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 Pallando's abilities

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PostSubject: Pallando's abilities   Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:55 pm

Name: Mistral Blade

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Wind

Effect: Pallando empowers his duel katanas with wind magic, making each sword twice as sharp and allowing him to move them with deadly grace and precision. Each swipe also releases a small slicing gust of air about five feet ahead of the sword.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Lasts three posts. Has a two post cooldown.

Name: Umbra

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Darkness

Effect: Again this ability is used to empower Pallandos swords, except this time it causes the swords have a powerful burst effect when they strike an enemy. Anyone hit by the swords while under the umbra spell will be violently thrown back. This also have a 100% chance of causing blindness for 30 seconds after the strike.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Lasts four posts. Has cooldown of two posts. Two per topic.

Name: Pollution blades

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Fire/darkness

Effect: The third buff for his swords, this time they are surrounded by a very thick black smoke. Pallando swings both blades around, rapidly covering his immediate area in a thick smoke which only he can easily see through. The smoke is also very difficult to breathe in and burns the eyes.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Last three posts. One per topic.

Name: Black fire

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Fire/darkness

Effect: Pallando thrusts both blades into the ground. Instantly massive geysers of black fire explode from the ground in a line in front of both blades (around two hundred yards in a straight line).

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Four per topic. Two post cooldown. Pallando must continue to hold the swords or the effects will cease.

Name: No mercy

Type (I.E Fire, Darkness, etc): Darkness/fire or Darkness/wind (he switches it up sometimes)

Effect: After defeating an enemy, Pallando will take their forehead in his hand and release a massive burst of his power. This usually results in the utter annihilation of their head.

Limits/Cost/Cooldown: Can only be used after fight is won.

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PostSubject: Re: Pallando's abilities   Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:22 pm

There isn't much wrong with this set, which is nice. Only a few things. First, a chance of blindness is determined by the person hit, and it's almost always going to be "it didn't proc" feel free to change it to 100% with the blindness lasting two posts. Also, your cool downs are higher than the ability's lasting rate, where it should be opposite. They can all last four posts with a two post cool down. Also, you cannot combine up to three elements unless they are all Tier I. Darkness is Tier II, so it can only combine with one other magic. Lastly, lava is only accessible by those with Earth/Fire, considering the laws of magic. Feel free to make them pillars of dark fire that eat away at magic and severely burn away whatever the fire touches.
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Pallando's abilities
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