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PostSubject: Praeci    Praeci            EmptySun Sep 01, 2019 7:11 pm

Praecius (singular)
Praeci (plural)


 After the war against Regnum, when the Vasure plains were lit with so much excess magical energy, Ae'Ire up-heaved an island just off the coast of Coeura. Here, magical energies coalesced and formed a sentience. They were wandering souls, without any true physical form. The first of the Praeci took ore from near them, carefully crafting a shell to put their 'core' into. After this process, the newly created Praecius could extend their consciousness into other forms of energy- splitting from their own being and giving a pseudo-life to magic.

      'Cores' are generally forged from cloth, metal, iron, any mutable substance found that can retain a solid shape.
      The Cores can be made from fragile substances to strong ones, generally dictating the form of magic/personality that the Praeci take on. As humanoid beings are currently seen as the most intelligent form of life on Ae'Ire, the doll-like bodies are modeled after them.
       Praeci's bodies can feel exactly like any other physical being's body, should they choose such.

       Having been newly 'born' in Ae'Ire upon an isle, the species is only just coming to the land to greet and understand other forms of life.

        -Praeci use Anima as their primary magic, as it's what allows them life and their form of being. Anima can give consciousness to magic, the more given to a specific spell the more exhausting it is for the Praecius giving animate thought.

       -As well as giving pseudo life, Anima can buff certain spells into having stronger effects.

       -Based on the materials used, a Praeci can get a full rank in either Magical or Physical defense

Status: Open to creation/Closed to creation/Limited creation (see staff).

Cedric Art/sketches:

Erynn sketch:

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Posts : 29
Join date : 2014-02-11

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PostSubject: Re: Praeci    Praeci            EmptySun Sep 01, 2019 7:12 pm

An explanation of Anima;

A magic that can give life by splitting off a piece of the caster's conscious mind. The more given, the more taken from the caster- which can cause severe exhaustion. As well as this, its close nature to magic itself can grant a boost to certain cast spells.

Cedric Art/sketches:

Erynn sketch:

Goldwyn Art/sketches:
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