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 Stephan Traskye's abilities

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PostSubject: Stephan Traskye's abilities   Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:17 pm

Alright, let's see about these:

Name: Sense desire

Type: Emotion

Effect: grants the user some insight into the immediate desires of the person in front of him

Limits: in order to have any understanding, one must look upon the person who's desire is to be known and hold their visage in your mind's eye. The insight, however, only lasts for an instant. This skill may not be used in succession and requires a few moments to refresh one's mind for another attempt.

Name: Calm

Type: Emotion

Effect: produces a soothing sensation on those who fall under the spell, lulling them into relaxation.

Cost: the unrest taken from others is placed on the person using this spell for as long as he may hold their emotions in check within himself. Should the calm fall or fail, it cannot be cast again until the user himself has been made to relax.

Name: Melody

Type: Spirit

Effect: All who hear the lyrical wonder of the melody are entranced and will pay heed to the orator, particularly if the magic of music is moving his motives through their minds.

Limits/Cost: The melody cannot stay in the air should there be dissonance, discord, or poorly phrased verses coming from a raspy throat. The audience is only enthralled in silence so long as their interest, amusement, or wonder is held by the orator. Should someone break the melody by suddenly and violently stopping the bard's voice, the enchantment is broken altogether. May only be used with a clear and clean voice.

Name: Charm

Type: Emotion

Effect: those who fall under the sway of the Charm will regard the user as a trusted and honored friend, close to their own hearts.

Limits/Cooldown: The Charm cannot effect those who know of the charmer's intent, nor is it unbreakable. Furthermore, it may only be used once a day without shaking the user's hold over all who have been charmed. The Charm shall only last matter of days or until the user and the charmed part company or until the enchantment is broken, shaken, or dispelled by other means.

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PostSubject: Re: Stephan Traskye's abilities   Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:39 pm

You are the first person to ever use Emotion. Emotion is strong, since it is the only Magick that can slightly God-Mod spare Psychic. *Claps slowly*

Approved. However, beware. Sicarians are immune to Emotion magic (No emotions). So be wary of this counter. As a Human, all Sicarians appear as phantom beings that glisten with a silhouette of colour; a walking poltergeist.

I see many knives in your hand, aimed at the backs of the unlucky.
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Stephan Traskye's abilities
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