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PostSubject: Reflective Surface   Reflective Surface EmptyFri May 17, 2019 10:13 pm

Melodies of starlight echoed within the luminous caverns, like a chorus of bells whose impassioned song shook the core of the planet. The sound of star-forged chimes coursed through Ire’s veins, like a celestial declaration from the world beneath.

Mere moments had passed since the ocean had been dragged down from the sky, crashing against the world with apocalyptic force. Though the screech of the coursing waters had faded, a new sound had taken its place.

“Foolish. Foolish apes.”

It was like a fervent roar of tranquility; a booming echo of composed authority. Powerful reverberations travelled up the coral masses, as if the deep earth itself had spoken those words. A steeled voice that danced around on the wind, coldly demanding the respect and admiration of the surrounding world.

A layer of crystal spread atop the bridge, like a sheet of mirrors cast onto the coral surface. There was a reflection on the crystal - of something unobserved in the sky above. That reflection, the image of a pale-skinned man, rose from the bed of diamond, gaining form, flesh and material presence. A toned form, humanoid yet inhuman, stepped out of the crystal as if it were a pool of water, the jeweled surface regressing back to a single point beneath his feet before vanishing entirely.

Ars Grisaea cast these words onto the shifting winds:

“Feel blessed. Feel honored. You apes that have clawed your way here - I grant you the ceremonious occasion of -”

Oh. There was no one there.

Only part-way through this practiced dialogue had the Seraph actually chosen to open his eyes; in front of him, he saw nothing but empty space, and the vast expanse of the coral bridge.


His grand, open-armed posture now slackened, and a sound of disapproval escaped with his breath. He’d rushed here the instant he felt that sudden expanse of magical energy, his mind painting portraits of monsters or wandering warriors of immense power as he approached the source. It wasn’t because his senses were accurate, but rather, because the density and mass of magical energy had been so enormous, that he had been able to even locate the point of origin. Yet, there was nothing here.

“Disappointing. They left before I could welcome them. It practically borders on insolence.”

With a sigh, the Seraph of Earth turned, and -

On the other side of the bridge, gazing off the edge, he saw a woman.
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PostSubject: Re: Reflective Surface   Reflective Surface EmptyTue May 21, 2019 2:24 am

Otherworldly was the globe of life before its mistress, the skies above this pocket of Ire beginning to fill with an absence of color and a presence of weight. The horizon then mirrored her demeanor; a soft drizzle of raindrops to lovingly caress whatever they touch like her gentle kiss. The mountains of rose turned deep violet as the surface of the promenade eagerly took in the blessing, and brooks of indigo began to fade into a slumbering maroon. So desirable was the sky fall and yet so quickly did Bémasse slip into a sleeping state at its arrival.

Tides slowed, cascades dripped into mist, and the geysers quieted. A world of water clamoring for water, calmed by its presence.

A woman kept her place on the overpass, her contour shimmering with the rain like a flowerbed under the rivers. She stood noble, hands grasping the rail of the bridge and placed atop one another. Her head was angled forward, the softness of her features fitting her smiling, directed expression as if something given her cause to laugh. Despite its lack of necessity, her chest faintly rose and fell to the placid rhythm of her breath.

"I do feel blessed. I'm thankful for your presence!" She smiled with a tenderness, the gesture meeting her eyes.

Brielle tilted her head to the side, peeking at the boy who had announced himself so assuredly.

"I hope you're not too disappointed. I suppose you will have to make do with me, just this one ape, for now." Her tone fell far short of mocking, as if she spoke genuinely.

With the influx of her origin, the woman's voice almost seemed to meet the boy's ears directly. Her presence, power, and existence now complimented by the fickle world; its favor almost seeming to flow through her.

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Reflective Surface   Reflective Surface EmptyWed May 22, 2019 8:09 am

The Seraph stood silently, his ocean-colored gaze diverted to something unseen beyond the boundary of the woman's form and sound. It wasn't anything as trivial as her beauty; rather, Grisae's cold eyes could see the world gathering around her gentle figure, reflecting her every minute motion as if the rhythmic beat of her heart pulsated from within the planet's core. The song of rain was all-encompassing, and as she spoke, the sound brushed against him like the flow of a river.

