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 Lu Scarlet - Light Wanders

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PostSubject: Lu Scarlet - Light Wanders   Lu Scarlet - Light Wanders EmptyWed Sep 04, 2019 8:11 pm

Name: Lu Scarlet


Racial Attributes:
Appears perfectly human; wings remain dematerialized when not in use.

Age: 97 years

Gender: Female

Personality: A free spirit chasing the image of heroism; Lu’s sunny exterior is an echo of the light within her heart, which yearns only to save the people around her. To that end, however, she is a mirror of a hollow fantasy - parroting songs of bravado without trusting her own words of confidence. Fundamentally, the Angel understands her own place in the world, and the nature of her journey’s first steps. She carries the energy and idealism of a younger existence, yet the worth of her years show in her lack of real naivety, and as such, she doesn’t consider herself knowledgeable of the world. To put it simply, she is at once determined to reach for her heroic dreams and aware of her own ineptitude; ultimately, this births only a burning desire to grow and experience Ire’s secrets, so that she may escape the failures of her beginnings.

Still, the young girl’s heart belongs in a world of dreams. Lu finds the mundane world of everyday people alien and discomforting, with every forced word of kindness exuding an awkward desire to be elsewhere. Despite that, she still humous every conversation she’s dragged into, if only because she can’t bring herself to push people away. Yet, it’s difficult to say if this is out of genuine kindness, or an inability to say no...

Appearance: Appearance of a young lady in her early twenties. Her chocolate-toned figure is lithe and short - the body of a dancer - tinted with a flare of fiery-orange hair that crowns her head. Its silken shapes fall gently to her collar, which itself cascades into a white and gold dress around her form. A belt of roses curls around her waist, resting at the head of a skirt that drops to below her knees.


Alignment: Concuclare

Occupation: Wandering hero

Backstory: A soul tethered to a cold and ageless world sought the warmth of adventure...
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Lu Scarlet - Light Wanders
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