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 The Excursion to a new world (Open)

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PostSubject: The Excursion to a new world (Open)   Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:01 pm

Shady merchants peddle their wares in low murmurs, as a quiet rain lulls the night. Small drops of rain patter over what were once the rooftops of beautiful buildings, now fallen into decay and disrepair. Alleyways connecting the main roads through the marketplace now harbor little more than rats, and cutthroats. On this particular night, however, the usual disquiet of the marketplace would be disturbed. In one unassuming alleyway, a pair of rats fight over a small, moldy piece of soggy bread. A tension fills the air, and the rats suddenly cease their bickering and look around, bewildered. Suddenly, they scatter without a sound as a portal tears it's way into existence. The moldy piece of bread is flattened as a single, armored sabaton crushes it underfoot. Soon after it is followed by the leg, then body of the owner, as an armored figure steps out of the portal. Then, just as soon as it came into existence, the portal vanishes- leaving the armored behemoth standing alone in the passage.

The figure glances around slowly, before gazing up into the sky. It is good to see that the rain yet ever falls on a place such as this. I suppose some things never change.

His initial excitement sated, Crowe proceeds down the alleyway into the marketplace itself. After passing by a few silent onlookers who could only gape at the armored giant, he arrives in front of a merchant selling gems from a small shop connected to a building. As Crowe approaches the counter, a raspy voice echoes from behind a stack of crates.

"If you're here to buy something, hurry it up. If not, then be on your way! I have no work for vagabonds!" Moments later, a crate comes waddling up to the counter. A small, shrewdly dressed man appears from behind the crate as he lowers it to the ground. An audible gasp can be heard as the man suddenly becomes aware of present company.

"B-Begging your pardons sir, I mistook you for a miscreant. This city, you see... I-it's full of individuals of ehhh poor repute? Ehehe..." The merchant wrings his hands as he struggles to regain his composure. Unimpressed, Crowe reaches into his satchel and retrieves a single gem, presenting it to the merchant.

"I hear that you people pay quite handsomely for rare gems such as this. Give me fair payment and I shall be on my way..."

Adjusting his glasses nervously, the merchant takes a closer look at the gem. Suddenly, his nervous demeanor melts into a smile, as the merchant bursts into a fit of laughter.
"Y-You must be joking! Aha... Ahahahaha!" The merchant smirks snugly and leans on the counter, pointing to the gem in Crowe's hand.

"You must not be from around here, boy. Allow me to educate you on our fair city. Mmmmhmhmhm. You are standing in Concuclare, a city famous for it's Diamond Obsidian Silver, or DOS for short." The merchant stands upright once more, waving Crowe off as he turns back towards his stack of crates.

"That Diamond, you see... It's worthless here. You would have to pay me to take it off your hands!" The merchant lets out one final chuckle before walking away, leaving Crowe standing alone in the rain.
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PostSubject: Re: The Excursion to a new world (Open)   Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:48 pm

Only a spectre in the haze, the corners of her lips curved upward in the tiniest of smiles.

The merchant's square had fallen into painful disarray, quickly spearheading the uprising numbers of crime throughout the commons. Although starting on a smaller echelon, thefts and break-ins were becoming much too common. Months before Xixas could no longer hold his crown, those unfortunate enough to lack the ability to walk through the gates and migrate elsewhere took out their frustrations of lacking stability by taking stability through acts of obtuse self-justification. The endless rainfall that had begun the day Xixas was lost. In preparation, she had told herself, for the continual and perhaps swelling wound inside the hearts of the suffering that would only fester crime and a crumbling society even further until Concuclare whittled away into ashes and dust. It was the best she could do-- the best she would do.

~After all, nobody likes to go out in the rain.~

Brielle no longer had a reason to stay in Concuclare after Xixas, but it felt to horrid to leave these people to their fate. Without direction, without a king, and without themselves, it was still only a matter of time before the legends of Majesty became exactly that. Legends.

The man who congealed within the merchant's square alleyways was an immediate flag. At first, Brielle held wary of a Regnum Messenger in one or maybe both ways. However, it became evident through the eruption of sparks and shadows that this stranger was, in fact, neither of those things. Kept in full armour, permeating darkness, they would have to be either incredibly obvious as to their origins or lethally clever. Brielle could only foresee the former.

With her body still within the confines of rain and mist, only Brielle's voice took any shape. "I can't imagine you traveled to such a fair city to peddle a light bulb!". Her tone was teasing, but still soft. "If you've come here with knowledge of Concuclare, I can only assume you're looking for something special". What that might be, Brielle could only guess. "If not, you must be a newly created". Using Xixas' gateway to the Seventh Plane, where her true body stood around dusting gray tea leaves, she could feel the soft hum of Echo from the armoured giant. It was clear enough what he was after a moment's consideration. "Although, that's silly of me to assume".
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PostSubject: Re: The Excursion to a new world (Open)   Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:24 pm

The voice came swiftly, yet softly all at once. Crowe could hear the gentle hum of a woman's voice through each drop of rain that broke upon the bulwark that was his armor. This small incident in itself was more than enough to pique Crowe's interest.

Throwing his head back, looking into the cloudy sky Crowe yelled gleefully.

After enjoying a brief chuckle to himself, Crowe lowered his head and spoke to his unexpected guest. "So... Rain that speaks into minds, tell me what you know of this world. I wish to decipher it's secrets..."
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PostSubject: Re: The Excursion to a new world (Open)   

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The Excursion to a new world (Open)
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