Grisae's tone softened appropriately.

"...Aha. Well, I suppose such a thing can't be helped," his words sifted through faux-disappointment, but the gesture of his form remained comfortably at ease, as if he were regarding an old friend. "On closer examination, I don't think you're very much like an ape. Perhaps I was simply expecting something different."

Steady steps guided the man across the coral pathway as a curled smirk gathered onto his visage. "Thus, if it is your desire to marvel at my home, I may be inclined to grant you such permission."

Then, as he approached the ageless lady, a vagrant thought returned to his mind. His image became one of momentary bashfulness, and he spoke his next words with near-childish uncertainty.

"...Incidentally, were you the one that...?" he asked, with a vague gesture towards the sky.
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Location : Majesty

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PostSubject: Re: Reflective Surface   Reflective Surface EmptySat Jun 15, 2019 3:00 pm

"Hmm!" she sung to the Seraph, her smile then painted into a beguiling rendition of its previous charm. Her form shimmered as she closed the distance between them with feigned caution in her steps, shoulders slanted sideways and head angled softly to the side. Her posture kept steady as she meandered around his flank, peering with a pointed intention as if to inspect the man's presence and assumed authority. "Are you asking me if I am the one who drowned a couple of travelers in a.. torrential geyser, or if I am the one who colored the sky gray?"

A boy and a man stood beside Brielle, his eyes speaking with whispers of cleverness and a muffled light behind their crystalline visage. Where his words felt familiar, his soul itself did so even more potently. Tentatively speaking, the lady of rain was not entirely certain she did not know this Seraph. In many ways, he felt like her. Almost..

Attuned.. to the world?

A flicker of memories, once so cold to her, pressed into the recesses of her sentience at his presence. "Because the answers to both of those questions might vary, indeed. I.. suppose. You know what they say about horses and water..?" She huffed softly. "I only hope they drink..."

With a pointed look to the fair-featured fellow, her navy irises dispersed their pigment. For a titular moment in time, her eyes were a glassy water's surface-- a bottomless trench of congealing white pressure texturized the imagery behind her expression thus seen through the twin empty windows. A moment later, a dab of ink dripped into the pools and she quickly adopted a stately icy blue into their full reaches. The entire phase lasted less than a second of time, but it was hopefully enough for him to catch.

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Reflective Surface   Reflective Surface EmptySun Jul 28, 2019 12:16 pm

What he saw was a reflection. Staring through frozen time, the Seraph glimpsed at a mirrored image of himself - not of his form, but of the truth of his mind, stirring like faded ink in the glass of her eyes. It was a fleeting moment that the mind couldn't register, but his spine practically danced beneath his flesh. A cautioned chill crawled down Grisea's back - something like a premonition. Rather than danger, what he felt was a weightless, effortless authority that even stunted pride couldn't ignore.

In the second it took for the woman's eyes to return to normal, the boy's pale expression flashed confusion. His jeweled eyes trailed along with her pace, following her feathery steps with an uncertain fascination. He didn't move away from her, but his demeanor maintained an air of distance out of respect that he felt rather than understood.
 "Drowned horses?" he spoke through a patchwork smirk, "You think highly of your fellow travelers, clearly. Are you sure they even survived?"

That jovial expression was short-lived. As his lips curled to a frown, Griseae turned a thoughtful gaze to the dulled skies and crossed his arms beneath his chest.

"I wonder what they'd be looking for down there..."

The Seraph cast uncharacteristically gentle words towards the heavens; he was sure she'd hear him either way. Caught in a cage of curiosity and a shadow of concern, he had the impression that the presence of this woman - inexplicable and abstract as she was to him - was some form of omen. The sky, vacant and motionless, offered no answers, so he continued to address the woman to his side. "I also wonder if it's anything I should be concerned about. This place is, after all, under my protection."

An earnest, prideful smile crept onto his visage, and he tilted his head to face her properly again.

"As an aside, Ars Grisaea is my name"
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PostSubject: Re: Reflective Surface   Reflective Surface Empty

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Reflective Surface
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