is the number of creatures that the Requirements demand. For example, you may accept a quest which includes a Swarm of 100 Giant Killer Bees, but if you're only requested to hunt one, then you may hunt just one to complete the mission (unless you wanna hunt the rest. Do so at your own risk, though).

Another plus, as suggested by our amazing fellow Naga; a Creature Catalogue! This would contain data on all hunted creatures- including their Name, Appearance, Rank, Habitat, Abilities and Behavior. This will help fellow hunters for further reference. The Catalogue will be filled with Creatures once they are hunted, which allows for quite the flexibility on the number of creatures.
One more suggestion from our amazing fellow Naga: Unknown Captures! These creatures are extremely rare and easy to capture. Since they are pretty weak on their own, they do not need to be weakened for a successful capture. However, they are quite quite quick on their feet, so sneak attacks are the way to go here. They are extremely rare and may appear on the mission area along with the Target. Due to their rarity, swarms of them don't exist. If killed, they can be turned in for extra money. However, if captured and turned in, the hunt reward doubles - so capture them if you can. You may also decide to keep them instead of turning them in - to use them as familiars, or to sell them for high sums of money on the Black Market. Your choice.
Naga is on fire! Yet another suggestion from him. When fighting a Target on its den, rare treasures may be found, and Unknown Captures are much more common. However, Targets are usually more difficult to kill on their dens, due to them being on their home habitat, which gives them ground advantage, plus they may have offspring or other creatures of the same species to help them fight. It's a high-risk, high-reward option, and it DOES increase the target's Rank by one on the quest description.

This is pretty much everything I can think of right now. Suggestions are appreciated.
...I feel like I forgot something.

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PostSubject: Re: Hunting system   Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:02 pm

Randomizer/hot zone. What if there were 'swarms' of the enemy?
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Hunting system
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