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 Lurylei - Dancing Pale Shadow

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PostSubject: Lurylei - Dancing Pale Shadow   Lurylei - Dancing Pale Shadow EmptyTue Jun 04, 2019 9:31 pm

Name: Lurylei

Race: Antitheus

Racial Attributes: None, aside from the unnatural tone of his flesh

Age: Physique of a young man

Gender: Male

Personality: Pure evil, dragged down to the level of humility. At his core, he sadistically hungers for destruction and chaos, but his most primal urges have stagnated as a result of his overwhelming weakness. Lurylei is a demonic existence through and through, but his inability to pursue his own sadistic desires have tainted his dark spirit with the colors of a commoner. Thus, he ultimately amounts to little more than a nuisance on Ire's surface - a name with no echo, tantamount to the ravings of a stranger never seen before and never met again. Equal parts aware of and loathing towards his own ineptitude, the Antitheus chooses to lead the life of a casual disturbance.

He is the penultimate passive aggressive aggressor that has passively regressed from his years of nobility, no longer capable of sustaining his pride or ego, yet fueled by infinite spite towards all things visible. In truth, he has no faith in himself - there are few people in the world that Lurylei can be said to despise more than his own self. His words are at times those of a prophet. While his own existence is shallow, Lurylei feels tethered to something much grander than himself, and that purpose is the substitute for the arrogance that once flared in his chest. He is a gnat chained to a god.

At one's core, there always exists a wish to amount to something. Ultimately, being despised is preferable to being forgotten - so, he'll make everyone hate him, and die as the most devious villain on Ire.

Appearance: A lanky, feeble form of pale color, with flesh the shade of ivory. The construction is humanoid, but overall, it is an image that implies strength on a level lower than humans. His figure and countenance border on feminine, with sharp expressions of passive hostility lining the sleek, curved features of his face. One eye, glimmering with the dark light of evil, is black, and the other, shining a flash of weakness and frustrated humanity, is the color of amber. The demon is crowned by a flare of silver hair that rises atop his head like a flame. Sigils of crimson and emerald dance atop the contours of his form, their color dulled in hungering patience.

Alignment: Rogue

Occupation: Undesirable roamer

A mirror image of an outer existence. A monstrous unknown, locked away in a pocket beyond space, found its way to a like-minded soul, and anchored itself to Ire by tethering itself to an evil existence, an avatar that was as its own extension in the material world.

Such was its greatest mistake. While the soul was certainly like-minded, it was also fragile, magically incapable, and utterly useless as a vessel. Through an error of cosmic judgment, Lurylei became bound to an outer demon that sought to spread ruin and destruction across the surface of Ae'Ire - yet, his own powers would not have even allowed him to spread ruin and destruction across a small garden. In all his ego, the demon failed to recognize his own weakness and limitations, and escaped the life of aristocracy to pursue the reverence and fear he felt owed by the world.

A hundred years of failure and defeat have humbled the soul and bolstered the spite. Lurylei allowed himself to become an aimless nuisance, bringing grief and strife wherever he has the chance, yet refusing to overstep his boundaries. Like a young boy, he dreams of the destruction that lies beyond the horizon of his small, caged world - and he dreams of becoming the ultimate, most detested demon.

Likewise, he no longer has any expectations of himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Lurylei - Dancing Pale Shadow   Lurylei - Dancing Pale Shadow EmptySat Jun 08, 2019 7:53 pm

Sidus: ..I don't really know what to say about this one, um. A buddy of time used to have a saying towards people that you remind me of. It was, like..

Sidus: Get.. good? Or something..? He said it's a foreign phrase from across the wall, whatever that implies. Well, good luck becoming.. An Archdemon? Is that what you're going for? I mean, those guys are insanely scary.

Sidus: Approved!

From the heart of Ire, I will regain everything.
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Lurylei - Dancing Pale Shadow
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